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Green Energy Business in Austria: Styria Named a European Entrepreneurial Region for 2013
PR Newswire STYRIA, Austria, December 5, 2012
STYRIA, Austria,December 5, 2012/PRNewswire/ --
The Austrian region of Styria has been named by the European Entrepreneurial Regions (EER) initiative as one of three European Entrepreneurial Regions for 2013.
Styria's Regional Strategy for Entrepreneurship
Styria showed the European Commission presented a comprehensive general strategy in the framework of the Europe 2020 targets, with a strong social dimension, specific measures for migrants, a commitment for its specialisation strategy and a strong focus for Public Private Partnerships. Furthermore, Styria's ideas on how to foster cooperation among the EER regions impressed the jury.
The aim of the European Entrepreneurial Regions (EE R) initiative is to create dynamic, green and entrepreneurial regions throughout Europe, and to contribute to the implementation of the Small Business Act at regional and local level. It puts innovation and sustainable growth at the heart of competitiveness and aims at fostering structural reforms, whilst also mitigating the impact of the economic and financial crisis.
"Graz, and Styria as a whole, has not only implemented renewable energy programmes and dedicated itself in both practice and planning to future-oriented, environmentally sound business, it is also a hub for learning, knowledge sharing and networking in the incredibly varied disciplines within the renewable energy sector," said Erika Wolfe from online FDI platform, Locations4business.
Locations4business is an online business-to-business resource that offers comprehensive, independent, third-party site selection and location information to help businesses research and make decisions on locating their business operations.
Visit locations4business to learn more about investment in Styria:
Locations4business Emma Tessier, PR manager +44-(0)207-183-7671
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