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Magazine avec audio d'anglais pour les niveaux débutant à intermédiaire : York and Yorkshire, Grammaire : les nombres en anglais , Expressions idiomatiques avec le mot "white" , English at work : une fête de Noël au bureau , Vocabulaire : les jouets traditionnels.



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Date de parution 01 décembre 2019
Langue Français
Poids de l'ouvrage 35 Mo


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Yorkand Yorkshire
GRAMMAIRE : Les nombres en anglais
ENGLISH AT WORK:Une fête de Noël BOOST YOUR ENGLISH! au bureau
VOCABULAIRE :Les jouets traditionnels
WHO ARE THEY? egina King
A1 àB1 débutantàintermédiaire
no107 December 2019 January 2020 +400 DE MOTSET EXPRESSIONS ET 2 articles INTÉGRALEMENT TRADUITS EN FRANÇAIS
L 12897 107 F:6,00 RD
© Jason King on Unsplash
 DOM/S: 6,60
Dix choses à savoir surles chansons de Noël anglophones Vocabulaire en images :Les jouets traditionnels Rencontre avecRick Christie, barbier Qui estRegina King? DécouvrezYork et le Yorkshire Trois conversationssur les métiers de Noël Ch w:ris otm na ks os t o sn gg ns i h t 0 1
Yorksh d nire a k r o Y
nSantaR ou dn n o L e h T
m o c . k c o t s r e t u h S / i k s w o k l a G s i r h C © © A i j a L e h t o n e n / S h u t e r s t o c k . c o m
6 31
A N es wis k YesEv e arG r e e n D a y
Article enanglais américain
- articleluetenregistrésur CD ou en téléchargeable (www.englishnow.fr) - Des exercices de prononciation et d’intonation AUDIO - Une conversation spontanée (avec sa transcription sur Go Digital)
Unexercice interactifse rapporte à cet article dans Go Digital.
Les articles couvrent les niveaux A1 à B1 du Cadre Européen Commun de Référence pour les langues. Débutant Élémentaire Intermédiaire A1 A2 B1
SOMMAIRE CONTENTS o107 December 2019 - January 2020
FORUMWhere will you spend New Year’s Eve?
6-710 THINGS TO KNOWChristmas songs and the stories behind them 8-9WHO ARE THEY?Regina King 10-11NOW NEWS ’S ITS NAME?12-13WHAT Traditional toys 14-15MEETRick Christie, barber in Portsmouth, UK 16-17GRAMMAR FILESNumbers 18-19,SDROWSDROWExpressions with the word ‘white’ 20-21READ ALL ABOUT ITChristmassalesintheUK 22-23ENGLISH AT WORK Temporary or casual work at Christmas24-25UNONPRNIOATCIThe schwa sound/ə/ 26-29TRAVELOGUE York and Yorkshire 31NOW YOU’RE TALKINGA New Year’s Eve kiss under the mistletoe 32SIHNELGNIOKCOMincemeat 33TVIVALSUKRIHow to say ‘thank you’ 34-35MORFSNGTIEEGR A Christmas party at work 36STAR WORDS 37NEWS FROM THE STUDIOS 38-39INTERVIEWMatt Lawley, UK events manager for the London Santa Run 40COMING SOONLITTLEWOMENand STARWARS: THERISEOFSKYWALKER 41SESELEARCISUMGabrielle Aplin and Green Day 42WISH YOU WERE HERE The Yorkshire Dales 43-47ENGLISH NOW TEST 49NEXT ISSUE & ANSWERS
English Now o 107 December 2019 - January 2020
PAErticle byLouannePPiccolLoE FORUM
Whe will you Śpend ? New Ye’Ś Eve
GR ACE,18, student from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Sydney is the best city to be in at midnight on December 31st! There is ahugefirework displayin Sydneyharbour, and I will be on an island in the harbour. I go there every year with my parents, but this year, I will go with friends from school.
JAMES,34, cricket player from Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa Nowhere! I don’t celebrate it because I think peopletry too hardto have a good time. I always enjoy myself when I go out with my friends, but on New Year’s Eve there are too manydrunkpeople in the bars and restaurants. I prefer staying at home.
JEREMY,40, sports coach from Ontario, Canada In aski resortin the French Alps. My family and I are going to Val Cenis for Christmas and New Year’s Eve this year. I don’t know how the French celebrate New Year’s, but we want to eat fondue in a restaurant and then watch the fireworks on theslopes.
huge a firework display a harbour
énorme, immense un feu d’artifice un port
English Now o 1072019 - January 2020 December
to try too hard drunk a ski resort the slopes
essayer trop fort ivre, saoul une station de ski les pistes (de ski)
© biplane_desire / Shutterstock.com
KAYLYN,67,retiredhistory teacher from Lancing, England, UK I’ll spend it at home. I enjoycookinga special meal for my children and mygrandchildrenon New Year’s Eve. Normally, we eat quite early and then I look after the children while the adults go out to a bar or a show. We watch scary filmsand eat popcorn!
retired to cook grandchildren a scary film
NATHAN,48,sales representativefrom New York, New York, USA I’m a new dad, so this year I’ll celebrate New Year’s Eve at home with my wife and baby daughter. Aquieteveningindoorswill be a nice change from New Year’s Eve parties in the city. Although I always enjoy a party, they are toonoisyfor babies.
SONJA,38, teaching assistant from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK Last year, my two sisters and I decided that 2019 will be a special year for sisters. On December 26th, we willleaveour husbandsand our children at home and flyto Bali. So,althoughwe are not going to Bali just to celebrate the New Year, we will be there on the 31st.
retraité cuisiner, faire la cuisine les petits-enfants un film d’horreur,  un film qui fait peur
a sales representative
quiet indoors noisy
un commercial, un responsable  des ventes calme, silencieux à l’intérieur bruyant
to leave a husband to fly although
laisser un mari prendre l’avion bien que, même si
English Now o 107 December 2019 - January 2020
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