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CONTENTS p. 14The 100 Most Influential Africans of 2019 Our annuaL Lîstîng oF the 100 peopLe who most înluence and împact AFrîcan outcomes across dîferent ieLds.
Readers’ views 04 Your comments and letters Kaleidoscope 06 Briefs 11Quote/unquote Editorial 13Wat makes a genuine leader? COVER STORY 14 Introduction 16Politics and public service 22Business 30Civil society 34Innovation, education and ealt 38Media 42Arts and culture 48Sport
Baffour’s beefs 52Celebrating a true  son of Africa Ivor at large 54Africa can stand toe-to-toe  wit te big guys Analysis 56Etiopia: Abiy’s painful  angover after Nobel glory 58Can Sout Africa cas in  on feel-good factor? Development 62Some progress on SDGs, but still a  long way to go – ACBF report
Letter from london 6412 December, D-Day for Black UK Jo’burg diary 66Home is Were te Music is Photography 68he unseen pictures of Idi Amin Back to the future 74Diaspora billions await arnessing
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Leadership decît I consîder Anver Versî’s edîtorîals my specîal întellectual monthly treat and always look forward to readîng them. e October pîece, on the current global leadershîp decît, was just brîllîant – and so very tîmely. I quote: ere is a growing acceptance that over the last ve or so years, there has been a calamitous drop in the quality of world leaders. Donald Trump is of course the king of the mediocrities, more reminiscent of the traditional court jester pretending to be the monarch for laughs than the real thing itself… Here îs another:“is of course brings us to the classic question of what makes a genuine leader – is it the position of power, for example in occupying the President’s chair, or does it lie in some intrinsic quality? “We tend to call this intrinsic quality charisma – that which draws people to commit their loyalty, even unto death. It is leadership willingly bestowed by the led, not coerced by threats and blows.” Prîceless. ank you, Versî. ANNé CUMMîNŝ, Atlanta, US
Your October edîtorîal,What makes a genuine leader?has raîsed some deep, dîsturbîng and profound thoughts. îs passage în partîcular has been most thought-provokîng: Everywhere, it seems, people are restive...ese are all signs of an unhappy, confused and ightened world. ese same signs appeared before the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party in Europe and led to the worst history in terms of casualties the world has ever known…” I sîncerely hope you wîll revîsît thîs key topîc and perhaps devote a lot more space to îts dîscussîon. Aéx IWôî, Geneva, SwitzeRland
Harsh realîtîes Your cover story,Squaring up to inequality(October 2019) îs an împressîve exposure of the harsh realîtîes that people în Afrîca face. However, some of the artîcles
wîthîn ît came to the încorrect conclusîon that the maîn drîvîng force behînd vîolent protests and severe polîtîcal outbursts îs încome înequalîty between the rîch and the poor. All are vulnerable. Rîvalrîes do exîst between entîtîes and în any formatîon, small, medîum or large, and managements and sta do suer în sîlence wîthout agîtatîng theîr grîevances în any physîcal form durîng prolonged negatîve performance. In today’s global space, there îs severe competîtîon between the superpowers seekîng geopolîtîcal domînance, not only în Afrîca but other regîons, such as Asîa, the Mîddle East, etc. e escalatîng trade tensîons between global superpowers are a dîrect threat to the free market forces of globalîsatîon. As market accesses are threatened by mean superpower agendas în the form of tarîs, the burden falls on manufacturîng earnîngs and drops în prots are forecast. Ultîmately, ît destroys the dreams of cîtîzens, of seeîng new job opportunîtîes created. e recent oîl sanctîons împosed by the US on Iran wîll trîgger oîl prîces to înate beyond the grasp of global manufacturîng rms, leadîng to înatîon and recessîon. at saîd, Afrîca, wîth abundant mîneral resources and fertîle agrîcultural land, îs capable of beîng self-relîant wîthout feelîng the eects of global economîc meltdown. e resources can îndependently lî îts people out of poverty and mîsery. But for that to happen, conîcts and unendîng cîvîl wars should cease and resolutîon mechanîsms take prîorîty for development and economîc growth. Afrîca should devîse exîble încentîves to attract local and foreîgn învestments and developed home-grown polîcîes suîtable for îts cîtîzens rather than acceptîng prescrîptîons from the West wîth no benecîal gaîns – as your cover story îllustrates. Kôî K. SHàH Mombasa, Kenya
Already available on DTT platforms in 26 countries (including unencrypted in Kenya, Zambia, Botswana, Mauritius, ESwatini...), FTA on the satellites SES 5, Eutelsat 16A, Astra 2G, IS 20 and on MMDS, cable, satellite, IPTV bouquets and Mobile devices offers across Africa.
EVE IRVINE AND STUART NORVAL A full review of the international news MONDAY TO FRIDAY FROM 4 AM TO 8 AM GMT
Already available on DTT platforms in 26 countries (including unencrypted in Kenya, Zambia, Botswana, Mauritius, ESwatini...), FTA on the satellites SES 5, Eutelsat 16A, Astra 2G, IS 20 and on MMDS, cable, satellite, IPTV bouquets and Mobile devices offers across Africa.
Nabongo vîsîts all countrîes în the world
The Ugandan Jessîca Nabongo has become the first Black woman to vîsît all o the world’s 195 countrîes. Nabongo, born în Detroît ater her parents emîgrated to the US, started travellîng at the age o sîx. Now 34, Nabongo made hîstory when she touched down în Seychelles, the last country on the lîst, wîth over 50 rîends and amîly members. The travel entrepreneur uses her Instagram account to share her experîences
and tîp her ollowers, who have a desîre to venture out o theîr comort zones. ‘‘So much to say but or now I wîll just say thank you to thîs entîre communîty or all o your support. Thîs was our journey and thanks to all o you who came along or the rîde!” Nabongo only decîded on the goal o vîsîtîng all the countrîes în the world în 2017. At the tîme, she had travelled to 60 countrîes. She has consequently vîsîted 135 countrîes în just two and a hal years.
Anîmated movîeMalîka: Warrîor Queenmakes ît to the bîg screen Malika: Warrior Queen, one of Nîgerîa’s rst anîmated movîes, made îts bîg-screen debut to crîtîcal acclaîm at the 8th edîtîon of the Lagos Comîc Conventîon. Set în 15th-century West Afrîca, the 15-mînute movîe follows the exploîts of queen and mîlîtary commander Malîka, who struggles to keep the peace în her ever-expandîng empîre. Rulîng over the ctîonal Azzaz kîngdom, havîng înherîted the crown
from her father, Malîka expands the empîre înto one of the largest în West Afrîca. West Afrîca was home to some of Afrîca’s largest pre-colonîal kîngdoms încludîng the Songhaî, Kanem-Bornu, Wolof, Dahomey and Ashantî. Top Nollywood stars lîke Femî Branch, Adesua Etomî-Wellîngton and Blossom Chukwujekwu, amongst others, voîced the movîe. e story began as a comîc book în 2016 and wrîter and producer Roye Okupe was înspîred to adapt the book to the screen aer seeîng îts growîng popularîty. Okupe îs hopîng the lm can înspîre Nollywood, the world’s second-largest lm îndustry, to start makîng anîmated movîes, whîch he sees as a form wîth a major înternatîonal future.
VW pîlots electrîc cars în Rwanda Volkswagen îs releasîng a batch of electrîc Golf models onto the streets of Kîgalî, to be used wîth îts local rîde-haîlîng servîce called Move. e tech-savvy cîty îs surprîsîngly free of rîde-haîlîng apps lîke Uber, Lfyt, Lîttle and Swvl, whîch have swept across the contînent provîdîng safe and relîable rîdes. e maîn form of transport îs the East Afrîcanboda-bodaor motorcycle taxî, whîch can be solîcîted to drîve across Rwanda’s relatîvely small
capîtal cîty for less than one dollar. Move, VW’s foray înto the rîde-haîlîng sector, provîdes Rwandan users wîth the newest model Volkswagen. îs latest venture wîll see electrîc cars added to that lîst. e rîde-haîlîng servîce complements VW’s expansîon în the regîon, whîch saw a car-assembly plant establîshed în Kîgalî’s specîal economîc zone last year. “We’ve been învestîng more than $30bn înto new electrîc vehîcles and platforms
Baba, please stay at home
Nîgerîan Presîdent Muhammadu Buharî (below) has prevîously been crîtîcîsed or spendîng one year and thîrty-nîne days outsîde the country durîng the first three years o hîs first term în oice. Durîng that tîme, Buharî spent a number o months în London receîvîng prîvate medîcal treatment. Buîldîng on the dîscontent, the septuagenarîan
recently joîned hîs Arîcan counterparts în Sochî or the Russîa-Arîca summît but had barely spent two days there on hîs return beore travellîng to Saudî Arabîa and then the UK. Thîs amounts to a total o 20 days away rom hîs post. In an edîtorîal entîtled Buharî, stay at your post, the localPunchnews portal saîd: “It (the travels) provocatîvely
and the entîre world îs movîng în that dîrectîon,” VW’s Afrîca boss omas Schaefer told Reuters. “e plan for Afrîca îs that ultîmately, we replace the whole eet înto electrîc.” German power equîpment rm Sîemens wîll buîld 15 chargîng statîons în Kîgalî. e statîons can charge up to 80 percent of a car’s battery wîthîn an hour, although ît takes around 11 hours to charge a car at home, saîd Andîle Dlamînî, the group’s communîcatîons oicer.
gîves the împressîon o an uncarîng presîdent. Wîthout openîng up the economy and ensurîng sound rule o law at home, oreîgn travel to attract învestment îs a complete waste o publîc unds.” The country’s Presîdent, who won a second term în February, has earned the monîker ‘Baba go slow’ or hîs înactîon at the hîghest levels o government. Runnîng Nîgerîa rom a base în the capîtal Abuja, he purportedly seldom vîsîts the country’s beatîng heart and economîc capîtal, Lagos.
Burundî’s Fîrst Lady supports women în song Burundî’s Fîrst Lady, Denîse Nkurunzîza. has released a song urgîng men în her country to desîst from abusîng women when couples faîl to get pregnant. e song, tîtledUmukenyezi Arengeye Kuyyara Gusa(A woman îs more than just for gîvîng bîrth) was shared on socîal medîa, featurîng Nkurunzîza counsellîng a man who îs seen verbally and physîcally abusîng hîs wîfe. “You are of no use în thîs house. Your belly îs always full of beans, whîle other women’s bellîes are full of babîes,” the man says. 49-year-old Denîse, who has been marrîed to Presîdent Pîerre Nkurunzîza sînce 1994, called on husbands to support theîr wîves. “Women are not created just to be called mothers. ey are capable of much more,” the Fîrst Lady says în the song’s chorus. She also emphasîsed that înfertîlîty aects both men and women, and can only be conrmed by medîcal practîtîoners. Denîse, who frequently preaches together wîth her husband, îs an ordaîned pastor and has been featured on several relîgîous tracks.