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Chemistry and Technology of Emulsion Polymerisation

328 pages
Emulsion polymerisation produces high value polymers in a low cost,environmentally friendly process. The drive to developenvironmentally benign production methods for polymers has resultedin widespread development and implementation of the emulsionpolymerisation technique. In addition, when combined with novelpolymerisation mechanisms the process can give rise to a range ofpolymer products with particularly useful properties.

Emulsion polymerisation is a complex process, governed by theinterplay of both chemical and physical properties includingpolymerisation kinetics and dispersion stability. Successfulindustrial application relies on understanding and controllingthose properties. By carefully explaining the principles of thereaction, based on well-designed experimental investigation,Chemistry and Technology of Emulsion Polymerisation provides apractical and intuitive explanation of emulsion polymerisation. Inthe development of industrial processes, coupling thatunderstanding with everyday practice can be a further difficultstep, so the book emphasises a clear, comprehensive andstraightforward discussion to illustrate how the principles relateto practical application.

Written for research chemists, technologists and engineers in thepolymer, fine and specialty chemicals industries, and in universityor government laboratories, this book will be particularly valuableto those early on in their careers. The comprehensive andstraightforward coverage will also ensure it is an importantresource for advanced courses in emulsion polymerisation.
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1 Historic Overview.
2 Introduction to Radical (co)Polymerisation.
3 Emulsion Polymerisation.
4 Emulsion Copolymerisation, Process Strategies and Morphology.
5 Controlled Radical Polymerisation in Emulsion Polymerisation.
6 Colloidal Aspects of Emulsion Polymerisation.
7 Latex Polymer Characterization.
8 Particle Analysis.
9 Systematic Overview of Bulk Applications of Latex Polymers.
10 Specialty Applications of Latex Polymers.