First Blitz

First Blitz


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A world away from the killing fields of France was a battle that could have changed the face of history. Over the course of 1917, German bombers threatened to engulf London in firestorms ¿ a portent of the London Blitz and the Battle of Britain over twenty years later. They were determined to bring London to its knees.
The First Blitz took place over eight nights in 1917, but it was the second wave of attacks in the summer of 1918, following the development of the ¿Elektron¿ incendiary bomb, that came within an ace of obliterating London. The margin between the survival of the world¿s greatest capital city and its total destruction came down to less than one hour.
The events and decisions taken in the course of those fateful days were as important as anything that happened on the Western Front. With breathtaking insight, compelling drama and supreme narrative clarity, Neil Hanson tells the story of the air war that could have altered the course of the conflict, and with it the history of the twentieth century itself . . .



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First Blitz