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no90 May–June 2018
Eating owers: Good or bad?
How to tell someone you’re happy for them
- DOM/S: 6,60
B1 toC2 intermediate toadvanced
Grammar: The use of ‘would’
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no90 May-June 2018
1 2 -13IntRoduction  2-6  In the News 23-25 4 - 5 Talking to  7 PRess Clippings 26-27  On the Job 6 - 7  8-9 The News in Depth 28  NuMbeRs Talking 8 - 9  10-12  WoRds & CultuRe 29-32  Business News  13-1140 What to Say 33-34 WoRld of Food  1151-1- 182Tips and Techniques 35-38 What’s Up? 13 Did You Know? 39 19-20 Just Kidding! 14PRoïle 40 21-22 Tongue TwisteRs  4115 - 16 ConVeRsation 42  IMpRoVe youR intonation  43 Ractise  P youR pRonunciation
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• unE viTESSE àdàpTéE àU nivEàU dE ’àrTiCE • Des exeRcIces De PRoNoNcIatIoN et De DIctIoN
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contents 6no90May-June 2018 The wedding of the year NEWS 4-5In the NewsB2 C1 © Nicoleta Ionescu / Shutterstock.com 5PRess ClippingsC1 6-7The News in DepthB2 C1 The wedding of the year Jane Goodall,a pioneer LANGUAGE 8-10WoRds & CultuReC1C2  Handwriting: A dying art form? 22How to tell someone you’re happy for them 11What to SayB1 12-13sqieucenhT&psTiB1 B2 Pre-wedding arrangements The GRaMMaR Pointto14-15 B1C2 24 The use of ‘would’ 16-17Did You Know?C1 Expressions that include the word ‘hand’ 10 WoRds18 B2 C1 Brooklynisms trAvELANDCULtUrE 20-21Life as ARtB2 Charles Laughton,TheNighTofThehuNTer TrAvEL TImE © Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock.com 22-23PRoïleB2 C1 BRooklynJane Goodall, a pioneer 24-27TRaVel TiMeC1C2 Brooklyn: Parks, pictures and pickles 29-31Talking toC1C2 29 Oprah Winfrey about her speech at the Golden Globes BUSINESS TALKING TO 32-33On the JobB2 Oprah WinfreyAmmar Campa-Najjar, a Democratic candidate© Krista Kennell / Shutterstock.com in California 34-36IndustRy FocusC1 Yoga with Adriene: A successful startup 38 36NuMbeRs TalkingC1 Business News37 B2 C1 Coney Island,LIFEStYLE New York City, TRendy Places38 B1 New York, USA © CC-BY-SA-3.0 Coney Island, New York City, New York, USA Insights40-41 B2 C1 Let’s talk about sexual harassment at work 42-43WoRld of FoodB2  Eating owers: Good or bad? 42FUNANDGAMES 44-45 EatingWhat’s Up?B2 C1 owers 46-47QuizB2 C1 SYmBOLS:ARticle in AMeRican English Do you know which owers are edible? ARticle Read and RecoRded onaudio ïles48Just Kidding!B2 C1 The audio ïles also have pronunciation and intonation Tongue TwisteRsto48 B1C2 Digital Audio eXeRcisesbased on articles from the magazine. eXeRcise49NeXt Issue & AnsweRs
The articles range fromleVelB1 to C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. B1InteRMediateC1AdVanced B2UppeR InteRMediateC2PRoïciency
Go English No 902018 May-June
IN tHE NEWS Article byruth AdaM
© Chris Allan / Shutterstock.com
sleazy a decade undercover an overall picture a hint skimpy
(ici) sordide une décennie (ici) sous couverture une impression générale, une image globale (ici) une indication (ici) court, décolleté
Sleazyside of PResidenTs Club ChaRiTy DinneR
For over threedecades, this men-only affair at the Dorchester Hotel in London has been attended by businessmen, politicians and bankers, and it raises millionsfor charity. This year, thefiNaNcialTimeshad two women workingundercoveras hostesses, and theoverallpicturethat emerged was decidedly more sordid than charitable. Ahintof what the evening might be like was given at their ïrst interview: the girls were instructed to wear blackskimpy outïtswith matching black sexyunderwearand sexy shoes. Theywere forewarnedthat the men might be ‘annoying’ or try to get them drunk, but they were unprepared for therelentlessgroping, sexual harassment andlewdpropositions that followed. The verdict seems to be: too much testosterone in the room. And gentlemen beware; bad behaviour is now more difïcult to get away with!
an outït underwear to be forewarned annoying relentless to grope lewd to beware
une tenue des sous-vêtements être prévenu (ici) embêtant, pénible incessant tripoter, peloter lubrique, obscène faire attention, se méïer
© DR New US Embassy in London opens wiThouT fanfaRe President Trump tweeted that he had been invitedto cut the Canadian PMTRies ribbonat the new US Embassy in London but refused, as he did not like the embassy’s new location. But it is possible he’s justToo haRd worried about the Londoners who havethreatened to riotif Justin TRudeau and his faMily Made he eversets footon English soil. Most Londoners, in contrast astate Visitto India and attRacted to Trump, like the new embassy, a glass castle surrounded by bothpRaiseand deRision foR weaRinglawnsandowerbeds. The windows are made of six-inch-thicktRaditional Indian clothes. TheiR bomb-proofglass, with little stars printed on them to discourageadMiReRs saw it as a chaRMing effoRtbirds from crashing into the building. It is, in fact, a fortress,to enteR into the spiRit of India, but theiR cRitics found theM ashy and protected by the best of 21st-century technology, and technologyMoRe Bollywood than Bollywood. concealment. There are hugesteel bollardscovered over with EVen in Canada, he was accusedof hedges, and the lovely pool is really amoat, deep enough for beingcondescendingand tRying armoured trucksto sink in.too haRd to be politically coRRect. Oddlyenough, the public can At his MostaMboyant,TRudeaujustwander inandstrollthrough woRe anintRicatelygold-eMbRoideRedthe grounds beside the Thames,gaRMentto a ïlM industRy eVent, but of course there are armed and was photogRaphed beside a guards, and that bench thatfaMous Bollywood actoR, who was looks good to sit on… It con-elegantly dRessed in black. TheRe ceals the latest equipment forweRe thoseunkindenough to ReMaRk© Ben Gingell / Shtuthterasttock.tcohme actoR was the one MoRe detecting ‘hostile vehicles’. ïttinglydRessed as a pRiMe MinisteR. to cut the ribboncouper le rubanconcealmentdissimulation to try too harden faire trop to threatenmenacera steel bollardun poteau en acier a state visitune visite ofïcielle to riotmanifester violemmenta hedgeune haie praise(ici) des éloges to set footmettre les piedsa moat(ici) une douve condescendingcondescendant lawnla pelousean armoured truckun fourgon blindé amboyant(ici) extravagant a owerbedun parterre,to sink in(ici) couler intricatelyïnement une plate-bandeoddlyétrangement embroideredbrodé thick(ici) épaisto wander indéambuler a garmentun vêtement bomb-proofrésistant aux explosionsto strollse balader unkindpeu aimable, désobligeant ïttingly(ici) convenablement Go English No 90 May-June 2018
B2 C1 2-6
AusTRalian jouRnalisT’scReepyJacinda ARdeRnand sexisT and heR paRtneR inTeRView New ZealandeRs weRe annoyed by what they found to be aRelentlessly‘cReepy’ inteRView with theiR pRiMe MinisteR, © DR Jacinda ARdeRn. The Tv jouRnalist who did the inteRView opened by saying that he had Met Many MinisteRs in histiMe, but neVeR one so pRetty. And then it justgot woRse!Both ARdeRn and heRpaRtneR, ClaRke GayfoRd, seeMed peRpleXed by hiMcountingbackwaRdsin an atteMptto pinpointthe date of theiR baby’s conception: “No Reasona child shouldn’t be conceiVed duRing anelection caMpaign,” he said,seeMinglyunawaReof any social gaffehe Might haVe Made. The Rest of the inteRView dealt less with ARdeRn’spoliciesoR adMinistRation than with heR peRsonal life. And the inteRVieweR’s tuRn to be suRpRised when he found out that heR paRtneRdidMost ofthelaundRyat hoMe.
creepy relentlessly to get worse a partner to count backwards to pinpoint an election campaign
(ici) louche, effrayant (ici) avec acharnement empirer (ici) un compagnon compter à rebours
(ici) identiïer une campagne électorale
a gaffe
a policy to do the laundry
apparemment, de toute évidence inconscient, ignorant une bévue, une bourde une politique faire la lessive
Pope FRancis’s VisiT To IReland is esTimaTed aT20 million
Ireland is no longer the bastion of Catholicfaithit was when it had its last papal visit, in 1979. The Church hasbeen wrenched intomodernity by the scandal of its crueltyto mothers and their childrenborn out ofholy matrimony, and the paedophilia of its priests. On a more humane level, divorce is no longer a crime and homosexual marriage is possible. But the sense of rebellion hasn’t vanished. No one is against Pope Francis, but they are balking atthe cost of his visit, estimated at awhopping20 million. Even the Church is trying to persuadewealthymembers to donate hugesumsof money, and one journalisthas suggested that the Vatican shouldfoot the bill!
faith to be wrenched into cruelty to be born out of holy matrimony
la foi (ici) être violemment poussé vers la cruauté naître en dehors des liens sacrés du mariage
to balk at
wealthy a sum to foot the bill
rechigner à faire quelque chose (ici) la somme énorme de... riche une somme payer
PrESS CLIPPINGS Article byruth AdaM
English peopleshaRE thEIR IdEas aboutrailway privatisationwIthFrance.
PRIvatIsatIonshRInksthE powER of thE statE, andfREE EntERpRIsEEnlaRgEs thE powER of thE pEoplE. MaRgaReT thaTcheR, pRime minisTeR of The UniTed Kingdom fRom 1979 To 1990
ThIsbIllIs a lawyER’s paRadIsE but wIll pRovE to bE a passEngER’shEll. Nick HaRVey, libeRal democRaT MP foR NoRTh DeVon, on The railway PRiVaTisaTion Bill, 1993
UK tRaInfaREsaRE thE hIghEst not only IneuRopE but In thE woRld. FaREs kEEp RIsIng bEcausE thE govERnmEnt Is cuttIng Its contRIbutIon to thE RaIlways and makIng passEngERs pay moRE InstEad. ThIs mattERs bEcausE takIng thE tRaIn Is gREEn, and hIgh faREs aRE pushIng pEoplE back Into caRs and planEs. PEoplE kEEp tEllIng us that thEy want to takE thE tRaIn but thEy just can’taoRdIt. CaT Hobbs, foundeR of We Own IT, an oRganisaTion ThaTaimsTo be The Voice foR public seRVice useRs andpublic owneRship
WE know thERE IsovERwhElmIngsuppoRt fRom thE BRItIsh pEoplE foR a PEoplE’s raIlway,bEttER and moRE EïcIEnt sERvIcEs, pRopER IntEgRatIon andfaIRERfaREs. LabouR wIll commIt to a clEaR plan foR a fully IntEgRatEd RaIlway In publIc ownERshIp. JeRemy CoRbyn, leadeR of The LabouRPaRTy and leadeR of The opposiTion since 2015
PRIvatIsatIon bRokE It. PublIc ownERshIp îXEdIt. And now pRIvatIsatIon has bRokEn It agaIn. MInIstERs madE thE samE mIstakE twIcE. ThE lEsson of east Coast Is that RaIlway should bE In publIc ownERshIp. it would mEan moRERElIablEand bEttER valuE RaIl tRavEl foR EvERyonE. FRances O’GRady, geneRal secReTaRy of The tUC (tRades Union CongRess), on The failuRe of viRgin’s EasT CoasT Rail line, FebRuaRy 2018
railways to shrink free enterprise a bill
hell a fare to afford
les cheMins de feR diMinueR, RétRéciR la libRe entRepRise (ici) une pRoposition de loi l’enfeR le pRiX du billet aVoiR les Moyens d’acheteR
to aimViseR à, aVoiR pouR but publicla pRopRiété ownershippublique to ïxRépaReR reliableïable overwhelmingécRasant, iMpoRtant fairerplus juste
Go English No 90 May-June 2018
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