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Rooftop Auction and Art Show
Most of these jobs ask for 37 hours of your time.The more we put into Auction preparation, the more money we will make for Rooftop! PREEVENT MerchandiseReceivers: Gift Certificates1 per class Solicitation Callers  3 per classDo you like to work alone and when its convenient for you? Then gift Do this from home or work!Make follow up calls to thecertificate processing might be your way to help out the auction!There businesses we knowhave given to us recently.We’vean office on campus where you can work. Process paper gift is already mailed them requests.certificates at your own pace 12 hours a week b/w the hours of 9am  and4pm. Merchandise Receivers: Tangible 1 per classWork with the team of people who receive and catalogMerchandise Receivers: Thank you letters1 per class tangible objects. Must be available during school hoursWork with the Donation team to ensure that our donors feel  appreciatedand willing to continue their support Merchandise Pickup1 per classDo you have a car?Meet new people and visit SF businesses as youComputer Inputters1 per class pick up merchandise from donors and deliver donations to schoolWork from home or at school inputting computer data for our catalog.  Musthave at least Windows XP, and be computer literate.
ONSITE:Most of these jobs ask for 13 hours of your timeSilent Auction Workers1 per class Kitchen Work2 per class You will work during the silent auction period to watch for incorrect You will work in shifts to cook, set up the food for the buffet, keep the bids, help close tables, and circle winners. buffet clean and stocked, wash dishes, take care of kitchen equipment, clean kitchen and prep room, and break down the buffet. Live Auction Workers1 per class These shifts are available on Friday evening as well as throughout the Do you enjoy managing large groups locked in exciting standoffs? day and evening on Saturday.We especially need assistance with the You can do one of the following jobs: help set up live auction displays buffet breakdown and cleanup. before the event or locate the winning bidders during the live auction. Truck Loading and Unloading1 per classFilers1 per class You will be loading trucks at Rooftop, driving them to the Hall of You can choose one shift, before or during the auction.Filers help to Flowers, and helping to unload. There's more need for folks to help set up computers and folders before the event, enter winning bid move boxes and merchandise and props. Shifts are available on sheets during the event, and print invoices. Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Merchandise Checkout1 per class Set Up and Display2 per class You will collect money from guests when they pay for their bids at the Do you have a flare for display? You will be dressing the tables, setting end of the event. up the displays and making the auction items look gorgeous. Two shifts on Saturday morning and one on Friday night. Merchandise Distribution2 per class Do you like giftgiving? After people have paid for their goods, you will Silent Auction Preparation 1 per class help gather the items and give them out.You will be unpacking and doing an inventory of the silent auction merchandise early on the day of the auction. Take Down and Clean up1 per class(FREE TICKET to Auction if Decorations1 per classyou sign up!) You will be helping take down tables and chairs and loading the truck You will help to make the Hall of Flowers look beautiful during the towards the end of the auction. Some of this work will begin when the morning of the event. silent auction ends. Checkin1 per class POSTThis group will work in shifts during the event, meeting and greeting Monday Clean Up1 per class guests as they arrive. Help sort supplies, inventory (repacking, labeling, and taking stock for Bar1 per classnext year), and organize the boiler room and storage rooms to make everything fit.Some lifting required. You will work in shifts, serving drinks, restocking, and breaking down the beverage service. Please detach this portion, fill in the job you would like to do and have your child give it to their teacher by Friday, January 14th. To sign up via e-mail, send us your name, class, phone number, and preferred job to th 2011 Auction Job Sign UpThe 18Annual Auction and Children’s Art ShowName: ________________________________________________________ E-mailAddress: __________________________________________ The best time and phone number to reach you:________________________________________________________________________ Your Child’s Name:_________________________________________ Teacher/Classroom: ______________________________________ The job for me is:_________________________________________ ScheduleRestrictions: ______________________________________
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