The Lacanian Review - tome 5 Delights of the Ego

The Lacanian Review - tome 5 Delights of the Ego


219 pages


Amazing! Freud's good old Ego has become the star of the net: a symptom of our times, as Lacan anticipated. Ego as symptom, delights of the ego, ego at the end of analysis... with the compass of Lacan's "Joyce-the-Symptom", these readings are necessary in a chaotic world where the Ego is campaigning to replace the Father

The Lacanian Review 5

Issue 5 of The Lacanian Review is about to come out!
It is amazing!
First, because of its theme: the EGO, the self. Yes, you've read correctly! The good old Ego, which we got from Freud but which has become the star of our modernity. From selfies to social networks, it's holding forth, babbling on. It "expresses" itself unashamedly, without compunction. It opines, judges, without ever stopping watching: in short, it's become a symptom, which is what Lacan had anticipated in his Seminar XXIII by means of his clinical approach of the work of Joyce.
Second, because of its contents. TLR 5 includes Lacan's conference "Joyce-the-Symptom", translated for the first time in English. With it, we publish the reading that Éric Laurent gave of it in Dublin, at the NLS Congress. And Ego-symptoms, Ego-delights, Ego at the end of analysis, without forgetting Lacanian Politics, which is more necessary than ever to orient ourselves in a chaotic world, in which the Ego is campaigning to replace the Father.

The Lacanian Review is the journal of the New Lacanian School and the World Association of Psychoanalysis

Table of contents


Marie-Hélène Brousse, Delights of the Ego? tktk


Re-Joycing the Ego

Jacques Lacan, Joyce the Symptom
Éric Laurent, A Portrait of Joyce as a Saint Homme
Jacques Lacan, MIT Lecture on Topology

The Reign of the Image

Jacques-Alain Miller, The Sovereign Image
Serge Cottet, Indelible Images Revisited
Jorge Assef, The Show of the Self in the Contemporary Symbolic Order

A Politics of Psychoanalysis

Christiane Alberti, Life Choice
Laurent Dupont, Solitude and Action
Jean-Daniel Matet, Psychiatry in Ruins
Gérard Wajcman, Getting Involved

Our Orientation: Lilia Mahjoub

The Interview :Thomas Svolos, Lacan in America


The Lacanian Compass in The United States

Maria Cristina Aguirre and Nancy Gillespie

Theme and Opening Remarks

Alicia Arenas, Lilia Mahjoub

The Unconscious Is Politics

Marie-Hélène Brousse, Democracies Without Fathers
Pierre-Gilles Guéguen, Me, Myself & I, That's the Way the Song Goes

Egomanias of the Body

Domenico Cosenza, The Ego in Anorexia
Ellie Ragland, Nature Versus Nurture
Véronique Voruz, Love and the Ego

Reflecting New Narcissims

Marie-Hélène Brousse, Fabián Fajnwaks, Angelina Harari.



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The Lacanian Review - tome 5 Delights of the Ego