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'Caledonia' Calls for Scottish Ale's First TV Campaign
PR Newswire GLASGOW, Scotland, December 14, 2012
GLASGOW, Scotland,December 14, 2012/PRNewswire/ --
th Leading Scottish ale Caledonia Best today (14 December) unveiled its first ever television advertising campaign set to a new recording of one of Scotland's best-loved songs, 'Caledonia'. th On-air in Scotland from Saturday 15 December in time for the busy festive season, the 60-second film shows the journey of a young Scottish man through his years of changing loves, looks and lifestyles, before he finally finds contentment.
In a major coup for the brand, the campaign's soundtrack features a reworking ofDougie MacLean's classic 'Caledonia', performed by rising stars of the Scottish music scene Anderson, McGinty, Webster, Ward and Fisher. Caledonia Best chose the Dundee band who appeared on the T Break stage this year at T in the Park, believing their sound was perfect for the reinterpretation of the well loved Scottish song.
The advert is directed by Noah Harris, and is filmed in a fast-paced timelapse format, with the gaze of the camera rarely wavering from a man and his position at the bar of his local pub. As his pint is poured and begins to settle, various stages of his life are shown - the best friends, the short-lived girlfriends and the questionable clothes and haircuts. As the ad draws to a close, the man is seen settling into life with the confidence that comes with time and experience- like a pint of Caledonia Best, every man takes time to settle.
Caledonia Best, made with 100 per cent Scottish barley, has flourished in the Scottish ale market. Since its launch inOctober 2011, is has achieved more than 10 per cent distribution in the Scottish on-trade across 1,300 Scottish outlets, leading the market for share growth.
Tennent Caledonian Marketing Director Paul Condron commented:
"As we set out to create our first TV ad for Caledonia Best, we wanted to capture the role of the local pub in the social lives of so many Scots. We know our drinkers will easily relate to the highs and lows that are experienced before life feels more settled, and can identify Caledonia Best at the heart of so many special moments."
Notes to editors:
Caledonia Best
Since launching in 2011, Caledonia Best has achieved a 10 per cent distribution in the Scottish on trade As one of Scotland's leading ales, it is stocked in more than 1500 Scottish outlets. It is made with 100 per cent Scottish barley. The brand issued a pledge to donate5 pencefrom every pint sold in the first six months of sale towards grass roots activity that promotes a bright future for the industries at its heart. The 'Seed Fund' initiatives generated £58,000 to support farming and brewing industries throughout Scotland this year. Caledonia Best supports a partnership with Sam Torrance to create an engaging programme of golf activity for the brand involving customers and consumers throughout 2012.
InDecember 2012, the Scottish smooth ale was announced as the official sponsor of Scottish Rugby for a three year partnership, the biggest of its kind in Scottish Rugby history.
Tennent Caledonian
The Tennent's business has been brewing since 1740 at the historic Wellpark Brewery in the east end of Glasgow - built by H&R Tennent and today the oldest running commercial concern inGlasgow. InNovember 2010the business opened its Tennent's Training Academy on-site at Wellpark. This state-of-the-art facility provides high quality industry training that is accessible for the entire industry - not just for Tennent's customers. InOctober 2011, Tennent Caledonian launched a major new beer brand forScotland - Caledonia Best - made with 100 per cent Scottish barley. Scotland's leading brewer launched a new website to showcase their business offering.The new site, which can be found at InNovember 2012, the business unveiled that it has raised a total of £16,000 for Capability Scotland following its pledge to donate 5p of every pint sold on the day of Glasgow's Olympic homecoming parade. The use of 'Caledonia' for this new campaign comes two decades after Tennent's propelled the song into the Scottish consciousness when Frankie Miller's version of Dougie MacLean's song was used for a classic Tennent's Lager advert in the 1990s.
Notes on AMWWF
The band is made up of members of some of Dundee's best known groups Formed in late 2011, rising quickly to become 'Ones to Watch 2013' The band were picked up by Tennent's as a highlight of the T Break Stage at T in the Park 2012 The band's latest gig at The Gardyne Theatre inDundee sold out in 12 hours
Notes on Noah Harris
Noah made his name in 2008 for his rebranding of E4. Since then he has gone on to direct adverts for som e of the country's best known brands such as Carphone Warehouse, TalkTalk and Ford Fiesta. He has also shot short films Anomaly and Quietus which have received critical acclaim.
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