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NORMAN previews&updates:
Pajamas to SchoolDisasters! By Salena Martell and Liana Gergely Centerfold Page 4 Pages 6&7 HIGHLIGHTS
Josh Howard By Jason Kanter Page 12
David Stavis
Oct. 3, 2008
Club Week shortened to Club Days, still remains a hit with students
By Liana Gergely pose, have at least five officers, and than clubs that are made and never meetings, this year’s clubs have been well. Staff Writermeet,” Byun said. a teacher sponsor. Then ASB votes “Its going to be really cool, hope-reporting relative success. The Gay on which clubs they believe should However, the decrease in clubs led Straight Alliance, for example, had fully we will get the student’s in-Complying with its annual tra- be involved. to an increase in members, as many 30 people out of the 90 who signed volved and proactive about their dition, Club Week, now known as education,” sophomore treasurer “Club Days” returned on Septembe Oliver Bogner said. 22nd and 23rd. Many students are motivated to Held on the second floor pati join clubs for other reasons, includ-during lunch, over 40 clubs showe ing having fun outside of the club off their organizations with booth purpose. Light Up a Life, for exam-Their goals were to market thei ple, had a winter wonderland movie clubs and get as many members t night last year and raised funds for sign up as possible. Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Some clubs that participated du “Club week is a fun way to get to ing Club Days played music, whil see how different students interact. others wore costumes. Clearly, ther I loved being in a club last year be-was a huge amount of diversity cause of the social aspect,” Light up club types. A Life member Jamie Bratman said. From the Invisible Children’s clu Clubs at Beverly also have fun which fundraises for the educatio ways of fundraising. For the 2008-of children in Africa, to Beverly Bud 2009 school year, it has been made dies, which provides a support sys mandatory that clubs participate in tem for lost or lonely students, Clu Normapalooza or Carnival. Days is apparently all about stude In the past, clubs were required to involvement. pay 25 percent of their school-ori- “Club Days are a great way for ented fundraising to ASB, but this people to meet other people whoCLUB CRAZEyear the methods have changed, and- The Jambo World Club (left) and the Invisible Children Club (right) are just two of the many clubs that share similar interests as them,” participated in Club Days.Photos by William Zhangclubs instead pay a 50 dollar fee to counselor Ali Norman said. be kept running. The process for a club to get a William Byun, student body Vice students rushed to the second floor up attend their first meeting, even Clubs are an excellent way for stu-booth at the event is very exten- President, is the head of clubs and is patio to sign up for many clubs that though it was held only a couple of dents to meet their classmates, and sive. First, the founders of the club the main organizer of Club Days. they showed interest in. days after the Club Days ended. discover their passions. Keep an must have all their constitutions ap- “ The number of clubs is lower Even though students typically Clubs are meant to create unity eye out for fun club events that take proved by ASB. This means that they than last year because we are mak- tend to join groups and then just among the student body, and are place during the 2008-2009 school should have defined their clear pur- ing sure they are all legit, rather forget about them or never attend beneficial to one’s education as year. Norman NotesBeverly undergoes roof construction to fix leakage explained the process of applying including Principal Joseph Guidetti Annual College Nightto UC’s, CSU’s, community colleges and Assistant Principals Kelly Tabis By William Zhangpossible. and private universities. of House A, Rick Barclay of House lessens seniors’ doubts Editor-in-chief“We’re sorry for the inconve-“After leaving college night, I felt B, and Toni Staser of House C spoke nience to all students and teach-Beverly held its annual college a lot more informed and prepared to the students about various top-Beverly’s campus is currently ers,” Director of Maintenance and night on September 23rd. Bever-for the college application process,” ics regarding academics and school undergoing construction to repair Operations, Jim Fahey said. “We ly’s counseling staff put the night senior Dorsa Peykar said. “The rules in general. its 80 year-old roofs, which have know it’s a dirty and messy thing together for all seniors to kick off meeting was helpful and comforted Guidetti opened the assembly, caused leakage problems in the and we really appreciate every-the college application process. The my senior anxiety.” stressing the significance of the past. Construction started in mid- one’s cooperation.” schedule allowed seniors and their Counselors will continue to make recent drop in the STAR testing July and is tentatively planned to The construction was initially parents to attend a general informa-seniors application process as scores, stating that the administra-finish by the end of November. planned to start earlier in the tion session regarding the college smooth as possible with the senior tion will now try to do anything to The construction has started summer, but due to regulations application process before attend-meetings and essay workshops. get the students to care more about on the south side of the campus, regarding the price of the public ing two breakout sessions, where the exams. Among the incentives above the textbook room, and is bid, the project had to be rebid-School-wide assemblythat he mentioned were included they would go to hear speakers from slowly moving its way around to ded for a lower price. Currently, different types of colleges. student parking passes and the op-addresses vital issuesfigures have indicated that thethe north side of campus. Counselor Hanna Zylberberg was portunities for students to select Because the Main Building of project has cost over one million credited for putting most of the On Wednesday, September 24th their own teachers. our school is a historical building, dollars. event together, but the entire coun- and Thursday, September 25th, all Tabis spoke about topics includ-the workers have to save all the tile Construction has been on sched-seling staff played a tremendous students were led into the K.L. Pe- ing zero tolerance for bullying and that they remove and then put it ule so far, but the crew anticipates role in making College Night a suc- ters Auditorium during their Eng- prohibiting the use of electronics, back after replacing the underlay- some problems around the foreign cess. lish classes to attend a Path to Suc- while Staser talked about trash and ment of the roof. language building. However, they Representatives from UCLA, cess assembly. Compared to previ- dress codes. Barclay commented Though it is a hectic process, the hope to finish the job by their goal CSUN, SMC, West LA College, and ous years, this year’s assembly held about theft, public displays of affec-construction crew is attempting to date, which lies toward the end of USC conducted the different break- a very important message. tion and the possibility of cars being have as little impact on classes as November. out sessions. The representatives At the assembly, administrators towed if not parked properly.
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