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Gus and Marie Explain the Green Economy: SPIE Launches an Educational Series of Animated Films on Environment

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"Let's go to the future": a simple and entertaining way to find out more about the stakes of respecting the environment and natural resources


SPIE Group, the independent European leader in energy and communications services uses modelling clay animated figures with a series of educational videos explaining what the green economy is.

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Filmed as an educational television programme, "Let's go to the future" aims to make the general public more aware of the themes of the green economy whilst using concrete examples showing how SPIE Group activities respond to these stakes.

Just like their famous Wallace and Gromit figures who launched the animated modelling clay genre, Gus and Marie are ordinary and committed heroes in this saga. The two characters explain in a simple way the stakes of an economy that respects the environment and natural resources, and act as a good-humoured support to show some of SPIE's solutions that have been proposed or put in place to respond to this challenge. Marie, a field journalist, leaves to investigate and asks questions, whilst Gus, with his laboratory transformed into a television studio, brings us additional information about solutions to be implemented. The 1st episode "Stakes of Sustainable Mobility," thus explains the context and challenges of sustainable cities, ways to develop sustainable mobility (urban planning, a change in behaviour, development of soft transport, etc.) as well as the impact of each means of transport. The last part zooms in to highlight electric vehicles.

"The use of modelling clay, a time-independent and universal technique, allows us to highlight in an entertaining way, very complex issues concerning the green economy that are at the heart of stakes of today's society and SPIE Group's development strategy," said Pascal Omnès, the SPIE Group Communication Manager. "The first episode, targeting sustainable mobility, has just been released of these enjoyableand educational videos. In the first season, they will illustrate green economy themes and later on, they will target other subjects in which SPIE is very involved, such as safety at the workplace, or the role disabled people play. Lastly, they will enlarge our Group corporate communication and a special edition will even be an electronic greetings card to welcome in 2014."

"Let's go to the future" episode 1: Sustainable mobility: what's at stake?" .

About SPIE

As independent European leader in the areas of energy and communication services, SPIE supports its private and public-sector customers to design, build, operate and maintain facilities that are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.SPIE's more than 30,200 employees work from nearly 500 locations in 31 countries and in 2012 SPIE posted pro-forma turnover of €4.217 billion over its four strategic segments "Energies" (26%), "e-fficient building" (32%), "Smart City" (25%) and "Industry Services" (17%) and generated pro-forma EBITDA of €289.4 million.



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