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The One Without a Face

159 pages
The One Without a Face is a contemporary story about a young man and his mind. The young man's life is in mess though and he is trying hard to sort it out until one day by coincidence he meets the king, an old man calling himself by all sort of name. The conversation between them hasn't been easy at all. However it has led the young man to change at one stage his manners and has brought him to be at the centre of changes that occur later on in his life. The young man the main character of this book represents any young man who doesn't sometimes listen, any young man who wants to make things his way, and above all any young man in search of a better life.
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The One Without a Face
Titre Romuald Fortunin (n)Sanvee
The One Without a Face The meeting
Biographie (fiction)
5 Éditions Le Manuscrit
© Éditions Le Manuscrit 2008 www.manuscrit.com ISBN : 978-2-304-01316-0 (livre imprimé) ISBN 13 : 9782304013160 (livre imprimé) ISBN : 978-2-304-01317-7 (livre numérique) ISBN 13 : 9782304013177 (livre numérique)
The One Without a Face
I would like to thank my family especially my mother, my father who passed away when I was a little boy. I would like to tell him to look at me now. I would like him to see the little boy he left behind face. My thanks go to my relatives, my friends, ac-quaintances and people I’ve met on my way : Those who have spared a little bit of their pre-cious time to talk to me, to advise me. And to those people who have merely met me before however they related a story to me. My thanks go as well to those I have not mentioned who encouraged me or helped me in one way or an-other and who are dears to me. Without them I would not be where I am today, I would not be here to acknowledge it. Without them this job would not have been done. I would like them to know that : At the end of a tunnel there will always be a light. I would like all of you to know that I am a unique person, driving on a motorway without a speed camera, heading toward a black haul that appeared to be a tunnel. Actually I am now driving through the tunnel, seeing the light at
The One Without a Face
the horizon gives me a great deal of courage, motivation, and determination. Speeding fiercely toward the end, I notice the light has increased on intensity which gives me a big re-lief. Remember dears all “The sun is rising now”. This book started in December 2002. I woke up that morning full of vibrant energy. I don’t know how to describe it. My head was full of thoughts. It was as if I was talking to myself. I could clearly hear voices, expressions ringing in my mind. But I first ignored what was going on within because it sounded as if it was not me I could not recognise myself. I found myself re-peating sentences on my own, which was quiet bizarre to me. By the time I realised it I was re-peating some of those expressions that was about God in the kitchen, even in a shower room. The first few days of December 2002, I tried to ignore what was going on in my head. I said to myself : “It just one of those days”. However Thoughts and expressions that flooded in my head didn’t worry me though, I was not scared either. I would say I did enjoy listen to it. As a matter of fact I was amused by it and some-times I found myself laughing or smiling just by thinking of it : I did not believe it was real. I tried to push those thoughts away, several times. Whenever I was calm, sentences and ex-