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Participatory Research in Conservation and Rural Livelihoods

316 pages
Participatory Research in Conservation and Rural Livelihoods: Doing Science Together starts from the understanding that all people create knowledge and that the creation of sustainable livelihoods and of conditions that protect and sustain rural ecosystems are interrelated.

Here local experts and professional researchers write independently about the participatory research processes through which they created new knowledge together. They demonstrate that interdependent science can produce more accurate and locally appropriate data, while frankly addressing persisting issues such as unequal power, whose knowledge and what ways of knowing count, whose voice can be heard or appear in print, and other dilemmas of this practice. Conservation scientists and practitioners will both benefit from reading this book.

  • First book to examine community participatory research techniques that focuses on conservation aims

  • Unique book in that it is written from the perspective of participating community volunteers and researching scientists

  • Part of the prestigious Conservation Science and Practice series published in association with the Zoological Society of London

"Participatory Research in Conservation and Rural Livelihoods is brilliant, passionate, and inspiring..."
Richa Nagar, University of Minnesota, co-author of Playing with Fire

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Contributors x Foreword by Marshall W. Murphree xvi Acknowledgements xxiii Acronyms and Abbreviations xxvi Non-English Words xxviii Introduction: Doing Science Together by Louise Fortmann 1  1 How Participatory Research Convinced a Sceptic 18 Robin Buruchara  2 Sharing in Innovation: Refl ections on a Partnership to Improve Livelihoods and Resource Conservation in the Honduran Hillsides 36 Sally Humphries, José Jiménez, Fredy Sierra and Omar Gallardo 3Campesinos Cientificios: Farmer Philosophies on Participatory Research 55 Members of the Association of CIALs of Honduras: Dionisia Corea, Ana Rosa Estrada, Reinaldo Funez, Isidora García, Claros Gómez, Maria Guada, Bonifacio Gutiérrez, Ángel Hernández, José Amado Hernández, Melvin Hernández, Nora Hernández, Wilmer Hernández, Cayetana Herrera, Gavina Herrera, José Santos Herrera, Juan Pedro Herrera, Toribia Herrera, Marco López, Diógenes Matute, Hilda Mencía, Rosalío Mencía, Luís Alonso Meza, Manuel Meza, Enrique Murillo, Heladia Murillo, Amalia Núñez, Ubaldo Olvera, Andrea Orellana, Damiana Pérez and Simeona Pérez with Lauren Classen  4 Retracing the Trail to Wisdom: Doing Science Together in Cibecue 70 Jonathan W. Long
 5  6  7  8 9 10 11
The Land has Wisdom Benrita ‘Mae’ Burnette and Judy DeHose What Makes a Scientist? Studying the Impacts of Harvest in the Pacific Northwest Heidi L. Ballard ‘She Fell Out of the Sky’: Salal Harvesters’ Refl ections on Participatory Research Don Collins, Juan Cruz, Bob Smith and Members of the Northwest Research and Harvester Association ‘Research Sounds so Big...’: Collaborative Inquiry with Women in Drevdagen, Sweden Seema AroraJonsson För oss är naturen en lisa för själen(Where Peace Comes Dropping Slow): the Forests and Nature for Us Åsa Bergelin, Margareta Emretsson, Anne Lundgren Halvarsson, Ewa Halvarsson and Anna Ryen From Participation to Partnership: Devolution, Forest Communities and CIFOR in Malinau, Indonesia Eva Wollenberg, Ramses Iwan, Godwin Limberg, Moira Moeliono, Made Sudana, Asung Uluk, Njau Anau and Miriam van Heist Malinau Villagers’ Relationship with CIFOR: High Hopes, Unmet Expectations and Trusted Confi dante Ramses Iwan and Steve Rhee 12 RediscoverinPgarticipationR:efl ections on the Mhondoro Tree Project Nontokozo Nemarundwe and Louise Fortmann Unofanira Kuzvininipisa(You have to be Humble) Gift Chidari, Francisca Chirambaguwa, Patricia Matsvimbo and Wisdom Muza New Seeds, New Selves, New Societies: Rural Women’s Reflections on Participatory Research in Plant Breeding Elicelda Guardado Martinez, Lastenia Mendez and Leonarda Ramos Mejia with Jennifer Casolo
13 14
15 Conclusions Seema AroraJonsson, Heidi L. Ballard, Robin Buruchara, Jennifer Casolo, Lauren Classen, Judy DeHose, Margareta Emretsson, Louise Fortmann, Anne Lundgren Halvarsson, Ewa Halvarsson, Sally Humphries, Jonathan W. Long, Marshall W. Murphree, Nontokozo Nemarundwe, Anne Olssen, Steve Rhee, Anna Ryen, Carl Wilmsen and Eva Wollenberg Appendix A Publications from the Participatory Research Projects Index 275