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Sandstone Diagenesis

656 pages
Diagenesis affects all sediments after their deposition and includes a fundamental suite of physical, chemical and biological processes that control the texture, mineralogy and fluid-flow properties of sedimentary rocks. Understanding the processes and products of diagenesis is thus a critical component in the analysis of the evolution of sedimentary basins, and has practical implications for subsurface porosity destruction, preservation and generation. This in turn is of great relevance to the petroleum and water industries, as well as to the location and nature of some economic mineral deposits.

  • Combines key papers in sandstone diagenesis published in Sedimentology over the last 30 years.
  • Records the development of diagenesis from the description of grain shapes through provenance, petrography and analytical geochemistry to predictive models of diagenetic process.
  • Provides definitions and explanations of the terms and concepts used in diagenesis.

If you are a member of the International Association of Sedimentologists, for purchasing details, please see: http://www.iasnet.org/publications/details.asp?code=RP4

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Early diagenesis and its relationship to depositional environment and relative sea-level fluctuations (Upper Cretaceous Marshybank Formation, Alberta and British Columbia) J.L. MCKAY, F.J. LONGSTAFFE and A.G. PLINT Sedimentology(1995)42, 161–190
191Nonmarine eogenesis 1: warm and wet environments
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Marine eogenesis
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Quartzrelated mesogenesis
Formation of quartz overgrowths in the Penrith sandstone (Lower Permian) of northwest England as revealed by scan-ning electron microscopy B. WAUGH Sedimentology(1970)14, 309–320
A scale of dissolution for quartz and its implications for diagenetic processes in sandstones A.R. HURST Sedimentology(1981)28, 451–459
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Carbonatecementdominated mesogenesis
Geochemistry of carbonate cements in the Sag River and Shublik Formations (Triassic/Jurassic), North Slope, Alaska: implications for the geochemical evolu-tion of formation waters P.S. MOZLEY and K. HOERNLE Sedimentology(1990)37, 817–836
Burial dolomitization and porosity devel-opment in a mixed carbonate-clastic
sequence: an example from the Bowland Basin, northern England R.L. GAWTHORPE Sedimentology(1987)34, 533–558
Clay and aluminosilicate mineralrelated mesogenesis
Diagenetic origin of graywacke matrix minerals J.T. WHETTEN and J.W. HAWKINS Jr Sedimentology(1970)15, 347–361
Diagenetic origin of graywacke matrix minerals: a discussion J.P.B. LOVELL Sedimentology
(1972)19, 141–143
Diagenetic origin of graywacke matrix minerals: a reply J.T. WHETTEN and J.W. HAWKINS Jr Sedimentology(1972)19, 144–146
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523 525
625 627
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Effect of oil on sandstone mesogenesis
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Integrated time, temperature and watercomposition analysis of sandstone mesogenesis
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Telogenesis (upliftrelated diagenesis)
The role of the late Cimmerian unconfor-mity for the distribution of kaolinite in the Gullfaks Field, northern North Sea P.A. BJØRKUM, R. MJØS, O. WALDER-HAUG and A. HURST Sedimentology(1990)37, 395–406 Index Colour plates facing p. 24, p. 312 and p. 552