Train Your Brain & Mental Strength : How to Train Your Brain for Mental Toughness & 7 Core Lessons to Achieve Peak Mental Performance


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Let's face it, especially these days, there's a lot going on and things are constantly coming at us to the point where overload sets in and mentally our brain is just not handling it. If that describes you, there's something you can do about it starting now. Get your hands on "Train Your Brain & Mental Strength: How to Train Your Brain for Mental Toughness & 7 Core Lessons to Achieve Peak Mental Performance!" You can't go wrong with this book because it's written to improve your cognitive skills and throughout the process your brain will not be overworked. Think about this as like building a figurative mental shield around your brain; one that's so tough that unless it's good for something, anything outside of it can't get in and overwhelm you. The training in this book will help you to bring about this mental toughness or shield that will in general improve your life. Once you start seeing what a positive difference these improved cognitive skills can make for you, you'll wonder why you didn't start putting these things into practice sooner. In addition, if you are one of the individuals that is seeking health and wellness on not just the physical level but the mental as well, you need to read "Train Your Brain & Mental Strength: How to Train Your Brain for Mental Toughness & 7 Core Lessons to Achieve Peak Mental Performance!". This text gets right to the point and explains the best techniques that can be used to improve mental performance. The author has gone to great lengths to make the text as easy to understand as he possibly can and he also has put his own seal of approval of the methods as these are things that he has tried himself and has found to be successful. Bear in mind that the test is only focusing on the core methods to improve mental performance which makes it that much easier to execute. The reader has the opportunity to try the best know methods to date and get back on track.



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Part 1: Mental Strength
Table of Contents
Chapter 1- What does it mean to Have Mental Strength?
Chapter 2- Mental Strength- How to Be More Positive
Chapter 3- Mental Strength- Benefits of Positive Affirmations
Chapter 4- Mental Strength- Learning to Develop Ones Talents
Chapter 5- Mental Strength- Importance of Meditation and Prayer
Chapter 6- Mental Strength- Importance of Exercise
Chapter 7- Mental Strength-Developing Independent Thought
Chapter 8- Mental Strength- Dealing with Risk
Chapter 9- The Appropriate Mental Attitude
Part 2: Train Your Brain
Chapter 10- How Does the Human Brain Work To Retain Memories?
Chapter 11- What Does It Mean To Train Your Brain?
Chapter 12- What Are Cognitive Skills and Why Are They Important?
Chapter 13- Does Memory Work In Humans and Animals?
Chapter 14- What Is Amnesia and How Does It Affect the Human Brain?
Chapter 15- What Is Alzheimer’s Disease and How Does It Affect the Human Brain?
Chapter 16- 19 of the Most Effective Brain Training Exercises
Mental strength is needed to complete a task. Everyone needs to use their mental strength to pursue their goals. It is a component of inner strength that would allow you to persevere amidst the challenges. It is also mental strength that gives you the power to accept your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.
Having mental strength can also make you confident about the decisions you make. If you trust your reasoning, you will be able to formulate decisions yourself rather than rely on others.
Training your brain to achieve mental strength is not complicated; you just need to challenge yourself everyday and get rid of habits that do not work and implement those that do. You can achieve a healthy mind by simply engaging in everyday activities to train your brain.
The first chapter of this book will give you an insight on what it means to have mental strength. Chapter 2 teaches you how to be positive amidst everyday circumstances that test both your physical and emotional strength. The third chapter of this book will help you realize how mental strength and positive attitude can help you get through every ordeal. Chapter 4 covers how a person can discover his own talents. Often times, most people only focus on their physical performance and neglect their mental health. Chapters 5 and 6 focus on the importance of physical exercise and meditation in improving mental strength. Chapter 7 teaches you how to develop your own independent thought while chapter 8 teaches you how to deal with risk.
Going through the book, you will understand how maintaining a positive attitude can become one of your best assets. It will teach you how to take advantage of your ability to produce whatever inspiration you might need. This motivation can provide you with the courage and strength you need to get through demanding situations.
Chapter 10 explains how memories are retained in the brain. The succeeding chapters explore the different ways on how training your brain can affect your memory. Chapter 11 explains how you can train your brain to achieve mental strength. Chapter 12 discusses cognitive skills and their importance to humans (i.e. without cognitive ability, humans won’t be able to communicate and understand each other). Chapter 13 explores the similarities and differences of how memory works in humans and animals. Chapters 14 and 15 discuss Amnesia and Alzheimer’s and how it affects the human brain. The last chapters provide different brain training exercises that can help improve your memory.
There are basically two types of mental training that you can use: physical training and