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As the Weather Deteriorates PetNet Warns Pet Owners to Watch out for Antifreeze
PR Newswire LONDON, November 30, 2012
LONDON,November 30, 2012/PRNewswire/ --
With temperatures expected to fall below freezing across many parts of the UK,PetNet, which is supported by the British Veterinary Association, is urging pet owners to be aware of the huge risks associated with antifreeze.
Antifreeze (containing Ethylene Glycol), commonly used in radiators and some screen washes, can make its way into puddles. Unfortunately dogs and cats like drinking from standing water and if the water is contaminated it will be appealingly sweet. The lethal dose is only the equivalent of a 6ml teaspoon.
Lisa Robb, Head of Digital and Content atPetNet, adds: "We have read many reports from our community of pet owners that their dogs and cats have been poisoned by antifreeze so we are keen to raise awareness. Prevention is key and we hope that the top tips from PetNet vets, summarised below and all found at, will help."
Ideally replace your antifreeze for one containing Propylene Glycol However, if you do keep antifreeze containing the toxic Ethylene Glycol then: Store it very carefully away from pets reach If it spills clear away immediately and keep pets away If you have an ornamental garden pond don't add antifreeze
The first sign is wobbliness or falling over (as if drunk) Painful back and kidney area Vomiting and huge thirst
Lisa Robb concludes: "If any owner is concerned that their pet has been poisoned, call a vet immediately. Unfortunately the survival rate is low if kidneys have been damaged so it is incredibly important to take preventative steps. We urge pet owners to look for safe alternatives such as Propylene Glycol antifreeze."
If owners have any more concerns about a pet's health, they should visit advice. are online weekly giving advice but owners can registerquestionsat any time.
Notes to Editors
PetNet is a busy online community for pet owners with two website zones -Park Benchfor dogs andScratching Postfor cats and on average 80,000 owners visit the site every month for advice. PetNet also hasfacebook pages with the same names, which have 85,000 highly engaged fans.
For more media information please Alternatively call Fritha on +44(0)7776-184083 or Lisa on +44(0)845-371-0360
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