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Dear Sirs,
Commissioner for Peace and Security A.U. ano
General Secretary of IOC eace,Democracy and Human Rights of OIF GIC - Madagascar
We can not keep quiet face to the behaviour of you members of the GIC-M about the Malagasy political crisis. Indeed, the 7-points plan unpleasantly reminds us that the various communiqués of the ICG-M are meaningless. One day you scream from the housetops who are coup leaders and that they deserve to be sanctionned, and the following four years, you ask Malagasy people to abide by their authority and willingness.
109 persons were expected to hit international sanctions for having p articipated in the coup. The Malagasy people came to the conclusion that sanctions consisted to let the se persons travel around the world with the people's money and to squander the natural resources of Madagascar for their own personal interests, and this with impunity. We can hardly believe that you ignore these facts. Insofar as no sanction was actually applied, the announcement of its lifting is nonsense, if it is not an insult to the the Malagasy people, who has nothing to eat today .
In addition, you have made sure that Rajoelina has the power to impoverish and terrorize the malagasy people. It is known that express itself publicly in Madagascar sends straight to prison if one does not die on the spot with the military crackdown ordere d by the Authority for Transition. Has the GIC-M nothing to say about that?
No political prisoners were released. On the contrary, the persecution of opponents continues unabated and repression of any form of expression hardened. Torture and poisoning are the lot of prisoners. Sick prisoners are not treated.
As for the press, no radio station has been closed reopened.
All this is provocation. One wonders to whom you refer when you threaten to sanction any form of provocation.
Rajoelina has reneged on his signatures: where was the GIC to sanction?
GTTAssociations 22 rue de Saïda 75015 PARIS France e-mail : gttidf.2012@gmail.orgMaison des
Today, the movement of President Ravalomanana shows its determination to forge ahead to resolve the crisis with the nomination of Ms. Ravalomanana: curiously, the ICG -M wakes up and shows its claws, presents with an ultimatum and threatens with robust sanctions. It is not a secret that you have done nothing against Rajoelina, but you are ready to do anything against the legalistic people, Ravalomanana’s family and his entourage.
You go as far as to take the role of Parliamentarians of Madagascar ! in the name of what and over what legal foundations do you base in ordering a reshuffle of the CES by the one of the protagonists, who is the putschist, while you expected a neutral structure? and what would you concoct if the election results do not meet the wishes of the Françafrique, because everyone knows it, this is only that. Malagasy are poor but not fooled.
The main obstacle to the resolution of the crisis is the coup leader who clings to the chair you had offered him, and it is to him that you ask to reshuffle the CES. We may change several times the CES, the problem remains the same : Rajoelina will persist in doing what he wants and with impunity under your eyes.
You ask Andry Rajoelina to announce his withdrawal f rom the presidential race. Yet it appears that if the fourth point, which particularly concerns him, is accomplished, he will not have to do it. That means that some of these points are meaningless. And if he does not make this ad, what would you do without involving others nor the Malagasy people in his spell ? is the GIC able to impose sanctions against a coup without having to justify and involve innocent persons ?
The Malagasy people is aware that you imagined this law which can overlook the supreme law of the country, as a result of the reply of the candidate Lalao Ravalomanana about your reque st to her to stand down her candidacy : it is the supreme law which authorizes her to run for elections and there is any law which may contradict it. It did not fall in deaf ears: if there were it, that GIC could invent. And an other supreme law will emerge !
The whole world knows that you compel her, with France to withdraw under threat of sanctions : you are using the word "voluntarily" in order to confuse once again the duty of a coup not to participate in any elections, and the stress to a person who has right at all to stand for election.
And since we are talking about willingness : you are well aware that Andry Rajoelina has voluntarily prevented several times the return of President Ravalomanana to Madagascar. Does your statement of support to the efforts of the FFKM have a meaning, in so far as it is four years now that this return is illegally prevented by Andry Rajoelina, and on your side, you do not feel invested a duty to punish this operation of terrorism. In addition, we remind you that Ms. Ra valomanana and her daughter had been physically assaulted and suffered a rejection at the frontier without cause by the transitional authority: where were you to apply any sanction and why have you not included in this “salutary” some robust sanctions against all those who would hamper the return of President plan Ravalomanana before July 31st ?
You have voluntarily decided not to apply the Cotonou Agreement against Andry Rajoelina: take your responsibility within your logic. This agreement does not give you the right to prevent victims of the coup from standing for presidential elections. Malagasy people are now completely indifferent to candidacy or not of Rajoelina, because you have not done the right thing in this case, but it does not give you the right to deprive them of their choice in the person of Ms. Ravalomanana who
GTTMaison des Associations 22 rue de Saïda 75015 PARIS France e-mail :
has no blame. Bear the name of her husband is not a blame which would make lose her rights. There is no law prohibiting a citizen who has a sick parent to have concerns or ambitions for his country.
We will continue to point the finger at any inhumanity from men. We address specifically to African Members of the GIC-M. The treatment of the Malagasy and African people takes the form of modern slavery. You have the opportunity to act as noble statesmen at each resolution crisis facing Africa, as did Mandela who would tell you if he were on your side right now: "Any man or institution that tries to rob me of my dignity will lose. " And that's what the Malagasy people also say to you today.
Yours faithfully, The members of GTT*
Paris, July 28, 2013
GTTAssociations 22 rue de Saïda 75015 PARIS France e-mail : gttidf.2012@gmail.orgMaison des
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