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Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics

336 pages
Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics aims to bring together key developments in the areas of molecular diagnostics, therapeutics and drug discovery. The book covers topics including diagnostics, therapeutics, model systems, clinical trials and drug discovery. The developing approaches to molecular and cellular therapies, diagnostics and drug discovery are presented in the context of the pathologies they are devised to treat.
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List of contributors
1 Cytochrome P450 pharmacogenetics: from bench to bedside
Imtiaz M. Shah, Catherine J. Breslin and Simon P. Mackay
2 Cancer biomarkers for diagnosis, prognosis and therapy
Debmalya Barh, Vaishali Agte, Dipali Dhawan, Varsha Agte and Harish Padh
3 HER2 targeted therapy-induced gastrointestinal toxicity: from the clinical experience to possible molecular mechanisms
Noor Al-Dasooqi, Rachel J. Gibson, Joanne M. Bowen and Dorothy M. Keefe
4 Antibody-targeted photodynamic therapy
Mahendra Deonarain, Ioanna Stamati and Gokhan Yahioglu
5 Anti-ageing strategy of the lung for chronic inflammatory respiratory disease – targeting protein deacetylases
Kazuhiro Ito and Nicolas Mercado
6 RNA interference: from basics to therapeutics
Sunit Kumar Singh and Praveensingh B. Hajeri
7 Delivery of RNAi effectors by tkRNAi
Hermann Lage, Andrea Kr¨uhn and Johannes H. Fruehauf
8 Human stem cell therapy
M. Ian Phillips, Yao-Liang Tang and Henrique Cheng
9 Gene therapy in organ transplantation
Thomas Ritter and Matthew D. Griffin
10 Advances in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
Michael S. Rafii
11 Novel molecular therapeutics in Parkinson’s disease
Susana Gonc¸alves, Hugo Vicente Miranda and Tiago F. Outeiro
12 Emerging insights and therapies for human microbial disease
Joanne L. Fothergill and Craig Winstanley
13 Vaccine design and vaccination
Niall McMullan