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Date de parution 26 mai 2022
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Thursday, May 26, 2022 Daily newspaper of the year 80p
should now make peace with
24-25Meghan’s poorly father
For months the PM’s enemies salivated at the
prospect of Sue Gray skewering him. Yet after
her report’s innocuous photos of him with juice
and M&S sandwiches, even they must be asking...
By Jason Groves BORIS Johnson
Political Editoryesterday said he
allowed to happen’. But, to had been vindicated
the dismay of his critics, it
over Partygate. failed to show that the
Sue Gray’s long-awaited Prime Minister had
knowreport into lockdown ingly broken the rules.
parties delivered a scathing And Miss Gray published
tame photos of a ‘birthday verdict on the culture in
party’ in the Cabinet RoomNo 10, saying many events
‘should not have been Turn to Page 2 Page Daily Mail, Thursday, May 26, 2022
Go to: dailymail.co.uk/weather for UK and world 5 day forecast
°F °C
100 40 Rishi’s £10bn to help 3080
20 -10
0 -20
-20 -30 struggling families
with cost of living
By Harriet Line
Chief Political Correspondent Extra £100 a year to fill up the car
RISHI Sunak will today unveil
MOTORISTS face paying an extra is now £93.70. Only a month ago petrol a £10billion support package to £100 a year in petrol bills after average prices averaged 16.08p a litre, meaning
help struggling families through pump prices surged past £1.70 a litre for a fill-up is now £4.50 more expensive.Summary: Mostly dry the cost of living crisis. the first time. With the average motorist filling up
With energy prices set to soar Industry figures yesterday showed twice a month, drivers face shelling out UK TODAY: Mostly cloudy with a chance of rain, mostly again this autumn, the Chancellor average petrol prices hit a record £108 more on their annual petrol bill light and will slowly clear from the north during the
will intervene to ease the pressure day to reveal sunny spells and showers across 170.35p a litre. than at last month’s prices.
on household finances.northern Britain, some will be heavy. Max 21c. Diesel also hit an all-time high of Analysis by the AA also shows it was
He will prioritise the most vulnerable 181.35p, meaning filling up the average nearly £3 cheaper to fill up this time
in society with a package of measures Today’s weather 55-litre tank in a family car with the fuel last year – £70.93 versus £93.70.funded in part through a windfall tax
looks set to rise above £100 for the first Simon Williams of the RAC called on the 9am 12noon 3pm 6pm 9pm on oil and gas giants.
time within days (£99.70). Government to slash VAT on fuel to fur-London 15c 18c 20c 19c 17c A major increase in the Warm Home
For petrol, the average cost of filling up ther help motorists.Discount Scheme – worth £150 to Plymouth 15c 16c 16c 16c 14c
three million low-income households Cardiff 14c 15c 15c 14c 14c
– is expected which could see
B’ham 14c 16c 18c 18c 15c perfect storm of rising taxes, to help people’ through the cri- a speech Mr Sunak delivered the payment rise to £500. A
M’chester 12c 14c 15c 15c 13c bills and energy costs. sis, but warned the pressures last week saying the Govern-council tax rebate will also be
Last night, a Tory party on household finances would ment has ‘a collective respon-Newcastle 12c 13c 15c 14c 11c included but proposals to slash
source said: ‘On a windfall tax, last for ‘a while to come’. sibility to help the most the 5 per cent VAT on energy Glasgow 11c 12c 13c 12c 10c
the arguments have been The Prime Minister told a vulnerable in our society’.bills have been ditched.Aberdeen 11c 14c 15c 14c 11c tested rigorously within the press conference yesterday: The need for extra help was Officials last night remained Belfast 12c 14c 14c 13c 11c Treasury and within govern- ‘We will continue to respond illustrated by Ofgem chief tight-lipped on the exact
just as we responded through- executive Jonathan Brearley’s details, but other measures 5 day forecast out the pandemic. indication the energy price thought to be under consider- ‘Help the most
‘It won’t be easy, we won’t be cap is to increase by a further Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue ation include bringing forward vulnerable’ able to fix everything, but £830 to £2,800 in October.a planned increase in benefits.London 21c 19c 14c 16c 18c
what I would also say is that Consumer groups said the Mr Sunak finalised the sup-Plymouth 18c 18c 16c 15c 16c
we will get through it and we prediction would strike ‘ter-port package yesterday after ment. We need to help families Cardiff 20c 20c 16c 15c 17c will get through it well. ror’ into the hearts of millions the measures were fast- who would consider
themB’ham 17c 17c 13c 14c 16c tracked amid concerns the ‘There’s no question we have of householders.selves comfortably off but are
M’chester 15c 16c 14c 13c 15c Government risked looking pressure now on household A Treasury spokesman said: feeling the pinch, but the vast
out of touch. majority of help will be directed finances… and the Govern- ‘We understand people are Newcastle 16c 13c 12c 12c 13c
ment is going to do everything struggling with rising prices, Ministers have been under at those who need it most.’Glasgow 14c 16c 14c 14c 15c
pressure over recent months Boris Johnson yesterday we can to help people.’ which is why we’ve provided
Aberdeen 15c 12c 11c 11c 11c to intervene as families face a vowed to do ‘everything we can Whitehall sources pointed to £22billion of support to date.’
Belfast 14c 15c 14c 13c 14c
Sun Rain Temp 24 hoursYesterday
(hrs) (ins) (min) (max)to 6pm Continued from Page One
Edinburgh 5.4 0.03 9 15Sun Rain Temp 24 hours
to 6pm (hrs) (ins) (min) (max) Glasgow 3.3 0.09 9 16 that made a mockery of claims that Mr I’ve been vindicated Littlejohn
Aberdeen 3.7 0.35 8 17 Hull 3.8 0.00 8 18 Johnson was guilty of ‘debauchery’.
Aberporth 2.3 0.09 10 15 Ipswich 1.6 0.01 7 17 pAGEs 4-5 pAGE 7The PM said that, after months of inves-Belfast 4.4 0.02 10 16 Leeds 6.8 0.00 7 18 tigations, it was now time to ‘move on’ Birmingham 3.9 0.04 8 17 Lincoln 3.0 0.00 8 18
and ‘focus on the priorities of the British ‘pack his bags’, despite the fact he himself senior aide Martin Reynolds boasted he Bournemouth 1.5 0.02 6 18 London 3.2 0.02 9 19
people ... easing the hardship caused by Bristol 4.3 0.07 10 16 is under police investigation for an alleged had ‘got away with’ the garden event;Manchester 2.0 0.08 10 17
Cardiff 1.1 0.16 11 16 the rising costs people are facing’. Southampton 5.4 0.03 10 18 breach of lockdown rules. n Miss Gray revealed she had dropped
Durham 8.0 0.00 8 18 In a major statement of intent, Rishi St Andrews 5.8 0.00 9 18 In a reference to the Labour leader’s inquiries into a party in the No 10 flat;
Stornoway 4.9 0.20 9 14 Sunak will today unveil £10billion of cost Information supplied by Meteogroup beer and curry event with activists in n A snap poll found that 65 per cent of
of living support for those most in need. Moon and Sun Durham last year, Mr Johnson mocked the public believe the PM should resign.Extremes (24 hrs to 6pm y’day) The Chancellor’s package, partly funded his opponent as ‘Sir Beer Korma’. Mr Johnson’s Tory critics had long seen MOON rises: 3.32am, sets: 4.41pm Warmest: Holbeach, Lincolnshire, 20c by a windfall tax on the oil and gas giants, In other developments: the publication of the report as the pre-Sun rises London: 4.54am, sets: 9.01pm (68f). Coldest: Baltasound, Shetland,
Manchester rises: 4.53am, sets: 9.19pm will include grants to help low income n The PM revealed he had apologised in text for a coup against his leadership. 4c (39f). Wettest: Achnagart, Ross
families with energy bills, together with person to No 10 cleaners and security staff But the lack of new evidence directly HIGH TIDE London Bridge: 11.51am and Cromarty, 0.85ins. Sunniest:
Durham, Co Durham, 8.0hrs. help for the so-called ‘squeezed middle’ – Liverpool: 9.46pm after Miss Gray’s report found against him saw the plot fizzle out.
potentially council tax discounts. that officials had treated them with an One image showed the PM and
Chantoday c f tomorrow c f Addressing MPs on the findings of Miss ‘unacceptable lack of respect’; cellor a few feet apart next to a table with Europe forecast
Geneva sun 25 77 sun 25 77 Gray’s 37-page report, the Prime n She cited ‘failures of leadership in No 10 pitchers of juice and M&S sandwiches.
today c f tomorrow c f Lisbon sun 33 91 sun 34 93 Minister said he took full responsibility, and the Cabinet Office’; The report detailed a number of events
Amsterdam cloudy 18 64 sun 16 61 Madrid sun 28 82 sun 30 86 adding: ‘I have learnt a lesson.’ n Tory MPs Julian Sturdy and Tobias that appeared to include clear breaches
Brussels cloudy 20 68 fair 18 64 Paris cloudy 22 72 cloudy 21 70 Mr Johnson told MPs he had been Ellwood called for Mr Johnson to resign, at lockdown restrictions.
Frankfurt fair 22 72 fair 20 68 Rome sun 29 84 sun 32 90 ‘appalled’ by lurid details of bad behav- but most of his critics within the party At a farewell party for a senior adviser in
Noon local iour by officials at drunken parties. But remained silent; June 2020, Miss Gray reported ‘excessive’ Around the world yesterday time
he said it had been his duty to gather n The PM denied claims he had asked alcohol consumption by some, leading weather c f weather c f weather c f
staff to ‘briefly’ attend leaving-dos for Miss Gray to drop her report; one official to be sick and others to end Algiers Drizzle 21 70 Florence Fair 27 81 New Delhi Fair 32 90
senior officials working flat out on the n She found no evidence to substantiate the night in an ‘altercation’. Amsterdam Sunny 17 63 Geneva Sunny 20 68 New York Fair 17 63
Athens Sunny 29 84 Gibraltar Sunny 23 73 Nice Fair 23 73 pandemic – and he said this view had a claim from Dominic Cummings that he In a statement, the campaign group
Auckland Fair 17 63 Guernsey Cloudy 13 55 Oslo Showers 14 57 been ‘vindicated

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