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HGEP News An Annual Publication of the Department of History, Geography, Economics, and Politics at Castleton State College Volume 1 Winter 2009-10
Message from the Chair by Jonathan Spiro This is a very exciting time to be which many other (and larger) part of the HGEP Department at colleges can not boast. Castleton. First and foremost, we Furthermore, our department is are very pleased that Professor involved in a number of new Adam Chill, our new Europeanist, initiatives. For example, we are in has joined our faculty, lured here by the process of formulating a new the high salaries and exciting major in Global Studies. In the fall nightlife. He comes to us from we held our first ever HGEP Boston College, and his particular Information Meeting to acquaint specialty is the history of First Year Students with our major. masculinity (a truly cutting-edge In the spring we will host the HGEP field in academia). Professor Chill Career Night to prepare our students is smart, witty, and highly for their post-graduation careers. approachable (at this very moment I We now offer a number of can hear his students' laughter Pedagogy Labs to help Education pouring out of his office and rolling students become great teachers after down the hallway.) they graduate. We are in the The addition of Professor Chill process of creating a Facebook page means that we can take great pride for the department so our students in the fact that our department now and alumni can keep in touch with features an expert historian for each us and with each other. And we inhabited continentsomething of have created a HGEP Assessment New Faculty Profile: Adam Chill The HGEP department European survey courses, and to welcomed a new faculty member integrate technology with teaching. to Castleton in the fall of 2009. Dr. His dissertation on Jewish and Adam Chill arrived on campus in black boxers in Britain explored August to teach European and the topics of race, class, ethnicity, World history at CSC. Professor and masculinity. Chill is currently Chill holds a PhD from Boston doing research on women boxers College, where he taught for two in Britain, and will share the years as a post-doctoral fellow. results of his work with the Dr. Chill specializes in the campus community in a Phi Eta history of the British Empire, and Sigma lecture to be delivered in also takes a keen interest in gender March. history, womens history, the Professor Chill is already history of sport, and global studies. offering an exciting array of new While at Boston College, he courses at Castleton, and is hard at worked to develop resources for faculty to globalize traditional (CHILL,page three) HGEP News Winter 2009-10
Committee to investigate new methods to ensure that we are doing all that we can to help our students achieve their goals. Ever since I arrived at Castleton seven years ago, I have been continuously impressed by the expertise and the dedication of the HGEP faculty. They have a genuine commitment to undergraduate education, as evidenced by the fact that their doors are always open to their students. On Friday evenings, long after everyone else has left campus, I routinely see my colleagues working tirelessly at their desks to ensure that their teaching methods and their courses are the best they can possibly be. As previously noted, our doors are always openwed love for you to walk through them and say hi.
In This Issue HGEP To Host 2010 Conference ..... 2 Waara Named Faculty Fellow .. 2 Spiro's Book .......... 2 Sumner Honored ... 3 Student Awards .... 3 Faculty News .................. 4 Alumni News ... 6 Current Student News .. 6
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