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All courses are offered on-line. For information about Distance Learning requirements go to Germanna’s web site at Purpose: Technology is designed to provide a broad-based knowledge of currentThe certificate program in Fire Science and future advances in the fire science field. Rapid advances in technology require that personnel in the field keep abreast of the latest changes in technology and equipment. Objectives: • Provide basic fire science technology skills • Expose students to instruction by experienced professionals • Meet entry-level training requirements  • Enhance academic skills for career and volunteer fire professionals • Engage students interested in a fire science technology career • Offer transitional program leading to a more advanced fire science technology degree Admission Requirements:General college curricular admission
FIRE SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY CERTIFICATE CURRICULUM: Program Requirements SDV 100 College Success Skills ENG 111-112 College Composition I-II FST 100 Introduction to Emergency Services FST 110 Fire Behavior and Combustion FST 112 Hazardous Materials Chemistry FST 115 Fire Prevention ITE 1151 Introduction to Computer Applications and Concepts MTH 100 Level and above2 Mathematics  Social Sciences Any two courses from ECO3, GEO, HIS, PLS, PSY4, or SOC5 BIO 101, CHM 101, or CHM 111 Laboratory Science Total Minimum Credits
SUGGESTED SCHEDULING: Credits FIRST YEAR SECOND YEAR 1Fall Fall 6 ENG 111 3 Lab Science 3 FST 100 3 ITE 115 3 FST 110 3 SDV 100 1 33Total Credits 10 Total Credits 3Spring Spring 3 ENG 112 3 Math 6 FST 112 3 Social Science Electives 4 FST 115 3 35 Total Credits 9 Total Credits
4 3
3 6 9
1course in place of ITE 115.Students passing the computer competency exam will need to take an additional social science 2Students considering transfer should check with anticipated four-year institution to determine appropriate MTH courses and/or sequences. 3ECO 120 and ECO 201-202 contain similar course content. Students should take either ECO 120 or ECO 201-202 unless they plan to take all three courses. Students may not receive credit for ECO 120 if they have already completed both ECO 201 and ECO 202. 4take either PSY 201 or PSY 202 cannot receive credit forPSY 200 and PSY 201-202 contain similar course content. Students who take PSY 200 cannot receive credit for either PSY 201 or PSY 202. Students who PSY 200. Also, students cannot receive credit for both PSY 235 and PSY 230. 5Students who take either SOC 201 or SOC 202 cannot receive creditSOC 200 and SOC 201-202 contain similar course content. Students who take SOC 200 cannot receive credit for either SOC 201 or SOC 202. for SOC 200. For more information contact: Jeff Bailey, Fire Science Technology Director www.germanna.eduE-mail: