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Charles Darwin: Voyaging

656 pages

Few lives of great men offer so much interest - and so many mysteries - as the life of Charles Darwin, the greatest figure of nineteenth-century science, whose ideas are still inspiring discoveries and controversies more than 100 years after his death. Only now, with the publication of Voyaging, the first of two volumes that will constitute the definitive biography, do we have a truly vivid and comprehensive picture of Darwin as a man and a scientist.

Brilliantly penetrating...utterly riveting', Daily Telegraph .'An astonishing fresh picture of the great naturalist...Janet Browne's book is a triumph, the closest we can come to getting inside Darwin's mind', Sunday Telegraph .'Browne knows how to spellbind the reader...The definitive Darwin biography', Ernst Mayr, New York Newsday .'An authoritative and highly readable biography which uncovers the complex process of scientific discovery', Independent .'It is wonderful and marvellous, even magisterial', Stephen Jay Gould, New York Review of Books .'Splendid. Her qualifications as a trained biologist, historian of science and skilled editor of the correspondence out her in an ideal position-A wonderful read.', Nature .'Janet Browne has a minute knowledge of Darwin and his world-She gives the most intimate account so far of the making of the author of Origin of Species.', Evening Standard

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Charles Darwin: Voyaging