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The bestselling pan-African magazine
Founded in 1966October 2019N°598
LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND Ironing out inequalities in Africa
l S Africa’s xenophobic shameThe Mugabe I knew Caviar and guns in RussiaAfrican art storms Britain l What’s behind church fires in Ethiopia?
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CONTENTS p. 16Leave no one behind he srugge for a faîrer sare for Afrîca’s peope.
Readers’ views 04 Your comments and letters Kaleidoscope 06 Brîefs 13Quote/unquote Editorial 15Wat makes a genuîne leader? COVER STORY 16no one beînd: Leave  Ironîng out înequalîtîes în Afrîca 18up to înequalîty Squarîng 20How layers of înequalîty work agaînst development 24Natalîa Kanem, Executîve  Dîrector, UNFPA 26Aya Cebbî, Yout Envoy  of te AU 30Poînts of vîew:  Let te people speak! 32Sout Afrîca: No country  for young people 35Calkîng up vîctorîes on  Uganda’s Scorecard 38Mîgratîon: Separatîng  fact from ictîon 40Forces of cange: Traîlblazers
Baffour’s beefs 44Fear of karma? Thought leadership 46How to tackle Afrîca’s  ‘wîcked’ problems Second african revolution 49Afrîca îs not a cemetery New age 50Yout favour untaînted eroes Development 52Dr Ibraîm Mayakî,  CEO, AUDA-NEPAD Native intelligence 54Homecomîng for  exîled Oromo wîsdom In depth 56Xenopobîa:  Sout Afrîca’s face of same Speaker’s corner 62Is our medîa it for purpose?
Obituary 64he Mugabe I knew Africa and the world 70More cavîar, fewer  guns on Socî menu? Letter from london 72Bîzarre turns în te UK Around africa 74Etîopîa: Wy are Ortodox  curces under attack? 80Uganda: Bobî Wîne trows  down te gauntlet Arts 831-54 Conemporary  Ar Faîr 2019 92Drama:Swea – a pay for our îmes Back to the future 98Neîter east nor west –  we face forward
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Give peace a chance Your coverage of election drama coming to the boil (New African, August/September 2019) in the run-up to the Botswana elections is an excellent piece of analysis, not only on the specic polls but also on the current wave of ‘election fever’ to be found in Africa and around the globe. But while we are distracted by the election roadshows, we may be missing the fact that – in my opinion – we are witnessing an economic, political and social meltdown. ere are many causes: trade wars between two supersized economic giants, with no end in sight for any resolution; global stock markets crashing and deant pro-democracy movements in both the rich and poor economies, over dierent political as well as economic resentments. In France it is the ‘Yellow Vest’ movement, replicated and multiplied in Hong Kong, Moscow, Khartoum, and Zimbabwe. In Africa a severe humanitarian crisis is emerging near Somalia and in the general Horn of Africa region. ere is a major Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo. With soaring ination eating into family incomes, high unemployment and rising food prices fuelling anger, people are enduring dierent types of economic hardships. People can hardly access quality education, and it is a nightmare for them to try and quench their thirst for knowledge because schools in many insecure areas remain closed. Is there any hope of reversing the abject poverty and hopelessness, to li the living standards of the people in the Less Developed Countries (LDCs)? We urgently need forums similar to the G7 meeting that recently took place in France, to address the humanitarian crisis, including to discuss investments in education for the less fortunate children of the world. It is high time both the rich and poor prioritised economic management and reduced political
tensions by de-escalating any stand-os and trying to give politics a fair chance between various stakeholders, so that peace and stability overtake repression and misery, for the sake of humanity. Kôî K. Sà, Mombasa, Kenya
Brilliant profile I am delighted that your esteemed global publication decided to pay tribute to one of Africa (and the world’s) greatest photographers, Peter Magubane (New Arîcan, August-September 2019). e prole by Struan Douglas was simply brilliant. We do not pay sucient homage to our icons and it was good to see an international, pan-African publication stepping up to the mark. More icons please. Hàŝé Vîŝŝé Cape Town, South Arica
Reasons to be optimistic e recent political developments in both Sudan and Ethiopia are signicant. In Sudan for example, a new political governance that it is hoped will incorporate the civilians is in the making aer the overthrow of the country’s President Omar el- Bashir by the military junta. is, for me, is a hopeful sign of a more mature continent. In Ethiopia however, the optimism that was raised continent-wide by the election of the new PM, Abiy Ahmed, and his eorts to bring about reconciliation and peace, not only within his own country but also in the sub-region, was dealt a sad blow with the news of the aborted coup by a segment of the military, which resulted in a loss of life. On balance however, as your excellent publication shows, Africa is on the right path and we must remain optimistic that there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. e slogan,a lua conînua(the struggle continues) should always be our guiding spirit. N’à’à Wà GàîUî, Kibichoi, Kenya
Mbele-Roberts visits dierent parts of the continent and meets African business leaders. From the leaders of large multinational companies through to entrepreneurs just starting out, Inds out how they got there, what motivates them and the challenges they face.
Upcoming shows run across the weekends of 6 July, 3 August and 7 September. Plus, look out for extracts from the show broadcast on BBC World News throughout the day every Friday.
A monthly programme on BBC World News
Each month onTalking Business Africain association with Zenith Bank, Lerato Mbele-Roberts visits dierent parts of the continent and meets African business leaders. From the leaders of large multinational companies through to entrepreneurs just starting out,Talking Business AfricaInds out how they got there, what motivates them and the challenges they face. Upcoming shows run across the weekends of 6 July, 3 August and 7 September. Plus, look out for extracts from the show broadcast on BBC World News throughout the day every Friday.
In association with
Pope Francis in Africa
Pope Francis, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, wrapped up a threenation African tour in the Mauritian capital of Saint Louis after having previously visited Mozambique and Madagascar. The Argentinian national held mass and met with civil authorities and civil society representatives, as well as complementing Mauritius’s pluralistic society, which is made up of Hindus, Christians and Muslims. Elsewhere on the tour, he showed compassion for the poor as well arguing the need to protect the environment.
“It is the young who are sufering the most,” he said in Mauritius. “They sufer rom unemployment, which not only creates uncertainty about the uture, but also prevents them rom believing that they play a significant part in your shared history.” Elected Pope in 2013, Francis has prioritised Arica as a region which shows huge growth prospects, as compared to Western Europe where religion is declining. The Pew Research Center predicts that by 2060, more than our in 10 Christians will be in sub-Saharan Arica.
A study published by the US-based Center or Applied Research showed that in the period between 1980 and 2012, the number o Catholics in the world had increased by 57% to 1.2bn, but growth in Europe was just 6%, compared to 283% in Arica. It put the number o Catholics in Arica at almost 200m. This was his ourth visit to the continent since he became Pope, compared to the two his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, made during his eight-year papacy.
Below: Pope Fancîs îs welcomed as e aîves a Mapuo aîpo în Mozambîque a e sa of îs ecen Arîcan ou
Sudanese artist winsprestigious Dutch award
Renowned Sudanese artist Kamala Ibrahim Ishaq has been announced as the Prince Claus Laureate 2019, an award in the Netherlands that recognises contributions to contemporary culture. Ishaq, a feminist icon, was one of the founders of the Khartoum School, a modernist art movement from the newly independent Sudan in the 1960s. Much of her work focuses on distorted human faces with a demonic appearance. She describes her art as figuàîvé àsàçîô, à dàs ô Aà àd Aîçà àdîîôs. “Isàq às émàîéd àçîvé î ôgàîsîg éxîîîôs î yôugé gééàîôs ô ômé àîss,” sàîd é Pîçé Clàus Fud ô Culué àd Dévélôpmé. “Héçé é pàîçîpàîô î çué sôçîàl môvémés éé ômé plày à çéàl, vîsîlé ôlé. Sé çôîués ô é à îélléçuàl çààlys àd îspîàîôàl ôçé àmôg à yôugé gééàîô ô Sudàésé àîss.” Isàq sàîd à é môs éçé pàîîg déàl î é upîsîg î Sudà à
sà Omà àl-Bàsî ôuséd às Pésîdé, àd é suséqué çàçkdô y é séçuîy ôçés ô pô-démôçàçy pôésés î Kàôum. ‘’I àm sîll pàîîg – î îll é àôu à àppééd à é upîsîg, é àll é péôplé dîéd î é màssàçé,’’ sé sàîd hé àîs sàîd sé lîvéd éà é àéà ô é pôéss àd sà mày ôîfiç sîgs: “Wé îésséd sô mày îgs, uélîévàlé.”
Isaq was a founde of e Kaoum Scool, wose oe foundes încluded Ibaîm El-Salaî. Rîg: îs Medîaîon Tee, 2018 (couesy of e aîs and Vîgo Galley)
Sierra Leone joins visa-on-arrival system Sîéà Léôé às éçômé é làés Aîçà çôuy ô àôuçé à àll Aîçà àîôàls àd ôé séléçéd çîîzés ôm àçôss é ôld àé éîléd ô à vîsà ô àîvàl. A sàémé ôm é Iéàl Affàîs Mîîsy àddéd à é é gôvémé îll gà vîsà-éé éy ô çôuîés î é su-égîôàl lôç, ÉCOWAS. Cîîzés ô é Aîçà Uîô mémé sàés îll éjôy vîsà-ô-àîvàl u îll é équîéd ô pày à $5 éé. hé môvé çômés às pà ô é ély éléçéd Pésîdé, Julîus Mààdà Bîô’s éffôs ô éîvîgôàé à spluéîg éçôômy ôug pômôîg ôuîsm àd ààçîg
îéàîôàl îvésmé. hé îy Wés Aîçà çôuy às éé à sîkôlé ô îéàîôàl àîd î éçé yéàs, î mày dôôs àd pîvàé séçô àçôs éçômîg usàéd ôvé àmpà çôupîô. hé îômàîô mîîsé, Môàméd Ràmà Sàày, às quôéd ô à lôçàl pôàl às sàyîg: “hîs îs à îdîçàîô à é é dîéçîô îs pôîséd ô àké é çôuy ô àôé lévél àd ôu làés sép î màkîg é çôuy ààçîvé ô ôuîss àd ôéîg îvésôs.” Oé àîôàls à îll é équîéd ô pày à $8 vîsà éé ô àîvàl îçludé çîîzés ô é US, UK, ÉU mémé sàés àd ôsé î BRICS – Bàzîl, Russîà, Idîà, Cîà àd Sôu Aîçà. hé môvé mîôs à çôîé-îdé pus ô ôpé up Aîçà’s ôdés îî é émî ô é Côîéàl Féé àdé Aéà (CFA) àd é AU’s Pôôçôl ô Féé Môvémé.
Uber bus coming to Lagos
Uber, the world’s best-known ride-hailing app, is working on plans to develop a bus system or Lagos, a metropolis o over 20m people. Since launching in Johannesburg in 2013, Uber has expanded into 14 cities in SS Arica, consolidating in major hubs like Cape Town, Nairobi and Lagos while moving into secondary cities including Benin City, Nigeria and Kumasi, Ghana. Having modelled other orms o transport besides a car in East Arica – or example Uber Boda, which allows users to hail motorcycle taxis, and Uber Poa which serves the tuk
tuk market – the ride-hailing giant is now looking to introduce a bus service in Nigeria’s most congested city. This reflects the San Francisco-based start-up’s commitment to becoming the 'Amazon o transport', where all orms o customer movement are covered. Despite the company’s share price perorming worse than expected ater listing on the New York Stock Exchange, the company remains committed to its Arican push. Uber currently has some 2.7m active monthly riders and over 59,000 drivers.
Test-tube white rhinos ATé é ôld’s làs ôé îé màlé îô, çàlléd Sudà, dîéd î Kéyà làs yéà, îgs éé lôôkîg léàk ô é spéçîés às Sudà às suvîvéd sôlély y ô émàlés: à môé àd dàugé. Sçîéîss àvé ô àôuçéd à éy éé àlé ô çéàé ô émyôs ô é àé îô, àîsîg ôpés à é mémés ô é édàgééd spéçîés çôuld é çôçéîvéd î é uué. hé î-vîô çéàîô às màdé y à çôsôîum ô vééîàîàs àd çôsévàîôîss ôm Gémày, Kéyà, àd é Czéç Répulîç ôkîg à é Avàéà làôàôy î
Cémôà, Iàly. hé émyôs àé ô sôéd î lîquîd îôgé àd îll sôô é àsééd îô à suôgàé môé. Pévîôusly ôuséd î à zôô î é Czéç Répulîç, é éé îôs éé àsééd ô Ol Péjéà Côsévàçy î Kéyà î  î é ôpé à é çlîmàé àd àîà ôuld éçôuàgé éédîg.
Rwanda rescues trapped migrants
Rwanda has agreed to take hundreds o Arican migrants who are currently being held in Libyan detention centres as they attempt to migrate to Europe. Following an agreement between the Rwandese government, the UN reugee agency UNHCR and the Arican Union, an initial group o 500 people will be evacuated by aeroplane to Rwanda. The group, which includes children and vulnerable young people, is mainly made up o reugees rom the Horn o Arica, including
Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan. According to the UN, about 4,700 people urgently need to be moved rom detention centres where they are oten held indefinitely. Numerous reports have indicated that migrants trapped in these centres requently sufer abuse and are housed in appalling conditions. Rwanda first made an ofer to give reuge to the migrants in November 2017. It came ater CNN released a video that showed men in Libya being auctioned of as slaves.
Options or the migrants will arranged by the UNHCR once they arrive in Rwanda. “While some may benefit rom resettlement to third countries, others will be helped to return to countries where asylum had previously been granted, or to return to their home countries i it is sae to do so,” it said. “Some may be given permission to remain in Rwanda subject to agreement by the competent authorities,” it added. Rwanda’s willingness to house migrants adds to the reputation o East Arican countries as having
some o the most globally progressive legislation vis-à-vis immigration. Ethiopia recently introduced a reugee policy allowing reugees to obtain work permits, access primary education, obtain drivers’ licences, legally register births and marriages and access financial services such as banking. Uganda’s reugee policy has been heralded as one o the most progressive in the world; guaranteeing reedom o movement and the right to employment, education and health, and the right to start a business.
Malaria can be eradicated by 2050
A report by theLancet Medical Journal, which compiled the opinion o 41 specialists, concluded that malaria can be eradicated by 2050. To meet that target, governments, scientists and public health leaders need to inject more money and innovation into fighting the disease and the mosquitoes, something that will require “ambition, commitment and partnership like never beore”. “For too long, malaria eradication has been a distant dream, but now we have evidence that malaria can and should be eradicated by 2050,” said Richard Feachem, director o the Global Health Group at the University o Caliornia, San Francisco, who co-chaired a review o malaria eradication commissioned by The Lancet.
“We must … challenge ourselves with ambitious targets and commit to the bold action needed to meet them,” he added. Malaria inected about 219m people in 2017 and killed around 435,000 o them – the vast majority were babies and children in the poorest parts o Arica. Due to ongoing transmission, hal the world’s population is still at risk o contracting malaria, and globally, it kills a child every two minutes. These figures are little changed rom 2016, but global case numbers had previously allen steadily, rom 239m in 2010 to 214m in 2015, with malaria deaths decreasing rom 607,000 in 2013 to around 500,000 in 2010.
Naspers creates biggest internet company in Europe àspés, é Sôu Aîçà médîà gîà, às lîséd îs îéàîôàl àssés ô Amsédàm’s sôçk éxçàgé àd î sô dôîg, çéàéd é îggés îéé çômpày î Éuôpé. Càlléd Pôsus, é çômpày às ô $5 é î lîséd, màkîg î é îggés çôsumé éç sôçk î Éuôpé àd é séçôd-îggés éç çômpày î é égîô, éîd Gémà sôTàé gôup SAP. Pôsus sàés jumpéd 7% î éàly àdé, ôôsîg îs màké vàlué ô àôud $36. O Amsédàm’s Éuôéx éxçàgé, ôly Rôyàl Duç Séll àd Uîlévé àé ô môé. àspés î à éàly jàçkpô î , é î àçquîéd à 3% sàé î Cîésé dîgîàl gîà éçé ô $3m. hà îvésmé îs ô ô $3.