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International Media Studies

288 pages
International Media Studies is a bold introduction to the field that focuses on a de-centering of media epistemology to represent a more thorough world-view.
  • A comprehensive textbook exploring the current state of media studies as it is being practised across the world
  • Takes discussions about media studies beyond other textbooks, by situating the subject firmly in an international context appropriate to the globalized, 21st century
  • Surveys our reception of a wide variety of media content and formats including television, magazines, fiction, newspapers, and popular music
  • Considers both theoretical and much-needed ethnographic perspectives on media studies
  • Showcases global and local media patterns in a variety of countries around the world, including examples from Asia, Africa, and Latin America
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Preface ix Acknowledgments xii
1 Introduction  From International Communication to Media Globalization  Mapping the Book
2 The Fixity of Nation in International Media Studies  The Modern Nation in All its Glory  The Legacy of the Modern Nation  Early Research in Intern ational Communication  The Critical Turn
ConnectingStructureandCultureinInternationalMedia Studies 47 TheCulturalistandStructuralistParadigmsofCultural Studies 49 Feminist Theory and Cultural Studies The Postcolonial Approach to International Media Studies 54
4 Revi ving the Pure Nation: Media as Postcolonial Savior  Defining the Third World 69  Mass Media as Extens ions of Coloni al Administrative Power  Mass Media as Nation Builders and Postcolonial Saviors  TheTelenovelafor National Development  Restoring the Female Nation  Rescuing the Brown Woman  Disciplining the Peasant and the Prostitute
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5 Competing Networks, Hybrid Identities  Star TV and Transnational Media Networks  Policing the Skies  Hybridity and the Globalization of Television Formats
Grounding Theory: Audiences and Subjective Agency International Audience Studies 135 Contributions of Anthropology to International Media Studies Postcolonial Interventions in Audience Research DifferencesbetweenWesternandNon-Western Viewing Experiences 150 Agency, Subjectivity, and Subjective Agency Audience Agency and Resistance 158 Limited Agency and Subjectivity 169 Theorizing Audience Agency and Limited Subjectivity 176
7 Reconfi guring the Global in International Media Studies  Expanding International Media Studies to Non-“Hot Spots”  Interrogating Notions of Fluidity of Audiences and Media  Moving Away fr om the Nation as a Unit of Analysis  Moving Away from the Centrality of Media within Society 191  Extending Analyses beyond a Critique of Cultural Imperialism  Historicizing International Media Studies  Engaging in Comparative Research  Relating Research to Activism
8 The Politics of International Media Research  Negotiating the Complexities of Fieldwork within Academia  Negotiating Power in the Field  The Politics of Representing Ethnographic Research  Challenges to Activist Research  Criticisms of Critical Research  International Media and the Viability of the Nation-State
Notes References 231 Index
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