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Epigenomic diversity of colorectal cancer indicated by LINE-1 ... biomed

Genome-wide DNA hypomethylation plays a role in genomic instability and carcinogenesis. LINE-1 (L1 retrotransposon) constitutes

Risk behaviours among HIV positive injecting drug users in Myanmar: ... biomed

The severity of HIV/AIDS pandemic linked to injecting drug use is one of the most worrying medical and social problems

Sensitization of cervix cancer cells to Adriamycin by ... biomed

Chemotherapeutic drugs like Adriamycin (ADR) induces apoptosis or senescence in cancer cells but these cells often develop

Genetic inactivation of the Fanconi anemia gene FANCCidentified in ... biomed

Inactivation of the Fanconi anemia (FA) pathway through defects in one of 13 FA genes occurs at low frequency in various solid

Spatial and temporal distribution patterns of Anopheles ... biomed

An often confounding facet of the dynamics of malaria vectors is the aquatic larval habitat availability and suitable

HEALTH GeoJunction: place-time-concept browsing of health ... biomed

The volume of health science publications is escalating rapidly. Thus, keeping up with developments is becoming harder as is

High cell density cultivation and recombinant protein production ... biomed

Single-use rocking-motion-type bag bioreactors provide advantages compared to standard stirred tank bioreactors by decreased

Health-related quality of life and physical recovery after a ... biomed

Significant physical sequelae exist for some survivors of a critical illness. There are, however, few studies that have

Long-term progestin contraceptives (LTPOC) induce aberrant ... biomed

Irregular uterine bleeding is the major side effect of, and cause for, discontinuation of long-term progestin-only

Assessment of vector/host contact: comparison of animal-baited ... biomed

The emergence and massive spread of bluetongue in Western Europe during 2006-2008 had disastrous consequences for sheep and

On an inequality suggested by Littlewood biomed

We study an inequality suggested by Littlewood, our result refines a result of Bennett. 2000 Mathematics Subject

Distribution and correlates of plantar hyperkeratotic lesions in ... biomed

Plantar hyperkeratotic lesions are common in older people and are associated with pain, mobility impairment and functional

Highly active engineered-enzyme oriented monolayers: formation, ... biomed

The interest in introducing ecologically-clean, and efficient enzymes into modern industry has been growing steadily. However,

On the performances of Intensity Modulated Protons, RapidArc and ... biomed

To evaluate the performance of three different advanced treatment techniques on a group of complex paediatric cancer cases.

Naming a phantom – the quest to find the identity of Ulluchu, an ... biomed

The botanical identification of Ulluchu , an iconic fruit frequently depicted in the art of the pre-Columbian Moche culture

Development and preliminary validation of a Family Nutrition and ... biomed

Parents directly influence children's physical activity and nutrition behaviors and also dictate the physical and social

A randomized, controlled trial of initial anti-retroviral therapy ... biomed

Traditional first line regimens containing a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor or protease inhibitor may not be

Nicotine-induced Disturbances of Meiotic Maturation in Cultured ... biomed

We investigated whether nicotine exposure in vitro of mouse oocytes affects spindle and chromosome function during meiotic

Metabolic engineering for improving anthranilate synthesis from ... biomed

Anthranilate is an aromatic amine used industrially as an intermediate for the synthesis of dyes, perfumes, pharmaceuticals and

Prognostic value of cell-free plasma DNA in patients with cardiac ... biomed

Many approaches have been examined to try to predict patient outcome after cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It has been shown

Clinical Management of Adult Patients with a History of ... biomed

In the large majority of previous studies, patients with a history of acute urticaria induced by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory

Outcomes of highly active antiretroviral therapy in the context of ... biomed

To examine the outcomes of highly-active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) for individuals with free access to healthcare, we

A test of cognitive mediation in a 12-month physical activity ... biomed

Attempts to demonstrate the efficacy of interventions aimed at increasing physical activity (PA) have been mixed. Further,

Algorithms for enhancing public health utility of national ... biomed

Coverage and quality of cause-of-death (CoD) data varies across countries and time. Valid, reliable, and comparable assessments