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Date de parution 22 juin 2022
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Prices may vary in areas outside metropolitan Washington. SU V1 V2 V3 V4
. Morning shower 86/72 • Tomorrow: T-storms 89/72 B6 Democracy Dies in Darkness TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2022 $2
Trump Latin
team knew America electors
swings were bogus
to left Campaign pushed
alternate slates anyway,
documents show COLOMBIA ELECTION
BY ROSALIND S. HELDERMAN Coalition could leave
U.S. on the sidelinesThe convening of the electoral
college on Dec. 14, 2020, was
supposed to mark the end of the wild,
extended presidential election BY SAMANTHA SCHMIDT
that year.
But when the day arrived, a bogotá, colombia — For more
strange thing happened. In seven than two centuries, Colombia was
swing states won by Joe Biden, considered a conservative
stalwhen the Democrat’s electors as- wart in Latin America. Even as
sembled to formally elect him leftist governments came and
president, Trump supporters went across the region, a
centershowed up, too, ready to declare right political establishment
rethat their man had actually won. mained in control — a continuity
MARVI LACAR FOR THE WASHINGTON POST“The electors are already here that cemented the country’s role
— they’ve been checked in,” a state as a key U.S. ally.
police officer told the group in rooke Alexander turned off windows were covered by blan- On Sunday night, everything
Michigan, according to a video of her breast pump at kets, pinned up with thumbtacks changed.
the encounter, as he barred the B 6:04 p.m. and brought two A Texas teen to keep the room cool. Brooke Gustavo Petro, a senator and
Republicans from the Capitol in a fresh bottles of milk over to the rarely ventured into the rest of former guerrilla, was elected the
state Biden won by more than bed, where her 3-month-old the house. Billy’s dad had taken country’s first leftist president,
154,000 votes. twins lay flat on their backs, them in when her mom kicked galvanizing millions of poor, wanted an In Nevada, a state Biden won by red-faced and crying. them out, and she didn’t want to young, struggling Colombians
about 33,600 votes, a photo dis- Running on four hours of get in his way. desperate for someone different.
tributed by the state Republican sleep, the 18-year-old tried to The hours without Billy were His victory, unthinkable just a
Party showed Trump supporters feed both babies at once, holding always the hardest. She knew he generation ago, was the most abortion. She
squeezing around an undersized Kendall in her arms while she had to go, as they relied entirely stunning example yet of how the
picnic table dressed up with a bit tried to get Olivia to feed herself, on the $9.75 an hour he made pandemic has transformed the
of bunting, preparing to sign for- her bottle propped up by a working the line at Freebirds politics of Latin America. The
mal certificates declaring that pillow. But the bottle kept slip- World Burrito, but she tortured pandemic hit the economies of now has twins.
they were “the duly elected and ping and the baby kept wailing. herself imagining all the girls he this region harder than almost
qualified” electors of their state. And Brooke’s boyfriend, Billy might be meeting. And she anywhere else in the world,
kickAt the time, the gatherings High, wouldn’t be home for an- wished she had somewhere to go, ing 12 million people out of the Brooke Alexander found out she was
seemed a slapdash, desperate at- other five hours. too. middle class in a single year.
tempt to mimic President Donald “Please, fussy girl,” Brooke pregnant just 48 hours before the Brooke found out she was Across the continent, voters have
Trump’s refusal to concede. whispered. pregnant late on the night of punished those in power for fail-Texas abortion ban took effect
But internal campaign emails She peeked outside the room, Aug. 29, two days before the ing to lift them out of their misery.
and memos reveal that the con- just big enough for a full-size Texas Heartbeat Act banned And the winner has been Latin
vening of the fake electors was mattress, and realized she had BY CAROLINE KITCHENER abortions once an ultrasound America’s left, a diverse
moveSEE ELECTORS ON A7 barely seen the sun all day. The IN CORPUS CHRISTI, TEX. SEE TEEN ON A8 ment of leaders that could now
take a leading role in the
hemiTexas GOP meeting: Delegates sphere.
embraced far-right ideas. A2 Brooke Alexander attends to her 3-month-old twins, Olivia and Kendall, while their father, Billy “Election after election, the
High, grabs a bite after his shift in the room they share at Billy’s dad’s home in Corpus Christi, Tex. right tries to scare people into
thinking the communist monster Frontliners: Ginni Thomas kept up
SEE COLOMBIA ON A12alliance with election deniers. A6
Biden going Oil refineries profit now,
it alone on but future is uncertain
climate but
“I don’t even know how to
operate a refinery,” said Roberto faces limits Operators keep closing,
Perez, chief executive of Hilco,
which bought the property at a seeing windfall as blip
bankruptcy auction in 2020, a BY DINO GRANDONIin a changing world
year after a massive explosion at AND ANNA PHILLIPS
the refinery rattled the city. “It’s
not what we do.” With his climate legislation
BY EVAN HALPER Oil refineries across the coun- stalled and a Supreme Court case
try are being retired and convert- threatening his ability to regulate
philadelphia — As the energy ed to other uses as owners balk at carbon, President Biden has been
crunch drives record profits at making costly upgrades and leaning more heavily than ever on
American oil refineries, the own- America’s pivot away from fossil his own authority to tackle
cliers of what had been the largest fuels leaves their future uncer- mate change and address what he
such facility in the Northeast tain. The downsizing comes de- has called an “existential threat.”
have no regrets about tearing the spite painfully high gasoline pric- “It’s been challenging,” Gina
place down. es and as demand globally ramps McCarthy, Biden’s national
cliHilco Redevelopment Partners up amid sanctions on gasoline mate adviser, said in a recent
has been hauling out 950 miles of and diesel produced in Russia, phone interview. “But he’s been
pipe from the former Philadel- the third-biggest petroleum re- acting boldly, and he’s not just
phia Energy Solutions refinery, finer in the world, behind the been waiting around for Congress
abandoning the property’s 150- United States and China. to act.”
year history of processing crude Five refineries have shut down Yet acting on his own to address
MATT MCCLAIN/THE WASHINGTON POSToil into fuel in this city. The firm is in the United States in just the climate change faces sharp limits.
spending hundreds of millions of past two years, reducing the na- Not only will it take time and
Letting freedom flydollars to convert the 1,300-acre tion’s refining capacity by about money to fulfill Biden’s latest
execsite along the Schuylkill River 5 percent and eliminating more utive actions and kick-start cl-A Juneteenth flag is raised during a celebration Monday at the African American Civil War Memorial in
into a green, high-tech campus than 1 million barrels of fuel per ean-energy manufacturing, he
the District. The event — which featured a wreath laying and a history presentation — commemorated
for e-commerce and life sciences day from the market, leaving the will need help from Congress and
the day that has come to symbolize the end of slavery in the United States. More photos, B1 companies. SEE REFINERIES ON A19 SEE BIDEN ON A17
amount in May. A14 rural California town, In the News Inside
A severe fuel shortage but not everyone there
has brought Sri Lanka to thinks their community
THE NATION zen was killed in combat a standstill, the latest is a good fit. A18
Over the busy holiday in Ukraine, becoming at chapter in an economic
THE REGIONweekend, almost 5,000 least the second Ameri- crisis that has led to
Primaries will bring flights were canceled can to die in the war hunger and political
voters to the polls to se-and nearly 30,000 were there. A11 turmoil. A15
lect Democratic nomi-delayed, affecting almost Three Iranian vessels The Taliban released
nees in D.C. races and every airline. A3 buzzed two American a former BBC
cameramake picks in some of The growth of Dallas’s ships in the Persian Gulf man and four other
BritVirginia’s congressional South Asian community at what the U.S. military ish men whom it had
arcontests. B1and its members’ love for called “dangerously high rested nearly six months
A conservative judge cricket is turning North speed.” A11 ago. A15
who once opposed same-Texas into a hub for the The Israeli prime HEALTH & SCIENCE STYLEAuthorities arrested a
sex marriage writes a ro-sport. A4 minister plans to dis- Medical mystery Challenge in Ga.ISABEL INFANTES/REUTERS man accused of working
mantic novel — featur-Senate candidate and solve the government, Sudden leg pain left a Jeremy Hunt, a Black for companies that
deing gay characters. B1Dangerous weather As a record-breaking former Missouri gover- setting the stage for an- woman desperate for Republican, looks to oust frauded at least 150
peonor Eric Greitens was other round of general ple of $13 million in an an explanation. E1 a House Democrat. C1heat wave racks Europe, wildfires are causing OBITUARIES
criticized for his “RINO elections. A13 international wine in- Andrée Geulen, 100, devastation in several parts of Spain. A10 hunting” ad targeting Other nations pulled BUSINESS NEWS ....................... A18 CONTENT © 2022vestment scheme. A16 was a Belgian teacher COMICS.......................................C6 The Washington Post / Year 145, No. 198fellow Republicans. A20 back on importing oil Weekend of gun violence In D.C., one teen who saved hundreds of OPINION PAGES.........................A21THE ECONOMYfrom Russia after its in- LOTTERIES.........................

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