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Twentieth-Century French Philosophy

320 pages
This unique book addresses trends such as vitalism, neo-Kantianism, existentialism, Marxism and feminism, and provides concise biographies of the influential philosophers who shaped these movements, including entries on over ninety thinkers.
  • Offers discussion and cross-referencing of ideas and figures
  • Provides Appendix on the distinctive nature of French academic culture
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Preface Chronology
Part I 1 The Early Decades 2 Phenomenology on the Way to Existentialism 3 Existentialism and its Other 4 Structuralism and the Challenge to Philosophy 5 After Structuralism 6 Conclusion
Part II Key Biographies in Brief
Appendix 1: Understanding French Academic Culture Appendix 2: Bibliography of French Philosophy in English Translation Works Cited and Consulted Index
x xvii
1 5 19 32 40 54 75
83 85
209 271 285