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Date de parution 25 mai 2022
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. Cloudy 68/59 • Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy, humid 71/68 B8 Democracy Dies in Darkness WEDNESDAY, MAY 25, 2022 $2
19 children killed at Texas school
2 teachers also slain on elementary 18-year-old gunman, who engaged in Mass shooting is latest in spate
campus west of San Antonio shootout with officers, is dead of violence plaguing nation
JOANNA SLATER,Biden voices
uvalde, tex. — A gunman
wearing body armor and carry-calls for action
ing a rifle killed at least 19
children and two teachers at an
BY MATT VISER elementary school in this Texas
AND COLBY ITKOWITZ city on Tuesday, authorities said.
It was the deadliest mass
President Biden, in remarks shooting to unfold at an
Amerithat intermingled despair and can school in nearly a decade.
anger, attempted to shame Con- The massacre began at 11:32
gress on gun control Tuesday a.m., police said, on the
third-towhile openly questioning why last day of the school year. The
the country he now leads has shooter opened fire in a
fourthbeen incapable of coming up grade classroom, a parent said,
with an antidote to the mass sending children fleeing for their
shootings that show no signs of lives. They crawled through
winabating. dows and hid in a nearby funeral
A father who has lost two of home to escape, witnesses said.
his own children, a man who has Lt. Christopher Olivarez of the
delivered perhaps more eulogies Texas Department of Public
Safethan any living politician and a ty said that 19 children and two
president who is confronting teachers were confirmed dead.
numerous challenges was forced, The gunman was killed by law
once again, to console a country enforcement officials.
reeling from tragedy. Before the gunman drove to
“Why are we willing to live the school, he shot his
grandwith this carnage? Why do we mother, police said. She was
keep letting this happen? Where airlifted to a hospital in San
in God’s name is our backbone?” Antonio, as were several other
he said during a seven-minute victims.
address from the Roosevelt The shooter barricaded himself
Room at the White House after inside the school and exchanged
news of the mass killing at a gunfire with officers as they
enWILLIAM LUTHER/ASSOCIATED PRESSschool in Uvalde, Tex. “It’s time tered the building, said Marsha
to turn this pain into action.” A woman cries as she leaves the Uvalde, Tex., civic center after a deadly mass shooting Tuesday at the city’s Robb Elementary School. Espinosa, a spokeswoman for the
SEE BIDEN ON A24 Children crawled out windows and hid in a nearby funeral home to escape the gunfire, witnesses said. SEE SHOOTING ON A6
Russia has Southern Baptists to release list of alleged abusers Order on
BY SARAH PULLIAM BAILEY top leader was credibly accused of nearly 15 years of debates over sealed o≠ policing set
AND MICHELLE BOORSTEIN assaulting a woman a month after how to handle sex abuse claims Convention’s board also
leaving the presidency of the within the denomination. It took
Two days after an explosive re- apologizes to survivors, 13 million-member convention. years of several sex abuse survi-port trade, for Floyd
port concluded that its leaders An attorney for the SBC’s ad- vors sharing their stories with na-calls for culture change
mishandled and covered up sex ministrative arm, the Executive tional media outlets, blogs and on
abuse claims, leaders of the South- Committee, said it is working on social media before Southern Bap-U.S. finds anniversary
ern Baptist Convention said at a making the list of sex abusers tists requested a third-party
invespublic meeting Tuesday that they culture. available to the public Thursday tigation into how it was being
would release names from a list of The report released Sunday once the committee makes sure handled.
alleged abusers they kept secretly sent shock waves through the the names of survivors are not A 2007 investigation by the ABC World leaders warn that Biden to call for national
for years. They also said that they country’s largest Protestant de- disclosed and ensures the names SEE CHURCH ON A7
Ukraine blockade saps owe abuse survivors an apology nomination. It said leaders main- of abusers are substantiated. accreditation standards,
and that the huge denomination tained a secret database of alleged The report and Southern Bap- Media: How two Texas newspapers global food supply chain list of problem officers
must fundamentally change its sexual abusers and found that a tist leaders’ response come after broke open the abuse scandal. C1
Newly declassified U.S.
intelligence shows that a Russian naval President Biden will sign an
blockade has halted maritime executive order Wednesday aimed In a blow to Trump, Kemp defeats Perdue in Ga.
trade at Ukrainian ports, in what at bolstering police
accountabiliworld leaders call a deliberate ty, White House officials said, a
attack on the global food supply his false claims that the election step that could re-energize federal
chain that has raised fears of was stolen from him. He personal- reform efforts as the nation marks Governor wins primary
political instability and shortages ly recruited Perdue and actively the second anniversary of the
pounless grain and other essential despite challenger's promoted his candidacy against lice killing of George Floyd.
agricultural products are allowed Kemp. Trump has despised Kemp The order — which drew sup-backing by ex-president
to flow freely from Ukraine. since the governor certified Presi- port from leaders of some major
Russia’s navy now effectively dent Biden’s win in the state. policing organizations — will call
controls all traffic in the northern “Even in the middle of a tough for the creation of national
stanthird of the Black Sea, making it BY COLBY ITKOWITZ primary, conservatives across our dards for the accreditation of
pounsafe for commercial shipping, AND DAVID WEIGEL state didn’t listen to the noise. lice departments and a national
according to a U.S. government They didn’t get distracted,” Kemp database of federal officers with
document obtained by The Wash- Georgia Republican primary said in remarks to supporters after substantiated complaints and
disington Post. voters on Tuesday rejected former Perdue conceded. ciplinary records, including those
The document, based on re- president Donald Trump’s at- The governor didn’t mention fired for misconduct. It also will
cently declassified intelligence, tempt to unseat Gov. Brian Kemp Trump by name but instead instruct federal law enforcement
analyzed the density of Russian for refusing to join his fight to try bragged about his record of re- agencies to update their
use-ofnaval activity along portions of to overturn the 2020 election re- opening Georgia during the pan- force policies to emphasize
de-esUkraine’s southern coast and the sults, as Kemp easily defeated demic and attacked Democratic calation, Biden aides said during a
Crimean Peninsula, which Russia challenger David Perdue for their nominee Stacey Abrams. background briefing for reporters
occupied and annexed in 2014. party’s gubernatorial nomination. “Georgia would be just one vari- Tuesday.
The blockade that ensued follow- The race between Kemp and ant away from lockdowns, govern- Advocates have been urging the
DEMETRIUS FREEMAN/THE WASHINGTON POSTing Russia’s invasion in February Perdue, a former senator, unfold- ment mandates, schools shuttered White House to take such action
SEE UKRAINE ON A12 ed over the past five months as the Supporters of Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) cheer during a primary and businesses closed,” he said. SEE POLICING ON A4
highest-profile test of Trump’s pull event at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta. Down the ballot in Georgia,
Push toward default: U.S. set to in this year’s primaries on behalf another statewide Republican Push for change: Justice Dept.
block Russian debt payments. A13 of candidates running heavily on Arizona: Peter Thiel puts millions more behind Blake Masters. A9 SEE PRIMARIES ON A8 effort relies on collaboration. A4
wan in the event of an in- agency hopes will be fol-In the News Inside
vasion. A16 lowed by the return of
the rest the fleet. B1
THE ECONOMYTHE NATION noted a double standard D.C.’s mayor has over- FOODA potential primary loss T he panel tasked with in the global attention to seen significant progress A lasting impact in Oregon could rekindle identifying new names monkeypox after people on her goal to end
homeJoyce Chen’s influence Democrats’ interest in for Army bases that hon- in the West started get- lessness in the city. B1
outlived her TV show. E1pushing through pre-or Confederate officers A11ting sick. Defense at torne ys and
scription drug legislation recommended the A trove of Xinjiang po- prosecutors released a STYLE
before the midterms. A18names of women and lice files, leaked during 22-minute video of Online hostility
At Davos, ongoing war, minorities. A2 the U.N. human rights Proud Boys leader Hen- Fans of Amber Heard are
the coronavirus pan-NOAA is forecasting a chief’s visit to China, ry “Enrique” Tarrio targeted by vitriol. C1demic and fears of reces-seventh straight above- sheds fresh light on Bei- meeting with the Oath
sion cast a cloud over the normal Atlantic hurri- jing’s crackdown on eth- Keepers founder on the
economic summit. A20cane season, with 14 to nic Uyghurs. A14 eve of the Capitol riot. B1
21 named storms and President Biden said CAROLINA NAVAS FOR THE WASHINGTON POST A Maryland man pos- BUSINESS NEWS ....................... A18 CONTENT © 2022THE REGION
three to six major hurri- COMICS.......................................C6 The Washington Post / Year 145, No. 171that policy toward China ing as a U.S. marshal was Metro will

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