Rethinking the Social through Durkheim, Marx, Weber and Whitehead
184 pages
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Rethinking the Social through Durkheim, Marx, Weber and Whitehead


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184 pages


Halewood analyses concepts of the social developed by Durkheim, Marx and Weber, and presents a novel ‘philosophy of the social’.

Sociologists and social theorists use the term ‘social’ frequently. We talk of social relations, social media, social networks, social factors, and so on, as well as ‘the social’. But do we always know what we mean or what we are invoking when we deploy the term ‘social’?

The concept of the ‘social’ has often been treated as almost self-explanatory, inherited from the works of the instigators of sociology and social theory who, it is assumed, all meant the same thing by the term. ‘Rethinking the Social’ argues that this is not the case, and that there are major differences between their approaches. This the first book to systematically analyse the different concepts of the social developed by Durkheim, Marx and Weber. It examines how the concept of the social became unproblematic for twentieth-century writers and suggests that debates surrounding this concept remain very much alive. Building on A. N. Whitehead’s work, Halewood develops a novel ‘philosophy of the social’.

Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; 1. Rethinking the Social; 2. Durkheim Approaches the Social; 3. Durkheim’s Philosophy of the Social; 4. Marx on the Social and the Societal; 5. Weber’s “Sozial” Action; 6. The Early Death of the Problem of the Social; 7. Toward a Philosophy of the Social, Part I: Durkheim, Marx, Weber (and Simmel) Revisited; 8. Toward a Philosophy of the Social, Part II: Whitehead on Sociology, Societies and the Social; Notes; References; Index



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Rethinking the Social through Durkheim, Marx, Weber and Whitehead
Key Issues in Modern Sociology
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Rethinking the Social through Durkheim, Marx, Weber and Whitehead
Michael Halewood
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Acknowledgements List of Abbreviations Chapter OneRethinking the Social Chapter TwoDurkheim Approaches the Social
Chapter ThreeDurkheim’s Philosophy of
the Social
Chapter FourMarx on the Social and the Societal
Chapter FiveWeber’s “Sozial” Action
Chapter SixThe Early Death of
the Problem of
the Social
Chapter SevenToward a Philosophy of the Social – Part One: Durkheim, Marx, Weber (and Simmel) Revisited
Chapter EightToward a Philosophy of the Social – Part Two: Whitehead on Sociology, Societies and the Social Notes References Index
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There are many people who have helped me in writing this book. Those who have shouldered the greatest burden are the generous individuals who gave much of their time and knowledge in responding to my repeated requests for help with the translation and meaning of a range of German terms, phrases and concepts. Among these are Juljan Krause and Felix Behling. However, it is Michael Guggenheim and Karin Harrasser who bore the brunt of my inabilities. I am very grateful to them both. Others have had to bear my incessant interest in the meaning of the social but it is Vanessa Meredith who has had to put up with the most and who continues to be my greatest support. The vast majority of material in this book is new. However, elements of Chapter Eight are published as “The Order of Nature and the Creation of Societies” in N. Gaskill and A. J. Nocek (eds) (2014),The Lure of WhiteheadMinneapolis, University of Minnesota Press. I am grateful to the publisher for allowing me to use this material in this present volume.
The following abbreviations have been used for the works of Durkheim, Marx and Weber. Full details are given in the bibliography.
Durkheim DL –Labour in SocietyThe Division of RSM –Sociological MethodThe Rules of S –Suicide EFRL –the Religious LifeThe Elementary Forms of DD –De la division du travail social Règles –Les règles de la methode sociologique LeS –Le suicide  –Les formes élémentaires de la vie religieuse
Marx The English and GermanCollected Worksand Engels are cited asof Marx CWMEandMEW, respectively. The corresponding volume number is then used. For example, (CWME3;MEW1).
Weber E&SW&G
Economy and Society Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft