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De Père en FIV
William ROY
11 pages
Effect of combinations of marketed human anthelmintic drugs against Trichuris muris in vitro and in vivo
Keiser, Jennifer, Tritten, Lucienne, Adelfio, Roberto, Vargas,, Vargas, Mireille
7 pages
Short time administration of antirheumatic drugs - Methotrexate as a strong inhibitor of osteoblast's proliferation in vitro
Annussek, Tobias, Kleinheinz, Johannes, Thomas, Szuwart, Joos, Ulrich, Wermker,, Wermker, Kai
9 pages
The insulinogenic effect of whey protein is partially mediated by a direct effect of amino acids and GIP on β-cells
Salehi, Albert, Gunnerud, Ulrika, Muhammed,, Östman, Elin, Holst,, Björck, Inger, Rorsman,, Rorsman, Patrik
7 pages
Prevalence of molecular markers of Plasmodium falciparum drug resistance in Dakar, Senegal
Wurtz, Nathalie, Fall, Bécaye, Pascual, Aurélie, Diawara, Silmane, Sow, Kowry, Baret, Eric, Diatta, Bakary, Fall,, Mbaye,, Fall, Fatou, Diémé, Yaya, Rogier, Christophe, Bercion, Raymond, Briolant, Sébastien, Wade, Boubacar, Pradines, Bruno
10 pages
Ex vivoactivity of the ACT new components pyronaridine and piperaquine in comparison with conventional ACT drugs against isolates of Plasmodium falciparum
Pascual, Aurélie, Parola, Philippe, Benoit-Vical, Françoise, Simon, Fabrice, Malvy, Denis, Picot, Stéphane, Delaunay, Pascal, Basset, Didier, Maubon, Danièle, Faugère, Bernard, Ménard, Guillaume, Bourgeois, Nathalie, Oeuvray, Claude, Didillon, Eric, Rogier, Christophe, Pradines, Bruno
9 pages
Inhibition of CD200R1 expression by C/EBP beta in reactive microglial cells
Dentesano, Guido, Straccia, Marco, Ejarque-Ortiz, Aroa, Tusell,, Serratosa, Joan, Saura, Josep, Solà,, Solà, Carme
13 pages
12 pages