Luxurious Dog Beds
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Luxurious Dog Beds


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Description - Find the solution to all your canines problems with these beds listed also see advice and tips on keeping your old dog comfortable and advice on how to keep your pet cool in the summer heat.
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Luxurious Dog Beds An Exceptional Bed for Your Canine
Find An Extraordinary Luxurious Bed For Your Dog
My Review of the number One best quality beds for Large, Extra Large & XXL dogs.
Check out:
Also get lots of Tips and advice on the comfort of your pet
Tips about keeping your pet comfortable in the summer time
Tips to help prevent your dog chewing their bedding
Read Why a Good Quality Bed Matters To Your Pet's Health.
Tips on Keeping Your Old Dog Feeling Young
Here areThe Top 5 Luxurious Bedsout there for your Large canine pet, I've done a lot of research on these beds and truly if you want the best there is out there on the market for your pet here they are....
1.BIG BARKER 7 ORTHOPEDIC BED - THE Number One Quality Bed For Large Dogs 2.PET FUSION MEMORY FOAM - Click here to read more reviews and see product 3.OLD FRIENDS ORTHOPEDIC DOG BED -Click here to read more reviews and see product 4.LAIFUG ORTHOPEDIC FOR EXTRA LARGE DOGS - Click here to see product 5.Click here to see productTHE DOGS BALL BED PREMIUM QUALITY BED -
All Links aboveare beds for Large XL & XXL Dogs and connect to where to find each bed and more reviews from Amazon.
The Bed I will Highlight here is The Big Barker 7 as I just find It truly is the best of the best out there for Large breed Dogs, The price is high but the investment is worth it plus you get a 10 year warranty, It is really and truly more than a bed it is an investment in your canine's health, fitness and general well being, And if this bed is more than you are looking to spend check out the other beds I have listed as an indication to really the best beds you can find for the absolute comfort of your large canine friend.
A Dogs Bed is much more than just a pillow for them to lay on,They offer manyBenefitsto your pet and their ongoing health and fitness, Choose a bed that is right for your pooch.
My dogs are spoilt but now I've gone too far they will never sleep on another bed again,As Big Dog Lovers we know one size does not fit all,especially for our older pets or injured pets, any
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Luxurious Dog Beds An Exceptional Bed for Your Canine
old thing just will not do.Dogs sleep 12-14 hours out of 24 hours,Our pets spend a lot more time on their bed than we do, So of course having the right support for their body is important to keep them healthy and fit, don't they deserve to be truly comfortable & content. Now Big dog lovers have ONE clear choiceThe Big Barker 7 Orthpedic bed.......
So what makes the Big Barker 7 stand out........
The Barker7memory foam Orthpedic bed isenhanced by its durability and the luxury of the high quality material.  It will NOT Flatten over time and comes with a 10 year warranty. To your pet it will bemore comfortable & Lavish than your sofa could ever be. provides incredible support & comfortfor their body.
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Luxurious Dog Beds An Exceptional Bed for Your Canine
itsdesigned specify For bigger dogsof all ages. It willProvide a lot of extra relief to dogs suffering from joint pain, recovering from surgery, or living with conditions like arthritis, or other joint pain. It isUniquely engineered to keep your dog in great shape no matter what age,absolutely Great for older dogs that may be feeling uncomfortable.
Stop paying to replace poor quality made beds, If your looking for extravagant comfort andTRUE Qualityfor your pet here it isThe Barker 7 This Bed is truly the best out there andcomes with a 10 year warranty to back up its claims to be the best there is,how much would you save if you didn't have to replace your dog's bed for 10 years, This bed does not fail to meet all the top criteria, itscomfort level scores a 10 out of 10, It looksclassy in any home, and Comes in different colors,you can find it inLarge, XL and XXL, If your dog is a stretcher they are going to have plenty of room on this Fancy bed!!!It is super durable,The Bed only uses open cell foam which allows air to move freely through the bed so itdoesn't trap airbetween your dog and the bed this willalways keep your pet at a comfortable temperature,the open foam will also help prevent seepage of any unpleasant odorsinto the sponge,Washing the cover is also very easy, and it washes really well. Its material is beautifully softto the touch, Itshandmadeand comes from a workshop in California. The therapeutic foammaterial is above and beyond average when it comes to orthpedic beds, The Barker 7 only use Top Quality material and foam. The strong microfiber coversholds up remarkably well against digging and nesting.Big Barker only uses fabrics that score 100,000 or higher on the standard Wyzenbeek Abrasion test. When it comes tosupport and durabilityThe Baker 7 dog bedsare nothing short ofOutstanding Quality. The Bedwill not flatten over timeno matter what weight and size your pet is.
The only disadvantage is your dog won't want to lay on your couch with you anymore! My dogs shed hair a lot all over my furniture and I can honestly say this bed has solved that problem once and for all, I used to have to put stuff all over my sofa in order to keep my dogs off it at night time and when I'd leave my house, now I don't have to!
my dogs no longer want to lay on my sofas They absolutely love theirBarker 7 beds.
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Luxurious Dog Beds An Exceptional Bed for Your Canine
Sample Breed Recommendations:
Large (48 x 30 x 7)
Labrador, Boxer, Golden Retriever, Pit Bull, Husky
Extra Large (52 x 6 x 7)
German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman, Newfoundland, Mastiff
Giant XXL (60 x 48 x 7)
Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound. The Giant is also recommended for two large dogs that share a bed.
I highly recommend this bed for your doggy... if my finicky boy likes it... yours is sure to like it too!
This bed is the rolls Royce of dog beds, Your dog will be truly living a more luxurious lifestyle, I've never seen my mutt so happy its a chore to get him on my couch now, My Boy is young but i still noticed his mood is considerable better and uplifted he seems more rested than ever, I highly recommend this bed, your pet will thank you for it.
My 2 Pit Bulls LOVE their new Big Barker Beds! Very supportive and very comfortable for their old bones (13 and 10 years). These are Quality dog beds and so easy to unpack and set-up. Covers fit nice and snug. My dogs Zeus and Natasha love the headrest pillow and use it quite frequently. Other 5-Star reviews, the quality build, American-made foam supports, hand-made in the good ol'
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Luxurious Dog Beds An Exceptional Bed for Your Canine
USA by a small California family business, and, last but not least,awonderful 10-YEAR Warranty/Guarantee is what finally sold me on Big Barker after researching several other dog bed makers. Several dog beds are less expensive -- and yes, Big Barker Beds cost more initially -- but in the long run (10 years Guarantee) Big Barker is by far thevery best quality orthopedic dog bed money can buy. It does my heart good to see our loving dogs resting on the very best and sleeping (SNORING!) so soundly!!!! THANK YOU BIG BARKER BEDS!!!!!
hands down 5stars why, when i saw my Hazel jump onto the bed IMMEDIATELY after I unboxed and unwrapped and laid down (she also sniffed it extremely hard as dogs do lol). She's loving it wrinkles and all. The bed is no where near its full height !! When you take it out of the box it is slightly shrunken and really wrinkled ! Not to worry, those will smooth out within a day or two as the bed inflates !!Her loving the bed made it worth every single penny! And shoutout to Big Barker for their lovely email and 10 year warranty !My Hazel is a 70lb Dalamtian, she's wide, tall, AND long, and the Large was perfect for her ! She's a curler AND a sprawler who loves to nest so it serves the best of both worlds for her.
==xxRead More Stunning Reviews here
Q:Is this really the best bed for large breeds?
A: Truly this bed is the best money can buy for your beloved canine especially designed for larger dogs and breeds, it is build specifically to suit their bodies and to enhance and maintain their health and fitness.
Q:Is the bed good for orthopedic use for large dogs?
A: The Solid Memory Foam In the Barker 7 most certainly categorizes it as a Top of the range Orthopedic Dog Bed.
Q: Is this bed good for dogs that chew?
A: If your dog is a chewer he will have a much much tougher time getting at this bed, We can not guarantee that your dog will not at some point in time chew some of the bed, that all depends on your dog, but the high quality durable material certainly will prevent your pet from chewing away at it for a very long time, and for sure your pet will have a very hard time with chewing up the Barker 7. In fact they will properly give up when they realize they just are not going to be able to take it apart, It is extremely durable and harder to damage than other beds out there.
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Luxurious Dog Beds An Exceptional Bed for Your Canine
for more FAQ go to==FAQBigBarker7
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