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Mr. president, Mr. mayor, friends of Hungary, Italy, Kosova, Slovenia ...

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Mr. president, Mr. mayor, friends of Hungary, Italy, Kosova, Slovenia,. Macedonia, Bosnia, friend Oriano, ladies and gentlemen,. Firstly I bring you the greeting of ...

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Ajouté le : 17 avril 2012
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Mr. president, Mr. mayor, friends of Hungary, Italy, Kosova, Slovenia,
Macedonia, Bosnia,
friend Oriano, ladies and gentlemen,
Firstly I bring you the greeting of our leader, Mr. Artur Mas, who we hope will be
the President of Catalonia the next autumn. We had spoken with Oriano about
our desire for having him today within us. But not only the Catalan elections are
too near, also the Spanish political and institutional crisis have him busy and
tied to Barcelona. You might know that the Spanish Constitutional Court is
living a very important crisis in relation a sentence against the Catalan
autonomy. In any case, I would like to give all you his greeting.
Once this has been said, I have to explain that I am here politically in
representation of the Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya, conjointly with
Mr. Marc Guerrero, present today here as I am like vice-president of the
European Liberal Party, but than I have to recognize you that it’s a personal
pleasure to be here today. Whit the signature of collaboration among the
Democratic Assembly of Istria (Istrian Democratic Assembly) and
Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya, we stamp an old friendship.
It is a friendship that we have started some years ago with your president, Mr.
Ivan Jakovcic, and our president, who was at that time our leader, also the
leader of Catalonia, Mr. Jordi Pujol. They defended the European regionalism
in the Assembly of the Regions of Europe. They were regionalist and defenders
of the power of the autonomic governments and identities. But they not only
shared this. Also they had in common a deeply democratic feeling and an
Europeanness very active. Afterwards, the Treaty of Lisbon perhaps -sure- has
not picked up all the regionalist expectations. However, in those wills we
This collaboration has been followed by another generation, already not in the
institutional frame, but in the area of the European Liberal Party. In the
executives or in the congresses of the ELDR Party we have started a good
personal and political friendship with Oriano Otocan. There, the people of the
Istrian Democratic Assembly and of the Convergènica Democràtica de
Catalunya we always had coincided in votes and approaches. Any case, we
have to thank your support when some months ago in a Congress in Barcelona
we obtained your unconditional support for the choice of Mr. Marc Guerrero to
be vice-president of the ELDR.
This entire story has
to serve us for continuing defending the regional
powers, and nations without state in Europe. Also it has to make us allies in the
defense of Mediterranean policies. Catalonia complains, but I am sure that
Istria also, that the Union for the Mediterranean will be not only a name. It will
take projection and a true instigator of policies of development and the stability
on the two sides of this sea.
Finally, in this necessarily brief intervention, I have to say that our complicity is
on your side to make possible that Croatia becomes a full member of the
European Union. I do not know enough the dossier Croacia-EU for speaking
about the details. Nevertheless, I can tell you that in the next months
Convergència can have a very strong position in Catalonia and in Spain. We
will put all our political force to promote the incorporation of Croatia in Europe. I
personally am very in favor of the incorporation of Turkey. However, it is
undoubted that the European geography has to complete its puzzle finally
incorporating all the pieces of the Balkans.
Well, I reiterate, it is a pleasure to be here and to stamp our friendship this with
an agreement.
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