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Economics of Sustainable Energy in Agriculture


This book contains up-to-date studies on the economics of sustainable energy in agriculture. The studies focus on energy efficiency improvement and the use of biomass. Specific attention is paid to the economic aspects of land use and the competition for land, both for food production and dedicated energy crops. The book will be of special interest to economists, agronomists, energy experts, and politicians that deal with energy issues in agriculture, both in developing and industrialised countries.
The book is relevant for those who are interested in the topic of global warming and carbon sequestration, and the transition towards carbon-free energy resources.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Sustainable energy in agriculture: issues and scope Alfons Oude Lansink, Ekko C. van Ierland and Gustavo Best
Part I Energy use efficiency and intensity in agriculture
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Better management can improve the efficiency of indirect energy Tanja J. de Koeijer, G.A. Ada Wossink, A. Bert Smit and S. (Bas) R.M. Janssens Energy investigations of different intensive rape seed rotations – a German case study Johannes Moerschner and Wolfgang Lücke Modelling energy saving technology choices in Dutch glasshouse horticulture Kyosti Pietola and Alfons Oude Lansink Energy intensity decomposition in EU agriculture, using a demand analysis Joaquín A. Millan
Part II Biomass production: Technical issues
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Energy use efficiency in biomass production systems Sanderine Nonhebel Yield increases of the biomass crops Salix viminalis andMiscanthus x giganteus:look to the future A Leo M. Vleeshouwers
Part III Biomass production and land use
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Agricultural reference systems in life cycle assessments Nicolai C. Jungk, Guido A. Reinhardt and Sven O. Gärtner Energy from hemp? Analysis of the competitiveness of hemp using a Geographical Information System Claus Brodersen, Klaus Drescher and Kevin McNamara
Chapter 10
The role of forestry in climate change and sustainable energy production G. Cornelis van Kooten, Emina Krcmar and Peter J. Graham
Part IV Agriculture and other sources of sustainable energy
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Modelling water resource allocation: A case study on agriculture versus hydropower production Jorge Bielsa and Rosa Duarte Development and implementation of the Danish centralised biogas concept – financial aspects Kurt HjortGregersen
Part V Scenarios and policies for sustainable energy
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Can organic farming help to reduce national energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gasses in Denmark? Tommy Dalgaard, Niels Halberg and Jes Fenger On renewable energy in rural China Huang Liming and Ekko C. van Ierland Determining efficient biofuel tax exemption policy in France for greenhouse gas emission abatement Stelios Rozakis, JeanClaude Sourie and Daniel Vanderpooten
Contributing Authors