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Canada's Ex-Prime Minister: Ukraine Should be in EU
PR Newswire KYIV, Ukraine, October 23, 2012
KYIV, Ukraine,October 23, 2012/PRNewswire/ --
th Canada's 19Prime Minister Kim Campbell would like to see Ukraine as a member of the EU, however, the country would have to undergo a number of complicated reforms. Canada's first and only woman prime minister and the founding Chair of the International Advisory Board of the Ukrainian Foundation for Effective Governance made this statement in her interview withInterfax.
Canada's former premier welcomed Ukraine's cooperation with the EU, for the free trade zone agreement with the EU (FTA) would facilitate further reforms and political development in Ukraine. She stated that FTA would have more advantages for Ukraine than joining the Custom s Union, for Russia did not impose obligations with respect to political standards in Ukraine. A country willing to become EU member, on the other hand, has to implement European legislation and introduce a long reformation process.
"Ukraine is a big country and many processes take place at the same time. I can already point out progress in the economic area," said Campbell. Future signing and implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU, including the FTA, remains of crucial importance for Ukraine's further political and economic developm ent.
Ukraine could identify itself with Europe and yet have good relations with Russia. The FTA would likely exclude the possibility of joining the Customs Union, however, it would not eliminate the opportunity to have good relations with the neighboring state, she said.
Cooperation with the EU could helpUkraine overcome a number of challenges including the issue of attracting investments. Kim Campbell stated that it would be a pity if the tension around the imprisonment ofUkraine's Ex-prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko would eliminate the possibility of signing EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.
Kim Campbell also commented on the upcoming parliam entary elections inUkraine: "I think Ukrainian government will do everything in its powers as to ensure free and fair vote, because it will benefit Ukraine, which will advance its efforts in signing Association Agreement and FTA."
Canada, the country boasting the second largest Ukrainian diaspora in the world, will send in 10 citizens to monitor the elections. Previously, Canadian officials stated their government planned on sending some 500 observers to monitor upcomingOctober 28, 2012Ukraine., parliamentary elections in
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