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Titre A reactive decision support system for freight intermodal barge transportation services Système réactif d
Titre A reactive decision support system for freight intermodal barge transportation services Système réactif d'aide la décision pour le transport intermodal fluvial de marchandises Financement prévu Contrat Doctoral Cofinancement éventuel Co Directeur de thèse Abdelhakim Artiba UVHC LAMIH E mail abdelhakim valenciennes fr Co encadrant de thèse Ioana Bilegan UVHC LAMIH E mail ioana valenciennes fr Co encadrant de thèse Emmanuel Adam UVHC LAMIH E mail emmanuel valenciennes fr Laboratoire LAMIH UMR CNRS UVHC Valenciennes Equipe ou Groupe de recherche Décision Interaction et Mobilité DIM The candidate needs a strong background in Computer Sciences and or in Operations Research including methods of modeling and optimization discrete event system simulation as well as algorithms and data structures in C C++ language multi agent systems knowledge would be appreciated French language is not necessary Le candidat doit avoir un très bon niveau en informatique et ou en recherche opérationnelle méthodes de modélisation et d'optimisation simulation par évènements discrets algorithmique et structures de données en C C++ une connaissance des systèmes multi agent serait appréciée PhD Project In the context of freight intermodal transportation the goal of this research is to contribute to the development of sustainable transportation systems and to allow and improve the modal transfer towards less polluting transportation modes especially concerning the inland waterway network Taking advantage from a well designed decision support system to manage intermodal transport activities is an essential asset Up to now many research initiatives and industrial projects tackled the complex problem of intermodal transportation chains organisation with a particular interest towards railways as a “greener” transportation alternative Nevertheless just a few published studies discuss about the inland waterway transportation alternative Caris As a general framework the approach of this type of transportation problems is as follows: on the ...
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