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 Scientology International Reserves Trust Saint Hill Manor East Grinstead, West Sussex En land RH19-4JY Form 1023 Page 2A Part II. Question 1 Statement of Activities Scientolo International Reserv es Trust ("SIRT") was settled on November 24, 1988 under the laws of En land to serve as an inte rated auxiliar of Church of Scientolo International ("CSI"), the Mother Church of the Scientolo reli ion. SIRT's reli ious ur ose is to su ort CSI b assistin churches within the international Scientolo ecclesiastical hierarch and the ir related or anizations that are located outside of the United States. Althou h or anized as a forei n trust, SIRT was or anized as an or anization d escribed in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and its Instrument of Trust (Exhibit A) full com orts with the or anizational test of that section. SIRT's activities are de scribed below. Detailed information concernin the or anizational structure, reli ious activities and financi al affairs of the international Scientolo eccles iastical hierarch and related or anizations is contained in the administrative record of the exem tion determ ination roceedin for CSI. SIRT's s ecific ur ose is to se rve as one of the re ositories for the central res erves of the Scientolo reli ion and to rovide financial assistance to such forei n Scientolo churches and related or anizations as CSI ma direct. SIRT accom lishes its r eli ious ur ose b makin donations, rants and interest-f ree loans to the beneficiaries CSI selects and fo r such ur oses and on such terms as CSI instructs, so lon as consistent with SIRT's governing instrument. SIRT's Instrument of Tru st laces si nificant limitations on the beneficiaries who ma ualif for its financial assistance. As rovided b sub ara ra h 7.3 of its Instrument of Trust, SIRT ma make rants, contributions and loans onl to or for the benefit of or anizations that are or anized and o erated exclu sivel for ur oses of the Scientolo reli ion and that are described in section 501(c)(3), and onl if t he financial assistance SIRT rovides is used solel for ur oses of the Scientolo religion. Sub ara ra h 7.4 of its Instru ment of Trust ermits SIRT to make grants, contributio ns and loans to other 
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