A compilation of A level Physics Investigations inspired by ...
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A compilation of A level Physics Investigations inspired by ...


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1 A compilation of A level Physics Investigations inspired by Nuffield Practical Problems Kevin Walsh Martin Boulton
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Marketing Management Practicum
One of the trademarks of our liberal arts view of management education is that we understand many of the important problems faced as being significantly multi-faceted. In management, we believe that there are not economicsproblems, or psychologyproblems, or accountingproblems... there are just problems and multiple ways to view them. MMP projects are sufficiently complex to mirror the complexity our students will face in the workplace.
Few things in management are less helpful than overly complex solutions which remain unimplemented. We therefore push our students to be elegant and parsimonious in their offerings to the client. We emphasize that good solutions are credible and clever in their offering. We also stress that good problem solvers are continually thinking about what best solves the issues they are dealing with, all the while doing so with a goal of on-time implementation, operating within budget, and customized to the organization given the resources available.
While we care deeply about our students, we also care deeply about business and the communities our businesses serve. Thus, while it is most important that our students come away with a more refined aptitude for solving complex problems with elegant solutions, we are also motivated to help the organizations who come to Hope MMP for work. The creation of joint benefit for both students and business is our end goal.
Hope Colleges marketing management course is a learning experience centered around marketing, but one also buttressed by an overarching strategic approach.In other words, if marketing is at its core about “satisfying customer needs and wants through an exchange process,” as the marketing guru Philip Kotler suggests, we believe thinking strategically about marketing is in the end about knowingwhich customer needs in a competitive marketplace are worth pursuing,whythis is the case, andhowto best achieve those objectives. To do this, students are guided to think critically about: I. TheIndustry II. TheCompetitors III. Differentiation
INDUSTRYWhat is the structure of the industry in which this firm competes?
Michael Porters Five Forces Model of Competition and other game theoretic models help outline the structure of an industry-- both in its general profitability, and also by outlining the spaces in the industry where there are pockets of profitability and strategic sustainability. Before students are even aware of who the main client is, we push them to deeply understand the industry in which they will be doing work.
Who are this firms primary competitors, what customer segments do they intend to serve, and what are their distinct brand promises?
Similar to the benefits of understanding the structure of an industry with nuance, deeply understanding competitors helps students better understand who each firms focal client is, how each
firm is seen in the eyes of the customer with regards to differentiation, and whether there are differences between the groups... all with an eye towards seeing the best potential space to compete.
Given the industry and the competitors, what is the best way to leverage the clients distinctive offering relative to its competitors within this industry, what customer does the client most centrally serve, and how might the client most effectively create relationships with this customer?
Finally, we push our students to understand the focal firms brand promise and targeted segment of customers, integrating throughout insights from the industry and competitor analysis all with the end goal of shaping the relevant marketing variable(s) in question (Product, Price, Promotion, Placement). Throughout, students are pushed to be elegant in their solutions-- credible and clever in delivery.
Partnered with Region 13 of Edward Jones (location covered: Holland to Grand Rapids, Michigan) with the goal of revamping promotional message to further increase Top of Mind Brand Awareness (TOMA), develop new client relationships, and increase assets under management of current clients.
“This experience with Hope Students and Professors has proven to be empowering, educational, and very enlightening.Their input has played an integral role inthe strategic planning of our marketing efforts.”
-Becky Anderson, Region 13 Marketing Lead, Edward Jones
ZIPMENTS: Worked with start-up firm Zipments-- a start-up crowdsourcing logistics model-- to develop a set of tactical strategies for promoting the company in preparation for the launch of their internet service.
“The Hope marketing students provided valuable feedback on ways to promote Zipments to both the business community and to students who represented early users of our service. The marketing students' feedback was based on empirical data they collected over the semester and provided a good framework for us to build our subsequent marketing plan.”
-Garrick Pohl, co-founder & CEO
TRENDWAY Recast promotional message for amid-sized player in the highly fragmented office furniture industry to further build-up what was (and was not) seen as being distinctive in the mind of their customers.
“The Hope students did a great job! They provided valuable quantitative and qualitative insight for us at Trendway. We hired one of the students to assist us further in industry analysis and have found their work to be of continued value.”
-Joe Graczyk, VP Sales & Marketing
TEERMANS Working with a well-known Holland downtown retailer to develop and implement tactical strategies for increasing sales in a specific product category.
“Working with the students from Hope has been fun and enlightening. Each group that I have worked with has brought a lot of energy and creativity. Their ability to see a project from a different perspective has lead to new ideas that we have been able to use to better serve our customers. ” -Jeff Teerman,President
Hope College
Department of Economics, Management, & Accounting
The mission of Hope College is to educate students
for lives of leadership and service in a global society
through academic and co-cucurricular programs
of recognized excellence in the liberal arts
and in the context of the historic Christian faith
Hope College Department of Economics, Management and Accounting 41 Graves Place, Holland, MI 49423 www.website.com
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