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«For me, writing is like dreaming and Idon’t want to stop dreaming.»



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Date de parution 01 janvier 2021
Nombre de lectures 2
EAN13 9789995278588
Langue English
Poids de l'ouvrage 1 Mo

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Poetic moods
Winner of the international poetic prize MAURICE KONE 2020 in Paris, France
Poetic moods
INNOV EDITIONS Tous droits réservés Siège social: Route de Sotuba, près de l’Ex MINUSMA, Bamako, Mali E-mail : manuscritinnov@gmail.com Tel:(223) 76 04 87 63 / 76 03 52 68 ISBN: 978-99952-78-588 Dépôt légal: Bibliothèque Nationale du Mali 2021
Straddling between delight and throbbing, I see myself touching the climax of emotion. I walk drunk, again and again in the depths of these versatile frescoes, wading between love, war, guilt, joy, pain, questioning and memory.
“ Tears of silence” remains a weapon and a din against a world turned upside down, a world in which the brothers are thunders for their own brothers, a world where some are scavengers and others carrion, this is why poetic verses cry out:
“It’s still time that demands its blood from this pervert universe”. Serges Kooko, is one of those African poets, who, despite the deplorable conditions which consume the black continent, have always believed in a better tomorrow, and this passage expresses it with a lot of vehemence and fervor:
“Get up and walk… / Confront this iniquity / Who by force, has settled down / Fight the forces of evil / Who have imposed the torment of tantalum on you”.
This collection of poems, with sound, mu-sicality and frenzied rhythms is a real poetic potion against the sadistic and satirical evils of Africa, our Africa.
Alpha Saloum HAIDARA Poet and Publisher
To my father DALEKO
Serges Cyrille KOOKO
Worldwide Lots of îlthy things Everywhere, sadness and desolation Distress and humiliations
Ah! If the men had not moved away From the right path Maybe they would have beneîted Of a more radiant fate?
Everywhere is the horror of war False prophets promise us chimeras Sometimes the force of despair Make us believe them
Ah! If we had listened The voice of god Maybe in his eyes Would we be better regarded?
What then can we do? How does sin undo us?
May we come back to Better feelings! 9
TEARS OF SILENCE May we become decent again! May we reinsert the lord Deep in our hearts!
Maybe to us will open up New Horizons Maybe by this attitude The ways of bliss will open again And eternal bliss!
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