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Date de parution 05 août 2022
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DJIA32812.50À416.33 1.3%NASDAQ12668.16À2.6%STOXX 600438.29À0.5%10-YR. TREAS.gyield 2.747%2/32 ,OIL$90.66g$3.76GOLD$1,758.00g$13.10EURO$1.0167YEN133.86
Ukraine Grain Shipment Cleared to Sail Beyond Black Sea
As Pelosi
Business & Finance
leven golferson theDeparts
Saudi-backed LIV Golf
son and Bryson DeChambeau,Taiwan
circuit, including Phil
Mickelfiled an antitrust lawsuit
against the PGA Tour chal-Chinese navy prepares
lenging their suspensions.A1
live-fire drills after
Walmart is cutting
speaker reaffirms the
hundreds of corporate
roles in a restructuring ef-U.S.’s support for Taipei
fort, according to people
familiar with the matter.B1
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Major U.S. stock indexesdeparted Taiwan after a
whirlrose, with the Nasdaq, S&Pwind trip that raised military
500 and Dow industrialstensions over the island to
posting gains of 2.6%, 1.6%CKtheir highest level in more
and 1.3%, respectively.B1than two decades, an
escalation likely to persist long after
OPEC and its allies
she returns home.
agreed to a small increase in
oil output following calls byEPA/SHUTTERS
U/ByBrian Spegele
the U.S. and other major
in Beijing,Chun Han
sumers for more supply.A7
Wongin Hong Kong and
U.S. gasoline pricesJoyu Wangin Taipei
have declined for seven
straight weeks and are ap-TEST: The first shipment of grain to leave Ukraine’s Black Sea ports under a U.N.-brokered deal with Russia sailedKEY By the time Mrs. Pelosi
proaching an averagethe Bosphorus after passing inspection in Istanbul Wednesday. Meanwhile, fighting continued in southern Ukraine. A7through wrapped up a day of meetings
price of $4 a gallon.A3with Taiwan’s president, senior
lawmakers, executives and
huWarner Bros. Discovery
man-rights activists and left
has scrapped “Batgirl,” a
suTaiwan on Wednesday, China’s
perhero movie that was to
navy had maneuvered into
posiAirbus has canceledaAfter Kansas Abortion Vote,
be sent directly to its
HBOtion for live-fire drills that were
Max streaming service.B1
to encircle the island beginning
on Thursday.
deal valued at billions ofMrs. Pelosi’s visit sought to
aircraft, according to peopleParties Weigh Lessons for Fallcommitment to preserving
Taidollars to supply Qatar Air-reinforce what the California
ways with 19 of its largestDemocrat said was America’s
familiar with the matter.B3wan’s democracy. The trip also
Politicians around the na-rejected an amendment thatturned Roe v. Wade in June.tional turnout models, mostlywill prompt Chinese military
Ford’s July salesin the U.S.
tion were assessing the poten-would have explicitly statedWith voters agitated by infla-likely in the Democrats’ favor,’’activity in what Taipei claims
climbed 37%, rebounding
tial impact of abortion in thisthere is no right to abortion intion and unsatisfied with Pres-said John Truscott, who servedas its territorial waters,
Taisharply from year-ago
profall’s elections after Kansasthe state’s constitution. Theident Biden’s job performance,as communications chief forpei’s Defense Ministry said,
duction shortages and
provoters across the politicalballot measure lost by 18 per-most analysts say the electionformer GOP Gov. John Englerraising the prospect of greater
pelled by growing EV sales.B3
centage points in a state thatenvironment favors GOP candi-in Michigan, where an abortionpressure on an island that is
An attacker targetingByLaura Kusisto,former President Donalddates. But the high turnout forreferendum is also likely to bethe most sensitive flashpoint
the solana cryptocurrencyAaron ZitnerTrump, a Republican, carriedthe referendum—which drewon the ballot this fall. In somein U.S.-China relations.
ecosystem drained fundsandJennifer Calfasabout twice the number ofby nearly 15 points two yearsCombined with new mea-close races, he said, renewed
from thousands of walletsago. votesas in the state’s 2018 pri-attention to abortion could tipsures limiting imports of
Taiin an incident that couldspectrum contributed to Tues-Some Republican analystsmaries—suggested to somethe balance toward Democrats.wan’s goods to China, the
draw increased regulatoryday’s strong rejection of a pro-saw a flashing yellow warningthat the abortion fight couldThe Supreme Court’s rulingPlease turn to page A8
scrutiny to digital assets.B11energize Democrats and swayfor their party, which gen-said the U.S. Constitutionposed state constitutional sign
amendment that would haveerally backs abortion restric-independent voters who tendPlease turn to page A4E House speaker vows ‘ironclad’
eliminated abortion rights intions, from the first statewideto favor fewer restrictions ondefense of Taiwan.................. A8
the state.test of abortion sentimentthe procedure.E Chinese battery firm haltsE Several 2020 election-result
Some 60% of Kansas voterssince the Supreme Court over-“I think this will alter tradi-opening of U.S. plant............ A8deniers advance in races.... A4
Pelosi departed Taiwan
after a whirlwind trip that
angered Beijing and
further strained U.S.-ChinaINSIDE
relations. China’s navy ma-Golfers
neuvered into position forNetflix Scrambles to Learn
encircle the island begin-Backed by
live-fire drills that were to
ning on Thursday.A1, A8Ad Business It Disdained
nation were assessing theSaudis Sue
Politicians acrossthe
Rising competition forced a rethink of subscription-only model
potential impact of
aborafter Kansas voters rejectedPGA TourINGLE/THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC/AP
tion in this fall’s elections
For years, Netflix Inc. boss Reed HastingsCorp.’s NBCUniversal and a dark horse,
a proposed state
constituBYLOUISERADNOFSKYTOcrosoft Corp. One of Netflix’s goals was towas emphatic that the streaming giant
tional amendment that
ANDANDREWBEATONwouldn’t show ads in its programming. Latesecure a big “minimum guarantee”—a
promwould have eliminated
aborJASON GAYise that it would get a large influx of ad rev-last year, the company did a 180. Netflix
tion rights in the state.A1
Eleven golfers on the Saudi-didn’t just want to enter the ad business—itenue to limit its financial risk, say people
faAn appreciation of
Many Republicans whomiliar with the discussions.backed LIV Golf circuit—in-wanted to do so in a hurry.
announcer Vin Scully
support Trump’s false claimscluding Phil Mickelson andNetflix also hunted for a senior leader
and his perfect
of 2020 election fraud areBryson DeChambeau—filed anBySarah Krouse,Suzanne Vranicawith advertising expertise, mindful that it
winning GOP primaries, withantitrust lawsuit against thebaseball melody.A14andJessica Toonkelknew little about the business of selling ads.
some advancing to positionsPGA Tour Wednesday challeng-The company approached at least two top
where they could influenceing their suspensions,company assembled engineers tothe TheComcast executives while the partnership
election administration if theyopening salvo in a legal fightPERSONAL JOURNALsound them out on the technical challenges.negotiations were continuing with their
emwin their general elections.A4Executives quickly decided they would ini-that could reverberate acrossployer, angering the top brass at the cable
Southwest Airlines
professional sports.tially need an external partner to supplygiant, some of the people said.
Two top lawyerswhoremoves expiration
The group includes threetechnology and sales power.Netflix’s urgent move into the ad market,
worked in the White House
dates on travel
players—Talor Gooch, HudsonBy spring, after announcing its plans pub-Please turn to page A10
under Trump have been
subSwafford and Matt Jones—whocredits.A12licly, Netflix had fostered a bidding war that
poenaed to appear before a
are seeking a temporary re-included Alphabet Inc.’s Google, ComcastE Warner Bros. scraps ‘Batgirl’ amid cost cuts.... B1
federal grand jury
investigatstraining order that would
aling the events leading up to
low them to play in the Tour’s
the attack on the Capitol.A4
FedEx Cup Playoffs, which
beRussia claimedto havegin next week. Each had quali-You’re Back at the Office. Your
captured a major strate-fied for the playoffs beforeCEOs Ditch Soft Touch
gic position held bysigning on to play for LIV; theAnnoying Colleagues Are, Too.
marking what would be awere being excluded from theAmid Downturn Fears
Ukraine’s forces since 2015,PGA Tour then told them theyi i i
event because of their partici-Employees rediscover the pet peeves
notable advance by
Moscow in Ukraine’s east.A7pation in the LIV series.BYCHIPCUTTERtor, CEOs are warning of
The PGA Tour has sus-that come with working inches aparttougher times, while others are
The U.S.
Senateoverpended players lured to its ri-Corporate chiefs who spenttelling employees to reconsider
whelmingly ratified the
adval by extraordinary appear-much of the pandemic pa-spending on trips, business
dition of Finland and
Sweance fees and record prizeBYSARAHE.NEEDLEMANmeals or corporate swag suchanswering questions inhers. tiently
den as members of NATO.A7
funds, pointing to Tour bylaws“Any little thing that hap-town halls, sending reassuringas coffee mugs.
Scientists restoredThe shift in messaging re-notes to staff and projecting apens they come to me,” saidbar members from ap-It didn’t take long for Garyfunc- that
tion to the organs of dead pigs,pearing in other events with-Bush to become reacquaintedMr. Bush, 36 years old. “It’ssofter image are shifting theirflects increasing anxiety in the
raising hopes that a similarout the permission of the com-with the harsh realities of of-like I’m a babysitter.”tone as signs emerge that theC-suite about where the
econapproach might one day makemissioner. Many of the LIVfice life after two years ofIn recent months, manyeconomy is worsening.omy is headed. A survey
remore human organs avail-golfers, such as Dustin John-working out of his home inmore professionals

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