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Global Tr ade Finance ProGr am
ifC: kEY fàctS
Credit Rating : Triple -A ( Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s)
Portfolio:$25.4 billion, representing 1,410 investments in 116 countries (as of June 30, 2007)
Total Staff:Approximately 3,100 (50 percent of whom are based outside of Washington, D.C.)
NUmber of Transactions Committed in Fiscal Year 2007:299
IndUstry Coverage: Global financial markets; private equity and investment funds Global manufacturing and services; agribusiness; health and education Infrastructure; information and communication technologies; oil, gas, mining and chemicals; sub-national finance
IFC is a member of the World Bank Group, which comprises four related de-velopment institutions, each with its own budget, management, and gover-nance structure: the World Bank; its insurance arm, the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency; the International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes; and IFC.
Owned by 179 shareholder countries, we areglobal—for more than 50 years we have focused on developing countries.
We arelocal—with a full time presence in more than 80 countries and activities in many others. We put our clients first. We can work with youanywherein the developing world, building long-term partnerships, exchanging knowledge, and growing together to achieve “win-win” results.
Our broad range ofInvestmentandAdvisory Servicessupport one goal: improving lives and raising living standards through sustainable private sector development. They are flexible and can be tailored to a client’s specific needs.
In 2007, we invested approximately $8.2 billion from our own account in 69 countries, mobilized an additional $3.9 billion through syndications and structured finance, and provided advisory services in 125 countries. Since our founding in 1956, we have committed more than $64 billion of our own funds and arranged more than $27 billion in syndications for 3,760 companies in 141 developing countries. We have also provided more than $1 billion in advisory services in the past 20 years, funded primarily by our development partners.
OUr Shared Visionis that people should have the opportunity to escape poverty and improve their lives.
OUr PUrposeis to • Promote open and competitive markets indeveloping countries • Support companies and other private sector partners • Generate productive jobs and deliver basic services • Create opportunities for people to escape poverty and improve their lives
OUr Core ValUesare • Excellence • Commitment • Integrity • Teamwork
aBOut thE GTFP
THE Global TradE FinancE ProGram
iFc GLOBàL TRàDE FINàNCE PROgRàM (GTFP) guàRàNtEEs thE tRàDE-RELàtED pàyMENt OBLIgàtIONs Of àppROvED fINàNCIàL INstItutIONs IN EMERgINg MàRkEts (issuINg bàNks) àCROss àLL REgIONs Of thE wORLD. ThROugh thE GTFP BàNk NEtwORk, LOCàL fINàNCIàL INstItutIONs CàN EstàBLIsh wORkINg pàRt-NERshIps wIth à vàst NuMBER Of MàjOR INtERNàtIONàL àND REgIONàL BàNks (cONfIRMINg bàNks) IN thE pROgRàM, thus BROàDENINg àCCEss tO fINàNCE. by tàppINg thE RIsk MItIgà-tION pROvIDED By thE GTFP, INtERNàtIONàL tRàDE fINàNCE pROvIDERs CàN ENhàNCE thEIR gLOBàL REàCh CONfIDENtLy, gàIN fàMILIàRIty IN NEw MàRkEts, àND BuILD RELàtIONshIps wIth quàLIty COuNtERpàRty BàNks IN gROwth MàRkEts àROuND thE wORLD.
whàt àRe the bUSINeSS beNefItS?
GTFP delivers global reach and maximum flexibility to assist trade finance deals by: • Linking banks to a global network of partnerships • Covering up to 100 percent of transaction value • Offering market-driven pricing • Delivering 24 hour-turn-around • Providing tenors of up to three years to support capital goods imports
whàt àRe the aDVàNtàgeS fOR
For banks receiving guarantee coverage, the GTFP: • Expands geographical coverage for servicing export clients • Provides risk coverage to leverage trade lines in new or challenging markets • Builds new correspondent bank relationships on a low-risk basis • Mitigates provisioning and Basel II capital requirements
Global Tr ade Finance ProGr am
pER-tRàNsàCtION BàsIs IN ChàLLENgINg MàRkEts whERE tRàDE LINEs Mày BE LIMItED. WIth Its gLOBàL MàNDàtE, DEDICàtED tRàDE spECIàLIsts, àND OvER 250 BàNks àLREàDy IN thE GTFP, pàRtICIpàNts CàN fINàNCE thEIR IMpORts àND ExpORts CON-vENIENtLy By àCCEssINg à pROgRàM thàt LINks thEM tO àN ExtENsIvE NEtwORk Of BàNk pàRtNERs wORLDwIDE. PLEàsE REfER upDàtED COuNtRy àND BàNk COvERàgE.
How doEs iFc suPPorT TradE TransacTions?
ThE GTFP OffERs cONfIRMINg bàNks pàRtIàL OR fuLL guàR-àNtEEs whICh COvER pàyMENt RIsk ON BàNks IN EMERgINg MàRkEts. ThEsE guàRàNtEEs àRE tRàNsàCtION-spECIfIC àND àppLy tO tRàDE-RELàtED DEàLs whICh Mày BE EvIDENCED By à vàRIEty Of uNDERLyINg INstRuMENts.
HOW dOeS à bàNk PàRtICIpàte? 1.ContacttheGTFPtodiscussneedsandeligibility criteria 2. Sign the master documentation 3. Consult with the GTFP team for a guarantee fee quote for a specific trade 4. There are no up-front fees or commitment fees associated with joining the GTFP
whàt àRe the aDVàNtàgeS fOR iSSUINg bàNkS?
The GTFP supports Issuing Banks by: • Offering opportunities to build relationships with new correspondent banks • Facilitating trade financing via a global network of GTFP Confirming Banks • Mitigating risk profile to counterparty banks • Reducing cash collateral needs • Delivering advisory services and training to improve operating standards
Global Tr ade Finance ProGr am
Signed In Process
Coverage forunfundedtrade transaCtions
iFc COvERs IMpORt LEttERs Of CREDIt àND stàNDBy LEttERs Of CREDIt (lcs), às wELL às thE OBLIgàtION Of thE IssuER Of pERfORMàNCE BONDs, BID BONDs, àND àDvàNCE pàyMENt guàRàNtEEs.
Coverage forfundedtrade transaCtions
iFc COvERs thE OBLIgàtION Of thE IssuER Of à fINàNCIàL INstRuMENt fOR tRàDE fINàNCINg ON-LENt tO Its CLIENts. iNstRuMENts suCh às pROMIssORy NOtEs, stàNDBy lcs, OR CREDIt guàRàNtEEs IN fàvOuR Of pàRtICIpàtINg cONfIRMINg bàNks thàt pROvIDE fuNDs tO thE issuINg bàNk CàN BE COvERED uNDER fuLL OR pàRtIàL guàRàNtEEs fROM iFc. TRàDE fINàNCE CREDIt fROM cONfIRMINg bàNks suppORts lc BILL DIsCOuNtINg OR NEgOtIàtION, BàNkERs àCCEptàNCE fINàNCINg, pRE-ExpORt OR pOst-shIpMENt fINàNCINg, àND pOst-IMpORt fI-NàNCINg ON à tRàDE àssEt pORtfOLIO OR fOR INDIvIDuàL tRàDE tRàNsàCtIONs.
Global Tr ade Finance ProGr am
TransacTion ExamPlEs:
aDVàNCe PàYMeNt GUàRàNtee:apworectionofConstru plant in Nigeria by a Japanese engineering company. The Confirming Bank was based in the UK and the GTFP provided 100 percent guarantee for $11 million.
letteR Of cReDIt: Tractor imports to Mongolia from China with post-import financing for two years. The Confirming Bank was based in the US and the GTFP provided 100 percent guarantee for $900,000.
iRReVOCàBLe reIMBURSeMeNt uNDeRtàkINg:Construction machinery exports to East Africa from the Netherlands issued by a Lebanese bank. The Confirming Bank was based in Austria and the GTFP provided 85 percent guarantee for $11 million.
dISCOUNt àgàINSt aCCeptàNCe Of lc DOCUMeNtS (ThIRD bàNk lc):Machinery imports into West Africa. The Issuing Bank was based in Malta and the Confirming (Discounting) Bank was based in China. The GTFP provided 100 percent guar antee for $300,000.
PROMISSORY nOte: Soybean oil exports from Argentina to
Ecuador. Post-import financing was provided for six months.
The Confirming Bank was based in the US and the GTFP
provided a 100 percent guarantee for $1.5 million.
bID bOND:Construction services in Qatar provided by a Lebanese company. The Confirming Bank was based in the UAE. The tenor was for four months and the GTFP provided 85 percent guarantee for $2.3 million.
PeRfORMàNCe bOND:Supply of methanol from the Netherlands to Nigeria. The Confirming Bank was based in South Africa and the GTFP provided 100 percent guarantee for $10 million.
Global Tr ade Finance ProGr am
ThE TRàDE aDvIsORy PROgRàM Is àN INtEgRàL COMpONENt Of thE GTFP. it Is DEsIgNED tO hELp pàRtICIpàtINg BàNks BuILD thEIR CàpàCIty IN thE àREàs Of tRàDE fINàNCE àND INtERNàtIONàL tRàDE OpERàtIONs. SINCE JuNE 2006, MORE thàN 700 pàRtICIpàNts fROM 252 BàNks àCROss 47 COuNtRIEs hàvE BENEfItED fROM thE 45 tRàININg àND àDvIsORy sERvICEs pROgRàMs. ThIs àDvIsORy sERvICEs INItIàtIvE Is suppORtED By iFc àND vàRIOus DONOR COuNtRIEs.
IFC provides local financial institutions with training and support in order to:
• Transfer current international best practices in trade finance to local markets • Upgrade the operational and technical skills of trade finance back offices • Improve trade finance risk mitigation techniques • Upgrade skills in structuring basic and complex trade finance transactions
HOW DOeS à bàNk PàRtICIpàte?
In order to identify the relevant trade advisory services for a particular client bank, IFC advisory services initially conducts a diagnostic study to assess needs and develop appropriate terms of reference. IFC advisory services will then work with the client bank to procure a suitable consultant to deliver the services proposed in the terms of reference.
For more information please contact: gtfptRàININg@IfC.ORg
TyPEs oF TraininG ProvidEd:
leVeL i - bàSIC TRàININg:One week training program covering basic documentary credit transactions and collections.
leVeL ii – aDVàNCeD TRàININg: One week training program covering issues such as intermediate documentary credit transactions, structured trade finance products, forward sales, and hedging techniques.
smE TRàININg: One day workshop designed for one specific bank and its clients. The goal of this workshop is to create awareness for the participat-ing banks’ existing and prospective clients on the viability of trade finance as a financing option.
E-leàRNINg TRàININg: Two month online course and examination that provides specific knowledge on the new International Documentary Credit Rules (UCP 600) for trade finance professionals from banks.
In-house placement of trade finance professionals.
The duration is determined based on the client
bank’s needs and can range from 1-12 months.
Communications Equipment and Software 3% Construction Sector 2% Agricultural Goods and Fertilizer 25%
Industrial Goods and Machinery 15%
Plastic and Rubber Products 3% Consumer Goods 5% Textiles, Appareland Leather 5% Automotiveand Parts 9%
Steel andAluminum Products 9%
Global Tr ade Finance ProGr am
Regional BReakdown of The gTfP guaRanTees
Middle East and North Africa 1
Latin Americ 30
South Asia 2%
East Asia and Pacific 2%
Links over 250 banks into aglobal networKof trade partnershipsCovers the risk ofover 125 participating IssUing BanKsCoverslarge and smalltransactions in emerging markets Simple master agreementsexecuted by participating banks 24-48 hoUr tUrnaroUndfor guarantee issuance Offers commercial pricing withno commitment fees CoversUp to 100 percentof country and commercial risk Guarantees issued for tenorsUp to three years Over2,300 gUarantees for $3 billionissued to date
Sub-Saharan Africa 47%
East Europe and Central Asia 5%
Oil, Gas and Chemicals 24%
e GTFP Team
Management HeadqUarters Scott Stevenson Manager – Trade Tel: +1.202.458.5697 Email:
Bonnie Galat Global Head – Marketing & Distribution Tel: +1.202.473.5335 Email:
Rogers LeBaron Senior Advisor Tel: +1.202.458.7518 Email:
Africa Gboyega SongonUga Regional Head Tel: +27.11.731.3133 Email:
Sabrina Borlini Trade Specialist Tel: +27.11.731.3275 Email:
Olivier BUyoya Trade Specialist Tel: +27.11.731.3025 Email:
SoUleymane Traore Trade Specialist Tel: +233.21.778.109 Email:
ifC 2121 PENNSYLvàNIà a vE., nw wàSHINGtON, dC 20433, usa IFc.OrG/GtFp
EUrope & Central Asia MarK RozansKi Regional Head Tel: +1.202.473.4640 Email:
Latin America Antonio Alves Regional Head Tel: +1.202.458.5056 Email:
RaqUel Segrera Trade Specialist Tel: +57.31.1876.1339 Email:
Middle East & Asia Priyamvada Singh Regional Head Tel: +1.202.458.4786 Email:
Shehzad Sharjeel Trade Finance Specialist Tel: +20.2.2461.4270 Email:
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MarKeting Zeynep Ersel Global Marketing Officer Tel:+1.202.458.2502 Email:
Raj Salooja Analyst Tel: +1.202.458.9626 Email:
Operations Montserrat GanUza Supervisor Trade Operations Tel: +1.202.458.5615 Email:
Li Tang Trade Operations Tel: +1.202.473.7678 Email:
Beatrix von Heintschel Trade Operations Tel:+1.202.473.0071 Email:
Advisory Services Gimhani Talwatte Seneviratne Head, Trade Advisory, Africa Phone +27.11.731.3005 Email:
MaKiKo Toyoda Head, Trade Advisory, Global Tel: +1.202.458.0142 Email:
AstoU Sylla Coordinator - Trade Advisory Tel: +1.202.458.8441 Email:
Administrative SUpport Team Therese Ndeme Program Assistant Tel: +1.202.458.2232 Email:
Christine Chan Chor Program Assistant Tel: +1.202.458.0134 Email: