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 Scientology International Reserves Trust Saint Hill Manor East Grinstead, West Sussex En land RH19-4JY Form 1023 Page 2A Part II. Question 1 Statement of Activities Scientolo International Reserv es Trust ("SIRT") was settled on November 24, 1988 under the laws of En land to serve as an inte rated auxiliar of Church of Scientolo International ("CSI"), the Mother Church of the Scientolo reli ion. SIRT's reli ious ur ose is to su ort CSI b assistin churches within the international Scientolo ecclesiastical hierarch and the ir related or anizations that are located outside of the United States. Althou h or anized as a forei n trust, SIRT was or anized as an or anization d escribed in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and its Instrument of Trust (Exhibit A) full com orts with the or anizational test of that section. SIRT's activities are de scribed below. Detailed information concernin the or anizational structure, reli ious activities and financi al affairs of the international Scientolo eccles iastical hierarch and related or anizations is contained in the administrative record of the exem tion determ ination roceedin for CSI. SIRT's s ecific ur ose is to se rve as one of the re ositories for the central res erves of the Scientolo reli ion and to rovide financial assistance to such forei n Scientolo churches and related or anizations as CSI ma direct. SIRT accom lishes its r eli ious ur ose b makin donations, rants and interest-f ree loans to the beneficiaries CSI selects and fo r such ur oses and on such terms as CSI instructs, so lon as consistent with SIRT's governing instrument. SIRT's Instrument of Tru st laces si nificant limitations on the beneficiaries who ma ualif for its financial assistance. As rovided b sub ara ra h 7.3 of its Instrument of Trust, SIRT ma make rants, contributions and loans onl to or for the benefit of or anizations that are or anized and o erated exclu sivel for ur oses of the Scientolo reli ion and that are described in section 501(c)(3), and onl if t he financial assistance SIRT rovides is used solel for ur oses of the Scientolo religion. Sub ara ra h 7.4 of its Instru ment of Trust ermits SIRT to make grants, contributio ns and loans to other 
Scientolo Internati onal Reserves Trust Saint Hill Manor East Grinstead, West Sussex En land RH19-4JY Form 1023 Pa e 2B Part II. Question 1 St atement of Activities or anizations/ but on l if such financial assistance is used exclusivel for the ur oses of the Scie ntolo reli ion and ex enditure res onsib ilit is exercised with res ect to the funds rovided. This means that (1) each reci ient must re uest such financial assistance b a written rant re uest that s ecifies the ur o se of the assistance, which ur ose must be described in section 501 (c)(3); (2) SIRT's Trustees a rove the rant re uest as in furtherance of its reli ious ur ose; (3) each rec i ient a rees to rovide and does rovide eriodic financi al and ro ram re orts establishin that the funds were ex ended exclusivel for the ur oses ranted; and (4) each reci ient a rees to return an funds remaining once the approved purpose ha s been accomplished. Over the ears SIRT has rovided financial assistance rimaril to Scientolo churches to enable them to ac uire new or renovate existin church facilities, to defra o eratin costs in times of financial stress, and to defend them and their staff from unfounded and ille al attacks rom ted b their sta tus as Scientolo is ts. The reci ients of SIRT's rants and outstandi n loans (all interest-free) and amounts thereof for the recedin three ears and current ear are listed in Part IV, below. As shown, SIRT has rovided fundin to ac uire or renovate church remises in Canada, German , En land and Australia. It has also made interest-free loans to various Scientolo or anizations throu hout the world. SIRT also has m ade numerous rants to su ort the o erations of and to defend Scientolo churches. SIRT does not have an s taff. Its administrative functions are conducted for a fee b S OR Services Limited, a wholl -owned subsidiar of SIRT that erforms administrative, bookkee in and bankin servi ces for SIRT and two other non-U.S . Scientolo trust s, Fla Shi Trust and Trust for Scientolo ist s, and several non-U.S. Scientolo churches. The staff of SOR Services avera es five individuals. SOR services distributes an rofits it realizes to SIRT in the form of dividends. 
Scientolo Internationa l Reserves Trust Saint Hill Manor East Grinstead, West Sussex En land RH19-4JY Pa e 3A Part II. Question 4, Trustees The trustees of SIR T receive no com e nsation for their services as such. Each is a staff member of another Scientolo -related en tit . SIRT has no officers or directors. SIRT's trustees are as follows: Carl Heldt c/o Store Kongensgade 55 Copenhagen, Denmark Maureen Bri atti Abraham De Veerstad 4 Willemstad, Curacao Netherlands Antilles Helen Wehl Abraham De Veerstad 4 Willemstad, Curacao Netherlands Antilles Part II. Question 5. Relationship With Other Organizations As discussed in the res onse to Part II, Question 1, SIRT is art of the internationa l ecclesiastical hierarch of the Scientolo reli ion and therefor e is related to all Scientolo or anizati ons. It is an int e rated auxiliar of CSI, and as a Sciento lo reserves entit , SIRT's financial affairs are directl su ervised b CSI's Central Reserves Committee. In this ca a cit , CSI authorizes all ex enditures of SIRT's funds to ensure the forward s ecific oals of the Sciento lo reli ion. SIRT also controls SOR Servic es, its wholly-owned subsidiary. Each of its trustees, Carl Heldt, Mauree n Bri atti and Helen Wehl also serve as trustees of Fla Shi Trust and Trust For Scientolo ists. C arl Heldt and Maureen Bri atti also serve as board members of Foundation Church of Scientolo Fla Shi Service Or anization and of International Association of Scientolo ists. Carl Heldt also serves as a trustee of International Publicatio ns Trust and as a board member of New Era Publications International, Aps. 
Form  1023 (Rev.  9-90)____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Page 8 __ ________________ PartIV Financial DataSCIENTOLOGY INTERNATIONAL RESERVES TRUST Complete the financial statements for the current year and for each of the 3 years immediately before it If in existence less than 4 years, complete the statements for each year in existence less than 1 year, also provide proposed budgets for the 2If  years followingthe current year. _____________________________________________________________________________________ A. — Statement of Revenue and Expenses   Current tax3 rior tax yesoderojteb du or irs y 2or frsea  year p   1 Gifts, grants, and contributions  a n J r o m F( a )  9 9 1( b ) 1 (c) 19 90 (d) 1989   includingreceived (not unusual to Dec92   (e) TOTAL  grants-see instructions)..................... 625000 2378588262053 5457168 9441099 2 M e m b e r s h e e s . . . . . .  i p f r e c e i v e d   Gross investment income (see instructions for definition) . 83911 20030898614 83416 466249  Net income from organization's     unrelated business activities not included on line 3......................................   for andTax revenues levied     either paid to or spent on behalf of the or anization...................................... Value of services or facilities      furnished by a governmental unit to the or anization without char e not includin the value of services or facilities enerall furnished the public without  Other income (not including     gain or loss from sale of capital assets) (attach schedule).............................. 8 Tota708911 2578896360667 5264788 9907348  l (add lines 1 through 7) . . . .  Gross receipts from admissions,     sales of merchandise or services, or furnishing of facilities in any activity that is not an unrelated business within the meaning of section 513............................................................. 10 Total (add lines 8 and 9) 708911 2578896360667 4878526 9907348   Gain or loss from sale of capital assets attach schedule . . .-3358 -16169231 -422 -19718 l rants   g12 Unusua   otal revenue (add lines 10 throu h 12................................................ 705553 2562727360898 8452625 9887630   expenses14 Fundraising    ontributions, gifts, grants, and simila amounts paid (attach schedule) 199731 251993525173 4034592  isbursements to or for benefit     of members attach schedule . . . . Compensation of officers,     ta/flteludehsch actt(a      etsertsu    na d    rs, ectodir tc      g salaries an18 Other s   ad wa e LU 19 Interest............................................     (rent, utilities, etc.) . . . .20 Occupancy    21 Depreciation and depletion..................    22 Other (attach schedule)...................... 213195 165625184470 233663  otal expenses (add lines 14 412926 41761870 throu h 22 9643 0929435  xcess of revenue over expenses (line 13 minus line 23)........................................................... 292627 2145109-348745 0361971 H763 i nno