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Divergence of Japanese media texts: To an evolving regional ...

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Divergence of Japanese media texts: To an evolving regional ...

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Ajouté le : 21 juillet 2011
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 Divergence of Japanese media texts: To an evolving regional hybridism.  Seiko Yasumoto The University of Sydney seiko.yasumoto@sydney.edu.au 
         Introduction   This paper explores the significance of the popular commercial success of Japanese media, with a focus on the Nintendo production of Supermario, and the way that it has emerged as a cultural commodity greatly valued and promoted by the Japanese Government.  Discussing the popularity of Supermario in Japan, I will contextualise its overseas popularity as part of successive waves of trends of Japanisation. I will then discuss the government policy and implementation of policy in response to the enormous success of Japanese media as a commodity in two respects: as a financial commodity and as a vehicle of cultural understanding, or in other words, respectively the material and political function of Japanese media. The purpose of this paper is to examine significant functions of Japanese media in a regional and global context, to explore the value placed upon it by the Japanese government                                                           1  This paper was presented to the 18 th Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia in Adelaide, 5-8 July 2010. It has been peer reviewed via a double referee process and appears on the Conference Proceedings Website by the permission of the author who retains the copyright. This paper can be downloaded for fair use under the Copyright Act (1954), its later amendments and other relevant legislation.