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Date de parution 21 mai 2022
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Prices may vary in areas outside metropolitan Washington. RE V1 V2 V3 V4
. Hot 93/75 • Tomorrow: Hot 97/75 B8 Democracy Dies in Darkness FRIDAY, MAY 20, 2022 $2
Senate Rising
approves odds of new aid to
a fiscal Ukraine
$40 billion in assistance slump
comes as U.S. firmly
backs NATO expansion
AND DAN LAMOTHE Brutal stretch for stocks
President Biden and Congress as investors grow bearish
on Thursday deepened U.S.
involvement in the global effort to
reject Russia’s invasion of BY ABHA BHATTARAI
Ukraine, with the Senate voting
to finalize more than $40 billion The U.S. economy could be
in new military and humanitari- heading for a recession in the next
an assistance while Biden and top year, according to growing
warnlawmakers lent firm public sup- ings from banks and economists,
port to what could be the most as a sudden bout of pessimism
significant expansion of NATO in hammers financial markets,
nearly two decades. which on Thursday spiraled
furBONNIE JO MOUNT/THE WASHINGTON POSTThe events came as America ther from recent highs.
and its allies pivot to planning for Although major swaths of the
a longer war in Ukraine, the scope economy — including the job
marof which has narrowed since the ket and consumer spending —
initial Russian invasion three remain robust, there are
mountmonths ago but whose duration ing worries that rising borrowing Trump’s Iowa turns to Latinos
appears increasingly lasting as costs for consumers and busi -
the fighting enters a grueling new nesses, after years of
nearphase. Ukrainian President Vo- BY MARIA SACCHETTI that way. But it’s true.” zero interest rates, could cause a A mostly White county
lodymyr Zelensky has implored Latinos are the largest minority sudden retrenchment. The
Federthe West to provide his military jefferson, iowa — For the past decides to court minorities group in Iowa, and one of the fastest al Reserve has raised interest
with a more sophisticated arsenal several years, officials here have tried growing, projected to more than dou- rates by 0.75 percentage points so to stem its population drop
to wage a protracted battle in the desperately to attract new residents ble to 407,000 residents over the next far this year, while officials are
east and south of the country to Greene County, a sea of corn and 30 years. The White population, in signaling that more-aggressive
inagainst the forces of Russian bean fields about 60 miles from Des A boy pedals through contrast, has declined in almost every creases could be necessary to cool
SEE UKRAINE ON A11 Moines. They brought in a Hy-Vee downtown C hurdan, Iowa. rural county, according to an analysis the economy. Continued
uncersupermarket, a career academy, a Greene County is down from more of census estimates by demographer tainty from the coronavirus
panShared identity: Ukrainians rally high-tech workspace and a second than 15,500 residents after William Frey of the Brookings Institu- demic and Russia’s invasion of
around their traditional dress. A10 bank. A glitzy casino anchors one side World War II to an estimated tion. Ukraine are adding to the
uneasiof the highway, a brand-new high 8, 717 last year. Republicans and Democrats agree ness.
War crimes: Russian soldier asks school is on the other. that the situation is dire. But the Financial markets fell again on
for forgiveness at his trial. A13 Nothing worked. The population question is whether a county that Thursday, a day after the Dow
kept dropping. hospital stopped delivering babies. voted for President Donald Trump Jones industrial average suffered
Greene County — like much of rural In a series of public meetings that and former congressman Steve King, its worst drop of the year. The
America — is sinking into a demo- started last month, the community both Republicans who denigrated S&P 500 inched further toward
graphic hole, down from more than has been weighing how to stop the Latin American immigrants, can wel- bear market territory — defined
15,500 residents after World War II to decline, and this mostly White, mostly come Latinos and their families, and as a 20 percent drop from the Okla. bill
an estimated 8,717 last year, with the Republican stronghold has conclud- whether those families will be willing most recent peak — after
Wednespopulation now falling by about 100 ed that the only way to grow is to to come to Greene County. day’s sell-off wiped out more than
every year. Factories have dozens of recruit Latino residents. In Iowa, Latinos account for 6 4 percent of its value.would ban
job openings, schools have closed, and “It’s the only game in town,” consul- percent of all residents, less than half “Recession risks are high —
villages are crumbling. Deaths have tant Carlos Argüello said at one pre- the national average, and nearly 30 uncomfortably high — and
risoutpaced births for so long that the sentation. “I’m sorry to tell it to you SEE IOWA ON A22 ing,” said Mark Zandi, chief nearly all
Nosedive: Stocks fall again, with abortions
the S&P nearing bear territory. A18
Lawmakers approve
measure that sets cutoff When Carlson needed a The global hunt for a hepatitis culprit
at ‘fertilization’
520 cases, most in otherwise healthy kids under 5, have doctors scramblingfavor from Hunter Biden
FELICIA SONMEZ very brief resume with his
interAND CAROLINE KITCHENER ests and grades attached.” The young child had been vom-Now an antagonist, Fox
Tucker Carlson offered that his iting for days and was now at a
Oklahoma lawmakers on son was a good squash player and Birmingham, Ala., hospital with host sought help getting
Thursday passed a bill that would an excellent fly fisherman. “He yellowing eyes and a severely son into Georgetown
ban abortions from the moment loves Washington for all the right inflamed liver. Helena Gutierrez,
of “fertilization,” effectively pro- reasons, I think,” Carlson added, a pediatric gastroenterologist,
hibiting almost all abortions in “and really wants to go to school ran blood tests that immediately
the state. BY MATT VISER here.” When Biden agreed to ruled out all the common causes
If signed into law by Gov. write a letter of recommendation, of viral hepatitis. She
rememKevin Stitt (R), it would be the Tucker Carlson and his wife Susie Carlson added a heap of bered thinking how rare it was to
strictest prohibition in the coun- were looking to get their son a leg praise: “Tucker and I have the see acute hepatitis with an
untry and further change the na- up in his college application to greatest respect and admiration known cause in an otherwise
tional landscape for abortion, as Georgetown University when for you. Always!” healthy child.
millions of patients face the pros- they turned to a well-connected The Carlsons’ past entreaties Within a week, a second child
pect of traveling hundreds of Washington friend who had an to Biden may come as a surprise with the same symptoms showed
miles to undergo the procedure even better-connected father. to many present-day viewers of up at Children’s of Alabama. And
in the face of multiple states “I realize you don’t really know “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the then a third. “Sometimes in
mediimposing severe limits. Okla- Buckley,” Susie Carlson wrote via highly rated prime-time Fox cine, cases come in threes, so we
homa had been a refuge for some email in 2014 to Hunter Biden, a News show on which the host has started to think, ‘Maybe three
women from neighboring Texas, Georgetown graduate and the repeatedly ridiculed Biden for cases and we’ll be done,’ ”
GutierrFAMILY PHOTOwhere a six-week ban went into son of the then-vice president. seeking to profit off his family ez said.
effect last year. “Maybe you could meet or speak connections and at times for his Liviah Widders, 4, awaits a transplant on Christmas Eve at a But the cases kept coming.
SEE OKLAHOMA ON A4 to him and he could send you a SEE CARLSON ON A6 hospital in Cincinnati after being diagnosed with liver failure. SEE HEPATITIS ON A8
Prime Minister Boris rail cars that had been In the News Inside
Johnson. A14 pulled from service
beAs President Biden cause of a rare wheel
deTHE NATION discussion with the law- visits South Korea and fect. B1 WEEKEND
Senators agreed to ex- yer. A4 Japan, he must contend Eleven Republicans On the path pand health care and The Buffalo shooting with North Korea’s are seeking to take back
to great beerdisability benefits to suspect was indicted by thawing relations with Virginia’s 10th
CongresA guide to the seven-stop millions of military vet- a grand jury as authori- China and Russia. A14 sional District in a
Metropolitan Beer Trail erans exposed to toxic ties finished collecting After months of focus crowded party-run
prifor cyclists, joggers and chemicals. A2 evidence from the Tops on Ukraine, Biden will mary. B1
strollers.Congress passed a supermarket site. A5 seek to reassure Asian Advocacy groups and
measure aimed at help- Donald Trump contin- allies he is still commit- others urged Attorney STYLE
ing low-income mothers ued his baseless assault ted to leading a coalition General Merrick Gar- The Manchins
more easily get baby for- on Pennsylvania’s elec- to counter China. A15 land to reconsider the in our work livesmula. A3 tions, questioning the Justice Department’s
The Democratic senator THE ECONOMYThe CDC recommend- legitimacy of the mail-in JONATHAN NEWTON/THE WASHINGTON POST decision to close the
civis at times a thorn in the As the midterms near, ed that children ages ballots in the state’s too- il rights investigation
side of President Biden. critics say Facebook is Starlink launch The Boeing capsule finally 5 to 11 receive a Pfizer- close-to-call Republican into Bijan Ghaisar’s
Many of us can relate. C1behind on countering BioNTech coronavirus Senate primary race. A7 slaying. B1reached orbit

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