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Prepare Your Child for School

336 pages

Prepare Your Child for School answers the questions every parent asks when their child is about to leave their exclusive care and go out into the world of school:

- Is my child ready for this challenge?

- Will the teacher bring out the best in my child?

- What can I do to help my child cope with the stresses, demands and expectations of school life?

- Will other children play with my child?

- Does my child know enough?

- Can my child communicate well?

- Is my child ready to learn to read and write?

Aimed both at parents of pre-school children (3 to 6 years old) and at teachers and carers, this practical book, including numerous charts, checklists, questionnaires and structured activities for developing children's skills as well as promoting their emotional well-being, will act as a blueprint for action.

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Prepare Your Child for School