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Date de parution 25 mai 2022
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By Money
Saving Guru

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 Daily newspaper of the year 80p
easy ways to
earn a little
extra income20
As energy bills set to rocket AnoTher £800...
rescue deal
for cost of
living ‘in days’
By Sean Poulter and Jason Groves
Billions of pounds of state
support for families hit by the
cost of living crisis will be Meghan’s announced in days.
With officials warning that energy bills
are on course to hit almost £3,000, Boris
Johnson and Rishi Sunak are working on
a major intervention that could be
unveiled as soon as tomorrow.
The move – initially planned for the summer father hit – has been fast-tracked amid concerns the
Government risks looking out of touch.
Senior Tories believe it could also help the
Prime Minister ‘move on’ from the Partygate
scandal, which is set to dominate headlines
today when Whitehall ethics chief Sue Gray
finally publishes her report into the affair.
It follows a warning from Ofgem yesterday by stroke
that the energy price cap is on course to rise
by another £800 to £2,800 in October.
Consumer groups said the prediction would
strike ‘terror’ into the hearts of millions of
householders. An MP said there was a real
danger of people dying of cold at home.
Officials remained tight-lipped about the on eve of
support package last night, with sources
saying the details were not yet finalised.
But it could be funded in part by a windfall
tax on the big energy producers. See
It is expected to include a major increase in
the Warm Home Discount Scheme. Worth £150 PAGe
to three million low-income households, the UK visit Sevenpayout could go up by £500. A planned increase
Family rift: Thomas Markle, 77, is estranged from his daughter
Turn to Page 2 Page Daily Mail, Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Continued from Page One
in benefits next year may be By Martin Beckford
brought forward along with an offer
to help the ‘squeezed middle’. Now Rishi
RISHI Sunak has ordered his officials to Options include a
governmentfunded direct discount on energy draw up plans for a windfall tax on
elecbills or a council tax rebate. tricity generators’ profits, on top of the
Ministers have also discussed a widely expected hit on North Sea oil
temporary VAt cut, although the lines up and gas producers.
t reasury is said to have
reservaMajor electricity producers could tions about the idea because it
have made more than £10billion in would not ease fuel or food costs.
excess profits this year as a result of Mr Sunak had planned to wait
until July to unveil the package, higher gas prices, according to the Summary: Showers electricity when Ofgem will be able to give a Financial Times.
more precise estimate of the likely The Treasury could rake in far more UK TODAY: A cloudy start with outbreaks of rain which
rise in the price cap in October.will clear to reveal sunny spells and showers which will money if it targeted big power firms
But, in a highly unusual move, the turn increasingly light and patchy during the day. It will such as SSE, Scottish Power and EDF
energy regulator’s boss yesterday be a windy day for all. Max 18c. Energy – plus wind farm operators – as revealed he was writing to the giants for
well as major oil and gas producers.c hancellor immediately to say the Today’s weather Mr Sunak is ‘instinctively against’ a cap is likely to rise to £2,800.
9am 12noon 3pm 6pm 9pm windfall tax on energy firms but may yet Jonathan Brearley told MPs that
London 14c 16c 16c 17c 16c without further support from the impose one, a Cabinet colleague said
c hancellor up to 12million house- extra taxPlymouth 13c 14c 16c 15c 13c yesterday. The Chancellor could decide
holds would be in fuel poverty. t his that the worsening cost of living crisis Cardiff 12c 13c 15c 15c 13c
requires ‘extraordinary measures’, the require extraordinary measures, that’s B’ham 12c 14c 16c 17c 15c
‘Strike terror Business Secretary told MPs. up to him.’ M’chester 12c 14c 16c 16c 14c
Kwasi Kwarteng added that he himself Companies that service energy giants in hearts’Newcastle 12c 14c 15c 15c 12c
was opposed to the raid on oil and gas have warned the Government against
Glasgow 12c 13c 14c 13c 10c
companies’ coffers because it would put imposing any sort of windfall tax as a is defined as needing to spend more Aberdeen 10c 14c 16c 16c 12c
off investors. way of raising money for households than 10 per cent of disposable Belfast 12c 14c 14c 14c 12c ‘I don’t think it supports investment. I income on heat and light. struggling with soaring bills.
Former c abinet minister r obert don’t think it’s necessarily the right In an open letter to the Prime Minister 5 day forecast Jenrick predicted an ‘intervention thing,’ he told the business, energy and and Chancellor, 31 organisations in the
Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon of some significance’ within a fort- industrial strategy committee. offshore supply chain said: ‘A one-off
night. He told l Bc r adio: ‘t here’s London 20c 20c 20c 16c 17c ‘But that’s up to the Chancellor. He is windfall tax will not sustainably help
reason for the c hancellor to act Plymouth 17c 18c 19c 17c 16c instinctively against a windfall tax but if consumers and will only further reduce swiftly. He’s now armed with a
Cardiff 17c 20c 20c 18c 16c he feels these extraordinary times investor confidence in the UK.’ guide from Ofgem as to where
B’ham 18c 17c 17c 14c 15c they’re likely to end up at the end
of the summer. t here’s reason M’chester 16c 14c 16c 14c 14c
by struggling families. A Gov- strike terror into the hearts of die of hypothermia this winter to instil some confidence by Newcastle 15c 15c 14c 12c 14c ernment source said it was millions of people, already in their own homes. thus far, i setting out a clear plan now.
Glasgow 13c 13c 15c 16c 15c ‘possible’ the package could unable to heat and power don’t think i have heard any-t hat’s what the c hancellor
Aberdeen 15c 14c 13c 12c 12c be unveiled tomorrow. their homes. i t will plunge thing that is up to the urgency has been mulling over.’
But if the details are not households into deep, or scale of the situation.’Belfast 14c 15c 15c 15c 15c t orsten Bell of the r
esoluironed out in time it is likely to deep crisis. t he financial, MPs on the c ommons busi-tion Foundation, an
independSun Rain Temp be delayed until early next social and health impacts ness committee yesterday 24 hours ent think-tank, said Ofgem’s Yesterday
(hrs) (ins) (min) (max)to 2pm month when parliament are unthinkable.’ heard evidence of damning decision to write to Mr Sunak Edinburgh 5.4 0.13 8 16Sun Rain Temp 24 hours returns from a week’s recess. Andy McDonald, l abour MP failures by Ofgem to regulate ‘means one thing – a Govern-to 2pm (hrs) (ins) (min) (max) Glasgow 6.5 0.01 7 16
Adam Scorer of n ational for Middlesbrough, character- the energy market, leaving ment announcement on extra Aberdeen 1.0 0.01 8 15 Hull 8.7 0.14 9 18
e nergy Action, a fuel poverty ised higher bills as a threat to taxpayers on the hook.Aberporth 7.4 0.02 9 14 Ipswich 5.7 0.28 9 17 help is coming in days’.
charity, said: ‘Ofgem’s warning life, saying: ‘the reality of that Comment – Page 16Belfast 3.5 0.02 9 16 Leeds 10.3 0.01 9 16 Mr Bell said it would have to
that the price cap will rise is going to mean – in constitu- 20 easy ways to make Birmingham 7.1 0.13 9 17 Lincoln 7.6 0.17 10 17 be worth well over £10billion
Bournemouth 8.9 0.16 8 18 London 5.3 0.28 10 20 again by over £800 will encies like mine – people will extra income – Page 31to meet the challenges faced
Bristol 7.7 0.17 10 16 Manchester 6.4 0.16 10 16
Cardiff 9.5 0.01 9 15 Southampton 11.1 0.06 10 19
Durham 6.8 0.04 8 16 St Andrews 3.7 0.15 8 16
Stornoway 2.9 0.35 7 14Information supplied by Meteogroup
Moon and Sun Gunman ‘kills teacher and 14 pupils’
Extremes (24 hrs to noon y’day)
MOON rises: 3.20am, sets: 3.27pm Warmest: Heathrow, Greater London,
Sun rises London: 4.55am, sets: 9.00pm 20c (68f). Coldest: Tulloch Bridge,
Manchester rises: 4.54am, sets: 9.18pm Highland, 4c (39f). Wettest: Pershore,
Worcestershire, 0.75ins. Sunniest: in rampage at Texas primary schoolHIGH TIDE London Bridge: 11.12pm
Thorney Island, West Sussex, 12.3hrs.Liverpool: 8.53pm
AT least 14 pupils and one teacher are the department’s full support’. A hospi-By Niamh Lynch
today c f tomorrow c f believed to have been killed in a primary tal in the nearby city of San Antonio Europe forecast
Geneva sun 22 72 sun 24 75 school shooting in Texas yesterday. reported that pupils had been brought a student at the nearby Uvalde High today c f tomorrow c f Lisbon sun 25 77 sun 32 90
The gunman opened fire at Robb Ele- there, along with a 66-year-old woman School, was later killed in a shoot-out Amsterdam fair 17 63 cloudy 17 63 Madrid sun 24 75 sun 27 81
Brussels fair 19 66 fair 19 66 Paris fair 20 68 cloudy 21 70 mentary School, where pupils are aged said to be in a critical condition.with police.
Frankfurt sun 22 72 fair 21 70 Rome sun 28 82 sun 28 82 five to 11, in the small town of Uvalde. There was a heavy police

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