Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors


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The poems and pictures that have been collected here are prompts toward leaning into the places you have been and become. Clearly, every doorway you have crossed over and every window you have gazed yourself through have become woven into the fabric of the "you" that is now holding this place as here and now. The "you" that is here has moved through immense passages. They are all inside of you now.
Reach back and in and set yourself free to bathe in all you have leaned into becoming over time. Journey into the chasm of your life. Stand in awe at the arrangement of the infinitesimal experiences of grandeur and suspense.
You have pushed and pulled--been pushed and pulled--through endless doors and windows of the Spirit. Never deny the way all of that has mingled itself into the one who is viewing the life you believe is yours. It is made up of an endless number yous--that in the end--may not be the one you at all, but a myriad of places to feel from through time. A broad and plasmic you spread out through each and every window and door of space and time.



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