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Date de parution 01 juillet 2022
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Prices may vary in areas outside metropolitan Washington. SU V1 V2 V3 V4
. Sunny 91/74 • Tomorrow: Sunny 93/76 B6 Democracy Dies in Darkness THURSDAY, JUNE 30, 2022 $2
Top lawyer NATO,
faces Jan. 6 U.S. send
committee message
to Putin
Former White House
BIDEN TO BOOST U.S. counsel Pat Cipollone
FORCES IN EUROPE often seen as key insider
Bloc seeks to project grit
BY JACQUELINE ALEMANY as Ukraine war persists
The House select committee in- BY ASHLEY PARKER
vestigating the Jan. 6, 2021, insur- AND EMILY RAUHALA
rection issued a subpoena
Wednesday evening to former madrid — Under pressure to find
White House counsel Pat Cipol- new ways to confront Russia as its
lone after blockbuster testimony deadly invasion of Ukraine drags
from a former aide identified the into its fifth month, President
lawyer as having firsthand knowl- Biden and his NATO allies on
edge of potential criminal activity Wednesday announced a historic
in the Trump White House. surge of forces along Europe’s
The decision followed exten- eastern flank and welcomed
Finsive negotiations between Cipol- land and Sweden as soon-to-be
PHOTOS BY MARTIN SAN DIEGO FOR THE WASHINGTON POSTlone and the committee, as well as members as they promised to
desharply escalating pressure on The Rev. Flaviano Villanueva talks to families of men whose bodies were exhumed June 10 at Bagbag Cemetery in Quezon City. fend “every inch” of NATO
terrihim in recent days to come for- After President Rodrigo Duterte steps down Thursday, his deadly drug war is likely to carry on under Ferdinand Marcos Jr. tory.
ward and testify. Committee The muscular military
anmembers have come to believe nouncements were intended to
that the former counsel’s testimo- send “an unmistakable message”
ny could be critical to their investi- that NATO remains unified
gation, given his proximity to Seeking truth among the dead against Russia’s growing
belligerDonald Trump and presence dur- ence, said Biden, standing
alonging key moments before, during side NATO Secretary General Jens
In the Philippines, exhumations take aim at Duterte’s drug war, even as burials continueand after the Jan. 6 attack on the Stoltenberg on the second day of
U.S. Capitol. The subpoena is likely the NATO summit here.
SEE JAN. 6 ON A8 “In a moment when [Russian
BY MICHAEL E. MILLER grave half-obscured by under- President Vladimir] Putin has
Aide’s testimony: A review of the AND REGINE CABATO growth. Patricio Baran had been shattered peace in Europe and
basis for her explosive claims. A8 buried as he lived: on the bottom attacked the very, very tenets of
manila — The priest led the rung. rule-based order, the United
widow along the winding cem- Villanueva made the sign of States and our allies — we’re going
etery path, past children playing the cross and said a prayer. Then to step up,” Biden said. “We’re
among the tombs and food ven- he sprinkled the grave with holy SEE NATO ON A12Groups eye dors with radios blaring the water and nodded at a young
Ukrainian gains: Counteroffensive morning news, to the place where man holding a metal pole.
Manila’s poorest are buried. The It was time. in the south shows progress. A10cross-state
“apartments,” as Filipinos call The young man began
poundthem, are concrete boxes just big ing on the grave next to a plaque travel limits enough for a body and nothing that said “RIP.” On the 43rd
more, stacked six levels high like attempt, the pole punched At trial,
condos in a city of the dead. through. R. Kelly was for abortions
The Rev. Flaviano Villanueva As Villanueva crouched over a depicted as a
guided the woman over uneven Gloria Sarmiento looks at partner Ronnie Montoya, black body bag and his bright star who used
BY CAROLINE KITCHENER ground and broken glass to a killed in the drug war. His family says he was innocent. SEE PHILIPPINES ON A14 his status
and sexually
Several national antiabortion abuse people.
groups and their allies in
Republican-led state legislatures are
advancing plans to stop people in A hunt for the past in Nevada’s disappearing lake R. Kelly gets states where abortion is banned
from seeking the procedure
elsewhere, according to people in- Rapid decline of largest U.S. reservoir leaves human remains, sunken ships among artifacts 30-year term
volved in the discussions.
The idea has gained momen- after decades tum in some corners of the anti- BY JOSHUA PARTLOW
abortion movement in the days
since the Supreme Court struck las vegas — They were just a of allegations
down its 49-year-old precedent couple of special -education
protecting abortion rights nation- teachers, freed up by Flag Day, out
wide, triggering abortion bans for what appeared to be a morn- BY SAMANTHA CHERY,
across much of the Southeast and ing of bass fishing on Lake Mead. TRAVIS M. ANDREWS
Midwest. Matt Blanchard and Shawn AND HELENA ANDREWS-DYER
The Thomas More Society, a Rosen had settled into their
18conservative legal organization, is foot motorboat, put beers on ice Former R&B star R. Kelly was
drafting model legislation for and waited their turn at the last sentenced to 30 years in prison on
state lawmakers that would allow functioning boat launch on this Wednesday for racketeering and
private citizens to sue anyone who rapidly disappearing body of wa- sex trafficking, charges stemming
helps a resident of a state that has ter. It wasn’t until the old Bayliner from nearly 30 years of
allegabanned abortion from terminat- was chugging away that Rosen tions that he physically and
sexuing a pregnancy outside of that mentioned an ulterior motive for ally abused women and minors.
state. The language will borrow their mid-June excursion. It is a stunning fall for
hitmakfrom the novel legal strategy be- “We’re hoping today’s trip, be- er Kelly, who won multiple
Gramhind a Texas abortion ban enacted sides finding fish, we come across my Awards and released
chartlast year in which private citizens some barrels,” Rosen said. “Every- topping music while dodging
sexcould enforce the law through civil body’s trying to find the barrels.” ual misconduct allegations for
litigation. As the nation’s largest reser- decades. His is among the
highThe subject was much dis- voir has plummeted to about a est-profile cases to spring from
cussed at two national antiabor- quarter of its former size, barrels the #MeToo movement, and the
tion conferences last weekend, have taken on a grisly new signifi- punishment handed down in a
SEE ABORTION ON A7 cance. But the human remains Brooklyn federal court is one of
discovered in a rusted-out barrel the harshest since the movement
ROGER KISBY FOR THE WASHINGTON POSTData privacy: Tech firms are silent last month — suspected of being a began. Film producer Harvey
on aiding prosecutions. A15 decades-old mob execution — are Faith Lippincott, 45, and her 10-year-old daughter, Addy, with a previously submerged boat on June 14 Weinstein was sentenced to
SEE LAKE MEAD ON A20 — one of numerous artifacts and oddities that have turned up at Lake Mead in Boulder City, Nev. 23 years for felony rape, and
journalist has pressed transfer services. A16In the News Inside
the United States to
THE REGIONhold Israel accountable
Montgomery County THE NATION to 20 months in prison for her killing. A11 LOCAL LIVINGofficials hope crime pre-The Supreme Court for defrauding investors The grisly killing of a Growing, growing, vention and community sided with Oklahoma and illegally making po- Hindu tailor has raised
gone . . . engagement programs officials in a case involv- litical donations. A9 fears of religious
tenwill curb youth violence How to ditch your water-ing state prosecutions A Colorado man visit- sions in India tipping
this summer. B1 hogging lawn and create within Indian reserva- ing Yellowstone Nation- into large-scale
bloodAn acquaintance was a drought-tolerant yard.tions. A2 al Park was gored by a shed. A11
arrested in the killing of Judge Ketanji Brown bison at Old Faithful in STYLE
THE ECONOMY a Fairfax City man who Jackson is set to be the second attack of its Decades of The crypto-focused police said was shot as sworn in as the Supreme kind in the past month,
sweet dreams hedge fund Three Ar- he slept. B1Court’s first Black fe- park officials said. A9
Nearly 40 years after the rows Capital plunged The remains of a male justice at noon House Speaker Nancy
Eurythmics hit, Annie deeper into financial World War II soldier Thursday. A2 Pelosi received Holy ELISABETH DE POURQUERY/FRANCE TELEVISIONS/REUTERS
Lennox keeps her chin up turmoil after it was or- could belong to Spike A Boy Scout helped aid Communion at the
Vatiin a world of anxiety. C1dered into liquidation Lee’s lost cousin. B1Guilty verdict The surviving member of a injured passengers after can after a U.S.
archfollowing its failure to The father of Nyiah Monday’s Amtrak de- bishop ordered it with-terrorist group that carried out a 2015
repay creditors. A15 Courtney, a 6-year-old railment near Mendon, held because of her
rampage in Paris received life in prison. A11 The FTC is suing Wal- killed last year in a Mo., and comforted a stance on abortion. A9 BUSINESS NEWS ....................... A15 CONTENT © 2022
COMICS.......................................C6 The Washington Post / Year 145, No. 207mart, alleging that the drive-by shooting, got dying truck driver. A3Abortion in Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin OPINION PAGES.........................A17THE WORLD company should have more than three years in A Ukrainian-born for- LOTTERIES...................................B3
The brother of a slain (R) indicated he would like to rein in abortion done more to stop scam- prison for a drug con- OBITUARIES.................................B4mer associate of Rudy
Palestinian American TELEVISION.................................C4mers from using its wire spiracy conviction. B3Giuliani was sente

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