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Date de parution 04 août 2022
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Prices may vary in areas outside metropolitan Washington. SU V1 V2 V3 V4
. Thunderstorms 96/77 • Tomorrow: Thunderstorms 90/72 B6 Democracy Dies in Darkness THURSDAY, AUGUST 4, 2022 $2
ELECTION 2022Transplant
Election system
deniers failures led
to 70 deaths advance
in Ariz. Problems include errors
in testing; investigation
blames lax oversight MANY WILL LINE GOP
Fraud claims have roiled
state’s politics since 2020
Seventy people died and 249
developed diseases after
mistakes in the screening of organs BY YVONNE WINGETT
they received in transplants, a SANCHEZ
Senate committee reported AND COLBY ITKOWITZ
Wednesday after an investigation
that found widespread deficien- phoenix — Arizona Republican
cies throughout the U.S. organ voters embraced the baseless
contransplant system. spiracy theories about the 2020
Testing errors and overlooked presidential election in Tuesday’s
communications allowed the primary and nominated a
secretransmission of cancer, a rare tary of state candidate who wants
bacterial infection and other dis- to decertify the 2020 election
reeases, the Senate Finance Com- sults; a U.S. Senate candidate who
mittee found in its review of said in an ad, “I think Trump won”;
hundreds of thousands of pages and at least seven U.S. House
canof subpoenaed documents and didates who have spread
falseTHOMAS PETER/REUTERSother material that formed the hoods about the election.
basis of the 2½-year investiga- A man at a Beijing shopping center watches a Wednesday news broadcast about Chinese military operations near Taiwan. And while it was too early to call
tion. the Republican gubernatorial
priThe errors included failures to mary on Wednesday evening, the
identify disease in donor kidneys, leading candidate is running as a
hearts and livers, as well as full-throated election denier
inmix-ups in matching blood types U.S. braces for China to bare its teeth tent on validating former
presiand delays in blood and urine dent Donald Trump’s phony
tests that were not completed claims that widespread voter
before transplant surgeries oc- BY DAVID CRAWSHAW waters surrounding Taiwan be- and democracy in the world” and fraud cost him the election. The
curred, the investigators con- AND LILY KUO tween Thursday and Sunday. that one of the trip’s purposes was Associated Press estimated Response to Pelosi’s
cluded in a report obtained by Officials then escalated their “to show the world the success of Wednesday that about one-fifth of
The Washington Post. The visit lasted barely 19 hours. Taiwan trip is expected rhetoric about her trip, blasting it the people of Taiwan, the courage primary ballots had yet to be
The Senate committee partly But Nancy Pelosi’s contentious as “very dangerous and stupid” to change their own country, to elevate risk of conflict
blamed lax oversight of organ trip to Taiwan was a defining and faulting the Biden adminis- become more democratic.” Dozens of candidates who
reprocurement organizations moment in the increasingly bitter tration for not stopping it. Their example, she added, “of- fuse to acknowledge President
(OPOs), the regional nonprofits rivalry between China and the “The U.S. government had the fers a very strong contrast to Biden as the legitimate winner in
SEE TRANSPLANTS ON A16 United States. fate — and those measures are responsibility to prevent her trip. what’s happening in mainland SEE REPUBLICANS ON A6
A fuller picture of the Chinese likely to increase the risk of con- Yet they say one thing and do China.”
Tense hearing: Senators voice response will emerge over the flict with U.S. forces in the west- another. They have no integrity at She departed Taiwan just after ‘Cynical’: Democrats take heat for
anger at transplant nonprofit. A16 coming weeks and months, and ern Pacific. all,” the People’s Daily, the official 6 p.m. local time following a aiding far-right win in Michigan. A6
there are already signs it will The dangers quickly became a mouthpiece of the ruling Com- meeting with Taiwanese
Presiencompass greater economic as little clearer, with China an- munist Party, said Wednesday in a dent Tsai Ing-wen in which she
well as military coercion. What- nouncing after Pelosi’s arrival late front-page editorial. vowed that the United States “will
Vin Scully, ever the final shape of Beijing’s Tuesday local time that its mili- Pelosi (D-Calif.) defended her SEE TAIWAN ON A11 Democrats feel who called retaliation, the U.S. House speak- tary will hold maritime military visit during a news conference on
Dig at China: Pelosi tours Taiwan’s Dodgers er’s visit heralds a new phase in training exercises and live ammu- Wednesday, arguing that there is
games on the China’s efforts to control Taiwan’s nition drills at six locations in the “a struggle between autocracy human rights museum. A11 emboldened
radio for 67
seasons, died after Kansas
Tuesday. He
was 94. abortion voteBlack creators say app broke promises of big paychecks
APPRECIATION BY ANNIE LINSKEY Some creators who were recruited by TikTok rival Triller have been left livid — and in debt
America’s voice:
BY TAYLOR LORENZ Democrats on Wednesday
voiced fresh optimism about the Scully delivered
Last fall, David Warren seemed midterm elections after a decisive
to be on the verge of a break- victory protecting abortion rights a nightly fanfare
through. in Kansas, with party strategists
With more than half a million touting the win as a potential with genial style followers on TikTok, Warren, 22, inflection point that proved they
had left Hot Springs, Ark., for a can motivate voters to turn out
BY MARC FISHER one-bedroom apartment in Los and shift the electoral landscape
Angeles, near a dance studio, in their favor this fall.
He was something that’s pretty where he could attend classes five In the first direct test at the
much vanished from the Ameri- days a week. ballot box of attitudes about
aborcan landscape: a genial truth- Warren had the promise of sta- tion law since the Supreme Court
teller, well-liked because he was bility in the form of a lucrative, overturned Roe v. Wade in June,
honest, beloved because he was year-long deal with Triller, a Kansas voters on Tuesday
strongreliable, trusted because he short-form video app that looks ly rejected a constitutional
loathed phonies, frauds and and functions similarly to TikTok. amendment that would have
showboats as much as his audi- He was part of a group of what opened a path to removing access
ence did. Triller touted as 300 Black con- to the procedure in the state.
Vin Scully’s act never fell out of tent creators offered contracts to- Democrats pointed to the
mofashion because it wasn’t an act taling $14 million — “the largest ment as the strongest evidence yet
and it was never in fashion. What ever one-time commitment of that the conservative-leaning
he delivered each night through capital to Black creators,” the high court’s ruling and other
efmore than six decades as the voice company bragged in a November forts by Republicans to curb
aborof the Dodgers — really, the voice news release. tion rights would backfire
politiof baseball; no, really, the voice of But nearly a year after Triller cally.
SEE SCULLY ON A8 began recruiting Black talent, its SEE ABORTION ON A8
TAVON TAYLOR FOR THE WASHINGTON POSTpayments to many creators have
Obituary: Scully was a Babe Ruth Bipartisan message: How been erratic — and, in some cases, David Warren, 22, in North Hollywood. He claims that as of the end of July, Triller owed him for
of the broadcast booth. B4 SEE TRILLER ON A17 months of work. The company says it has paid everyone who fulfilled their obligations. abortion rights supporters won. A4
THE ECONOMY the D.C. jail offered In the News InsideCarmakers pushed ideas about how to stem
back on the Senate violence as the city
enTHE NATION ported more than climate package’s tough dures a surge in homi- LOCAL LIVING
After catastrophic 1,000 hostile threats to timeline to relocate sup- cides. B1 The value of flooding last week, an a Justice Department ply chains outside of Virginia schools will
vulnerabilityeastern Kentucky coun- task force over the past China and other na- soon receive state
guidBeing open can help men ty has started the long year, an official said. A4 tions. A15 ance on how to alert
save their relationships, process of rebuilding. A2 Boeing averted a strike parents to “sexually
exTHE WORLD therapists say. Memories of a 2009 that could have para- plicit material” in
curNegotiations on the bombing that killed lyzed output of key mili- riculums. B1 STYLEIran nuclear deal will seven U.S. operatives in tary hardware after Hundreds of children These bonds are go forward this week in Afghanistan animated workers approved the and adults with autism
Vienna, but expecta- being testedthe CIA’s search for company’s latest con- enjoyed a
sensorytions are low. A12 The end of Roe v. Wade is Ayman al-Zawahiri, be- tract proposal. A15 friendly Blue Man
The Senate voted over- putting a major strain on lieved to have played a ALEX WONG/GETTY IMAGES Democrats are weigh- Group performance at
whelmingly to admit some friendships. C1key role in the attack. A2 ing whether to pull back the Kennedy Center. B1
Sweden and Finland Congresswoman killed Rep. Jackie Walorski U.S. border officials certain tax proposals to A historian who
deinto NATO. A12are investigating reports secure support for their fends Confederate stat-(R-Ind.) and two of her staffers were in a
Former detainees that dozens of Sikh asy- economic agenda from ues and asserts that head-on collision in northern Indiana. A3 doubt Russia’s account lum seekers had their BUSINESS NEWS ....................... A15 CONTENT © 2022Sen. Kyrsten Sinema slavery was not the
priof a deadly blast that COMICS.......................................C6 The Washin

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