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Become a Sponsor of Lincoln Hack

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Become a Sponsor of Lincoln Hack

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Ajouté le : 21 juillet 2011
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Become a Sponsor
of Lincoln Hack
Event name:
Lincoln Hack
18-19th June 2011
Atrium Building, University of Lincoln, Lincoln
More Info: http://ilinkoln.org/lincoln_hack
@ilinkoln, http://ilinkoln.org/
iLinkoln & 21waves
Lincoln Hack is the only overnight hack day for the city of Lincoln. The basic idea is that we stick
100 people in a room, give them food, water and WIFI and see what fantastical things they can
create over the weekend.
Hack days are a great way of unleashing creativity of teams and learning new skills. Also the time
limited nature of the event means that you tend to focus on the task in hand and dive right in!
Companies are seeing the advantages of hack days internally by scheduling them regularly and
letting development + design teams work on new ideas that wouldn’t be possible within the usual
development schedule.
Lincoln Hack is a completely free event for anyone to attend.
Sponsoring a Hack Day can be a little different than sponsoring a normal event, our attendees are
a lot more technical and to get the best out of sponsorship we usually suggest that you supply an
API or some data for us to play with (and usually a developer or two to answer questions).
If you’re sending an API, we usually suggest setting a challenge with a prize. This prize has no set
budget, and does not have to be amazing; hack events I have attended have had everything from
pound shop specials to a holiday for two to Brussels and everyone enjoyed themselves.
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