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Date de parution 25 mai 2022
Langue Français
Poids de l'ouvrage 52 Mo


****** TUESDAY,MAY 24, 2022~VOL. CCLXXIX NO.120 HHHH $5.00
DJIA 31880.24 À 618.34 2.0% NASDAQ 11535.27 À 1.6% STOXX600 436.54 À 1.3% 10-YR.TREAS. g 20/32,yield 2.857% OIL $110.29 g $0.01 GOLD $1,847.80 À $6.00 EURO $1.0692 YEN 127.90
ForUkrainianSoldiersandCivilians,DeathTollClimbs Biden
roadcomisin talks toBpayaround$60billion
forVMware,peoplefamiliar Defense
takeoverdealsoftheyear.A1 President,speakingin
Stocksrose,withtheS&P Japan,saystheU.S.
TheDowandNasdaqadded Chinainvasion
LagardesaidtheECBis TOKYO—President Biden
likelytoincreaseitskeyinter- said the U.S. wouldrespond
estrate,nownegative,tozero militarily to defend Taiwan if
bySeptemberandcouldkeep China tries to take it by force,
raising ratesafterthat. A8 sparking uncertainty over
andJoshChinandsupplychallenges. A7
SOMBER MOMENT:AUkraineofficial said on Monday in Davos, Switzerland,that4,600 civilians have diedinthe warsince
Snapissuedaprofit Russia invadedonFeb.24, in addition to 2,500to3,000 Ukrainian soldiers.Above,the funeral foraserviceman in Kharkiv. A6 ingawayfromitslongstanding
warningandsaiditplanned policyof“strategicambiguity”
toslowhiringandspending as the WhiteHouselooks for
asthe companygrapples waystocheckBeijing’sgrowing
witharangeofissues. B1 clout in
DidisaiditsshareholdMondayweremet with angerBroadcomOffers$60BillionersapprovedtheChinese
from Beijing and praise from
pattern:LikeinAugustandOcAmazonisattemptingto toberoflastyear,thepresidentAsItPushestoBuyVMwareshedsomewarehousespace answeredquestionson Taiwan
followingaslowdowninits by suggestingabreak in U.S.
e-commerceoperations. B2 policytoward the
democratiBYCARALOMBARDO don’t fall apart, the people ketvolatility,major deals are from the brisk paceset last cally self-ruled island, only to
ANDDANACIMILLUCA said. Thepricewasn’t yetset still doable. year.Companies in the U.S. haveaidesjumpin
businessinRussia,markand could still movearound, That is in partbecause have struck$789.5billionof inghad
ingthedepartureofanBroadcom Inc. is in talks to someofthe peoplecautioned. market declines have made mergers so far thisyear, On Tuesday, Mr.Biden said:
Westerncorpopayaround$60 billion for To help payfor the deal, acquisition targetsmoreaf- down 31% over the same pe- “My policy has notchangedat
VMwareInc., people familiar Broadcom plans to tapa fordableand because sellers riod in 2021, as market all.Istatedthat whenImade
Airbnbplanstocloseits with the matter said, in what handful of banks foraroughly in some cases aremorewill- swingsand broader economic my statementyesterday.”
domesticbusinessinChina would be one of the biggest $40 billion debt package, one ingtoaccept stock as cur- uncertainty givemanydeal Forhis remarks on
defendafterharsh Covid-19 lock- takeoverdeals of the year. of the people said. rency, in the hopes that they makerspause.IPO activity, ing Taiwan, Mr.Biden chose a
downscompoundedpain Thetwo technologycom- TheVMwarediscussions, will benefit when it rebounds. meanwhile,has come toavir- venue much closer to Beijing,
fromlocalcompetition.B3 panies areaimingtoan- together with Elon Musk’s Private-equity firms,mean- PleaseturntopageA4 PleaseturntopageA8
nounceacash-and-stock deal agreement latelastmonth to while,remain flush with cash.
worth about $140 ashare buy TwitterInc.for $44 bil- Still, the volume of merg-  Heardonthe Street:Broadcom  Remarkserode ‘strategic
Thursday, assuming the talks lion,showthat despitemar- ersand acquisitions is down makesabold play................. B11 ambiguity’.................................... A8
INSIDEFracking Egypt’sBreadCrisisWorld-Wide
Executives’ Fuels FearsofUnrestBidensaidthe U.S.
would respondmilitarily
todefend TaiwanifChina Bonuses
tries to takeitby force,
sparkinguncertaintyover The world’stopwheatimporter facesPlayDownwhether Washingtonwas strains toitssubsidizedfoodprogram
moving awayfromits
longstandingpolicyof Production“strategicambiguity.”A1,A8 BYCHAODENG has disrupted wheatsupplies
ANDAMIRAEL-FEKKI from both countries. TheARussiandiplomat
reBYRYANDEZEMBER SPORTS BUSINESS&FINANCE pair previouslysuppliedsignedoverRussia’swar
ANDMATTGROSSMAN CAIRO—For decades,ven- morethan 80% of Egypt’sSha’CarriRichardson Theaverageageofin Ukraine,sayingheis
dors sold subsidized Egyp- imports.
“ashamedofmycountry,”ina returnstoracing,but vehiclesonU.S.
Shale drillershavebeen tian baladi bread foralmost
Inacountrywherepolitirarepublicexpressionofdis- howfastshe’llbeisa roadwaysin2021hitahamstrung by pipeline con- nothinginAl-Sayeda Zeinab caldiscontent oftenfollows
straints, risingprices foroil- mystery. A14 recordof12.2years.B1 market,abustling hub for spikes in food prices,the
poARussiansoldier was
field suppliesand shortages of this city’s working class. One tential forbread shortages isconvictedofpremeditated
roughnecksand rigs. But there daylastmonth, therewas among the most urgent secu-murderandsentenced to
is another reason the highest suddenly no baladi. rity challenges the Egyptianlifeinprisonin Ukraine’s
oil and gasprices in yearsha- Customersstarted shout- statehas faced sincethefirstwar-crimestrialsince
ven’t tempted U.S. drillersto Targeted401(k)sAreHit ing at Khalil Mohamed, a 2013 coup that installed
theinvasionbegan. A6
boost output: Their executives municipal bakery-shop President Abdel Fattah Al
U.S.birthsincreased arenolongerpaidto. worker.“Youshould have Sisi in power.HarderbyThisStockDrop
last year forthefirsttime Executives at firms includ- seen the fight,”said Mr.Mo- Asaresult, the
governinsevenyears,according ing PioneerNatural Resources hamed, 25 yearsold.“It was ment has castaglobal net
to federalfiguresthatof- BYANNETERGESENCo., Occidental Petroleum amoreconservative mix as re- likeahunger crisis.” fornew wheatsupplies from
ferthelatestindication Corp.and RangeResources tirement agedraws nearer. Long the world’stop im- Paraguay to India. It is also
thepandemicbabybustwas Corp. were onceencouraged Millions of workersand re- But manyofthese funds are porter of wheat, Egypt has directing the
country’sfarmsmallerthan expected. A2 by compensation plans to pro- tirees aremoreexposed to the shifting intobonds more been hammered by Russia’s erstoharvest wheat earlier
ducecertain volumes of oil stock-market slide than they slowly thanthey didadecade invasion of Ukraine,which PleaseturntopageA10
and gas, with little regard for might expect. agoafter managers loadedup
the economics.After yearsof ManyAmericans spent the on stocks.
losses,investors demanded past decade putting moreof Portfolios forthe youngest
changes to howbonuses are their 401(k) retirementmoney workersnow invest 92% ofCovid-19and generateda
formulated, pushing formore intotarget-datefunds,atype contributions in stocks,uprobustimmuneresponsein
emphasison profitability.Now, of set-it-and-forget-it invest- from 85%adecade ago, withchildrenages6monthsto5
executives who were paidto ment product pitched as an some top-selling target-date
pumpare rewarded more for easy way to invest inadiversi- funds nearing 100% in stocks
Afederalappealscourt keeping costsdownand re- fied portfolioofstocks and PleaseturntopageA2 Ignitethe
blockedFloridafromenforc- turning cash to shareholders, bonds.The product works by
ingthebulkofanewstate securitiesfilings show. shifting from stocks to bonds  Households began 2022 in innovator in you.lawthatsoughttomakeso- Theshifthas contributed to over time,giving an individual stronger financial shape...... A2
cial-mediaplatformspoten- abig turnaround forenergy Work with confdence from anywhere
tiallyliableforremovingpo- stocks, whichhavesurged
and bring your ideas to lifefaster withliticalcandidatesandpolitical through an otherwise down Hello? Hello? Is This Facebook? intelligenttechnology.contentfromtheirsites.A3 market. Energy shares led
2021’sbull market and this
Iranvowedtoavenge Anybody There? (Nope.)
year those included in the S&P
500 areup50%, compared ii imemberofitsRevolution-
with a17% decline in thearyGuardwho wasshot
broader index. Userswithaccountproblems go tobyunknownassailantsin
Thefocus on profitabilityTehranonSunday. A9
over growth also helps explain extremelengths toseekcustomerservice
drillers’ muted response to the
CONTENTS Opinion.............. A15-17 highest prices foroil and nat- BYKIRSTENGRIND count afteritwas hacked last
Arts in Review... A13 PersonalJournal.A11-12
ural gasinmorethanade- year,and he expected to speak
BusinessNews......B3 Sports....................... A14
cade.Though U.S. oil and gas Youthought youhad to with someone about gettingCrossword.............. A13 Technology............... B4
Equities....................... B7 U.S. News............. A2-4 productionhas risen from wait forevertospeak with a it up and running.
HeardonStreet.. B11 Weather................... A13 lockdown lows,output re- customer servicerepresen- Mr.Bacon hunted for
Markets................... B10 World News.A6-9,18
mains belowprepandemiclev- tative? Facebook and In- acustomer help line
els even though crude prices stagram servenearly or an email address
> have doubled sincethen,to 3billion usersaday andlearned what
about $110abarrel, and natu- wi

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