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Enhanced Replication of Vaccinia Virus GLV-1h68 ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

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Encoding redundancy for task dependent optimal ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

Encoding Redundancy for Task-Dependent Optimal Control:A Neural Network Model of Human ReachingInaugural-Dissertationzur
Endothelial microRNA-24 contributes to ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

Endothelial microRNA-24 contributes to capillary density in the infarcted heart Dissertation zur Erlangung des
Electronic and chemical properties of liquids ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

Electronic and Chemical Properties of Liquids and Solutions Dissertation zur Erlangung des naturwissenschaftlichen
Electronic many-body effects in organic ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

Emotional reactions after event learning ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

Emotional Reactions after Event Learning A Rift between Implicit and Explicit Conditioned Valence in Humans Pain Relief
Almost completely decomposable groups of type ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

Almost CompletelyDecomposable Groups ofType (1,2)Dissertation zur Erlangung desnaturwissenschaftlichen Doktorgradesder
Emotional Modulation of Motor Memory Formation ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

Emotional Modulation of Motor Memory Formation Emotionale Modulation des Motorischen Gedächtnises Doctoral thesis for a
DNA microarrays [Elektronische Ressource] : ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

DNA microarrays: applications and novel approaches foranalysis and interpretation.Dissertation zur Erlangung
Dorso-ventral differentiation and specification ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

Dorso-ventral Differentiation and Specification of Mesencephalon in Early Chick Embryos Dissertation zur
Agent-based Keynesian macroeconomics ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

Drug targeting delivery systems for treatment ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

Drug targeting delivery systems for treatment of Raf-1 induced lung tumors in mice DISSERTATION zur Erlangung des
A-RAF kinase functions in ARF6 regulated ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

A-RAF kinase functions in ARF6 regulated endocytic membrane traffic Die Rolle der A-RAF-Kinase
Discovery and characterization of the first low ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

Discovery and Characterization of the first Low-Peaked and Intermediate- Peaked BL Lacertae Objects in the Very High
Dissecting the neuronal circuit for olfactory ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

Dissecting the neuronal circuit for olfactory learning in Drosophila Doctoral Thesis Dissertation zur Erlangung des
Differences and similarities in the regulation ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

Differences and Similarities in the Regulation of RAF Isoforms: Identification of Novel A-RAF Phosphorylation Sites
Differential role of estrogen receptor isoforms ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

Differential role of estrogen receptor isoforms in the cardiovascular system of young and senescent rats
Adaptive polarization pulse shaping and ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

Adaptively refined large-eddy simulations of ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

Adaptively Refined Large-EddySimulations of Galaxy ClustersDissertation zur Erlangung desnaturwissenschaftlichen Doktorgradesder
Determination of the transport levels in thin ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

Determination of the transport levelsin thin films of organicsemiconductorsDissertation zur Erlangung desnaturwissenschaftlichen
Die funktionelle Rolle von NFATc1 in der ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

Aus dem Institut für Pathologie der Universität Würzburg Vorstand: Prof. Dr. H.K. Müller-Hermelink Die Funktionelle Rolle
Development of novel Listeria monocytogenes ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

Development of novel Listeria monocytogenes strains as therapeutic agents for targeted tumor therapy Entwicklung von neuen
Description and Improvement of the ... julius-maximilians-universitat_wurzburg

Description and Improvement of the  ‘Whedo’‐Aquaculture‐System  in Malanville (North of Benin)        DISSERTATION ZUR ERLANGUNG